Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gagged Humiliation

I had done something wrong; nagged a little too much, or complained, or criticized. I am a devoted and obedient slave so I don't want to explore my misbehavior; it is always humiliating to review in my mind. The result of my misbehavior was that Jason decided to punish me using a gag.

Gags fall into the category of restraints that I love to hate. They are so humiliating. They make a statement about how I am being controlled. They communicate something to me and to those who can see me. They can be simply uncomfortable or downright painful.

On the other hand, Jason loves gags. On me, of course. He has slowly been acquiring a growing set of gags. Ball gags, whiffle gags, cleave gags, ring gags, penis gags, dental spreaders, pony bits, and so on. Each one has a purpose, a situation, a use. Each is targeted to have a specific effect on me, to produce a reaction, to communicate a discipline or to convey a feeling.

Very few gags are actually designed to keep me quiet, per se. They can interfere with speech and even muffle sound a little, but most gags don't prevent me from making noise (a lot of it if I am in pain), or speaking (though I may have to work a little to be understood).

Our neighbors across the street, Steve and Diane, have joined us at times for play. They do not live the complete D/s lifestyle as Jason and I do, but we did inspire them to try a few things and they seem to enjoy it. I enjoy when they join us, because with another couple things are simply more interesting. I am bisexual and Diane is a very pretty woman in her mid-30s, and Steve is a fit and attractive man.

A couple of weeks ago we were invited over to Steve and Diane's for dinner and an evening of whatever. It had been a while since we had seen them so it was exciting for me. I wanted to dress up a bit and make the evening nice. I wore a nice dress that showed off my body without being too inappropriate, and a few nice items of jewelry. I placed my favorite sapphire pendant on my slave collar. When it was time to walk across the street to their house, Jason stopped me inside the front door and told me to turn around and open my mouth. I did as he requested, and he slipped a ring gag into my mouth.

Ring gags aren't designed to silence you at all. They have several basic effects. First, they allow you to make all the noise you want, but clear speech is near impossible. Second, they hurt, depending on how big they are, because your jaw is held open wide and after a while the muscles and tendons in your jaw get very tired of being stretched. Lastly, and at times the worst, they stimulate the inside of you mouth, making you drool uncontrollably. Going over to our neighbors gagged like this was going to be humiliating.

Jason pulled the gag tight, making sure it was securely in place, and buckled it behind my head. It secured with a very small lock and would be impossible to slip off. I leaned forward and bumped my forehead against the wall in frustration, realizing that the evening was going to have some very embarrassing and unpleasant elements to it.

"Stand up and make me proud, now, Siobhan," Jason patted my ass, and I did as I was told. We walked across the street and knocked at our neighbor's door.

"Welcome! Ah, Siobhan, I see you are under a bit of restraint tonight. That's OK, we will do just fine," Steve was cordial as he invited us in. Diane came out to greet us from the kitchen, saw what I was wearing, and her face took on a look of empathy. I flushed bright red with embarrassment, but forged ahead. Following Diane into the kitchen to help her finish preparing the meal, I hung my head.

"What happened, Siobhan? Is he punishing you? Or just being a little cruel? I know Jason can take pleasure out of disciplining you for little reason. Though I have to say I think you will sometimes push the envelope a little because you do like it." Diane was sympathetic. She was submissive to Steve, though only during scenes.

I shrugged. Trying to talk in a ring gag is really hard, harder than most other kinds of gags. We brought the food out to the table and sat down.

As the food was passed and dished out I suddenly realized that I wasn't going to be able to eat. A wave of complete humiliation came over me again. I must have flushed bright red because Jason noticed and said, "Don't worry Siobhan, I am sure there are things here you will be able to eat. Just do the best you can."

Tears trickled down my cheeks, not from pain but from the shear embarrassment of my situation. I was being publicly punished and forced to eat a nice dinner while wearing a ring gag that made it completely impossible to eat. It was going to be near impossible to drink, as well. I lowered my head and let my hair fall in front of my face, trying to hide myself.

"Raise your head, be polite Siobhan. Why don't you start by telling Steve and Diane why you are wearing the gag?" Jason took a big bite of lasagna. All eyes turned toward me.

"I awk ack ooo ason..." I said as clearly as I could. I could see Diane was embarrassed for me, which somehow made me feel worse. Steve nodded, and dug into his food.

My jaw was beginning to hurt. The gag was a big one, holding my jaw wide open. The muscles at the back of my jaw were stretched and beginning to cramp. I decided to try and eat a tiny bit of lasagna; it was soft and I thought I might be able to handle it.

I slipped the bit of tomato sauce covered pasta into my mouth, leaning my head back to keep it from falling out. Moving my tongue around slowly smashed the pasta to the point where I could swallow, but it was impossible to do so. It is very difficult to swallow when wearing a ring gag. I tilted my head back, poured a little water into my mouth and tried to make the food go down. At first I thought it was working but then I choked. Water bubbled up and over my chin. I managed to get the food down, but the experiment wasn't encouraging.

The others were talking, and I was sitting pretending to be part of the group, but unable to participate. I felt terribly alone.

"Tell us about your new project, Siobhan. I hear you are bolstering security there." Steve was either being naive in asking me to talk, or deliberately cruel.

"Talk to Steve, Siobhan," Jason prompted.

I raised my head and did my best. "Eee haa a uuu i hi... inter...erance ecknology ee are de loying..."

I spoke slowly and deliberately. When I was finished, I broke into silent tears. I doubt if anyone had understood more than a tenth of what I had said. The only reason to have me speak was to force me to demonstrate my shameful condition.

After that episode, my drooling became uncontrollable. The ring was stimulating the inside of my mouth, making it think there was food there that needed to be chewed and digested. Saliva gathered in my mouth and began dribbling over onto my chin. I used my napkin to wipe, over and over again, but it was obvious what was happening.

I had one sip of wine, one small piece of lasagna, and nothing else during the dinner. When it was over, I helped clear the table and then Diane and I joined the men in the living room, bringing them coffee. My jaw was throbbing by now. It was incredible how one small restraint device such as a ring gag had caused me such humiliation and discomfort.

After a half hour or so, the talk between the men and Diane turned to sensual topics. Steve described the latest scene he and Diane had created; Diane indicated she enjoyed it a lot except for some clamps that had cut the skin and left marks. I was saying nothing, simply sitting and listening, trying to keep from drooling all over my nice dress.

"Siobhan, I know you can't participate much in the conversation, but perhaps you can find some way to be a part of the group," Jason said. I looked at him miserably, not knowing what he had in mind.

"If you can't talk, maybe you can provide some other form of stimulation for the company."

Oh. Now I understood. Slowly, I slid down from my chair and onto my knees in front of Jason.

"No, let's take care of our good host, first."

Drool dripping from my chin as I moved over in front of Steve. This would be the third time I had given Steve a blow job. Steve unzipped and pulled out his semi-flaccid cock. Maneuvering my head down, I managed to get it into my mouth and began a slow but steady back and forth motion. I couldn't use my lips, but my tongue was free and I did my best. It took about a minute and Steve was rock hard, his cock sliding down my throat.

"She has really learned to deep throat it, hasn't she?" Steve panted as I moved back and forth in front of him.

"Yep. I have trained her myself, gradually, in a number of areas. I am proud of how she is growing," Jason answered him. "Put your hands behind your back, Siobhan."

I kept my hands clasped behind me while Jason and Diane watched as I continued to shove my head down on Steve's cock, letting my tongue and throat slide over his hard, engorged flesh. A few minutes later I felt him tense and suddenly pull out. I closed my eyes, knowing what was coming. Hot, slimy fluid suddenly shot over my face, getting into my hair and even up one nostril.

I sat back on my heels and waited for further instructions as Steve wiped himself clean and zipped up.  His semen very slowly slid down my face. Finally, I shifted over to where Jason sat, offering my wide open mouth to him.

"No, no, Siobhan. Not just now. Please provide some entertainment for Diane. I am sure she worked very hard on the wonderful meal tonight."

I wasn't sure how Diane felt about this, but I knew it would be easier for me. Diane unzipped her pants and pulled them down around her ankles, spreading her knees and exposed herself for me. I reached up and pulled her panties down, and then used my tongue to begin exploring her soft folds of flesh. She tasted good, better than Steve. I knew how to make her feel good, and in no time she was moaning and panting as the guys watched her writhe under my ministrations. She came loudly, grabbing my head.

When it was over, Diane looked down at me with a bit of embarrassment herself. I knew she felt like she had used me and contributed to my debasement. I knew she was merely following Steve's wishes and frankly, I enjoyed every minute I had with her. I didn't get to play with women nearly often enough and I had a bit of a crush on Diane.

The rest of the evening was calm. Jason never had me do him, instead the others talked a while and then Jason excused us and we walked back across the street to our own house. Steve's semen was dried on my face, so when I got back inside the house I went to wash it off. I came back out of the bathroom, removed my clothes and presented myself to Jason to have the gag removed.

"We aren't done quite yet, Siobhan. Kneel." Jason was sitting on the sofa, and I knelt before him, reached out and unzipped him and pulled out his large, throbbing member. He wrapped his hands around my head and plunged deep.

Steve had been polite; I wasn't his property, I was Jason's, and he didn't abuse the privilege of having me suck him off. Jason went at it like an animal, pushing his cock as deeply down my throat as he could. His balls pressed against my chin and my nose smashed against his abdomen.

I have practiced deep throating, but it is still difficult. I choked as the rod of flesh filled my throat, pressing my tonsils and uvula. Jason pulled most of the way out, allowing me a breath as he let my lips surround the head of his penis, and then pushed in again, all the way. I choked again and couldn't breathe. My stomach was reacting, automatically trying to churn up it's contents (thank goodness I hadn't eaten anything).  As he pulled out again, a little slime from my stomach came up.

In mid-gasp, Jason plunged in again, not giving me time for a full breath.

He continued to face fuck me like this, pushing me to my limits. I gasped for breath each time he allowed it, but I struggled in place. I couldn't help it, my body was beginning to cry out for air and vomit kept rising to my throat. Jason stopped for a moment, took a pair of handcuffs from a drawer in a side table, and cuffed my wrists behind my back. He then slid into my mouth again through the ring gag and continued, holding my head firmly, pushing in and out, his cock sliding well down my throat.

Tears streamed down my face and slime dripped from my mouth and nose, a mixture of snot and vomit. Breathing was a luxury, to be grasped as quickly as possible. He pounded away, pushing in and out, sometimes deeper, sometimes pulling out to allow my tongue to stimulate his cock head. I did the best I could but I had basically been reduced to a piece of meat with a hole and breasts bouncing to his thrusts.

Just when I thought I would pass out, he pushed deep and his cock pulsed in my mouth as his semen pumped out and down my throat. I didn't have to swallow, my throat was held open and the cum slid down easily.

He pulled out, and I gasped for air. When he let go of my head, I simply slumped over and then lay on my side on the carpet, trying to catch my breath.

Finally, he unlocked the cuffs, and removed the gag. He was tender with me. I had been punished, and taken it like the good whore slave I was. I was proud to have gotten through it, and rested my head on his lap as he stroked my hair.

Later that night we took a shower together to clean up, playing intimately and enjoying each other's bodies. I slept safe in his arms, content that I was his.

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  1. idk why but sometimes reading this kind of stuff can be even hotter than watching it. that was awesome