Tuesday, July 5, 2016


My body is owned by another. I use it, but this is with the permission of its owner, my husband Jason. When he decides he wants my body to do something, to achieve something, to change in some way, then it is my responsibility as slave to make that change.

Jason has decided I need to enhance my flexibility.

I think there are a number of reasons why. He has also at times tested my pain thresholds, tolerance for humiliation, commitment and obedience, and has always looked for ways to expand my ability to serve him as a slave.

The more flexible I am, the more he can do with bondage, placing me in stressful positions, pushing the threshold of new positions, and I can also service him sexually with more variety. I get this.

At first, Jason simply directed me to perform certain exercises regularly to stretch and flex my muscles, much like a gymnast would perform. I've been instructed to stretch in the areas of the hamstring, adductor, groin, and the legs in general.

I was instructed to always perform these exercises in the nude. I usually perform them in the evening after getting home from work. I am very regular with them, because I know Jason will be expecting me to be more flexible and I do not want to be caught with him demanding flexibility and my not being able to provide it.

Just the thought of that makes me cringe with pain.

Over time, the exercises have actually made significant improvements in my body. I am not only more flexible, but I find my muscle tone is better and I've lost a couple of pounds (not that I was overweight before).

He's also prescribed some more unusual exercises that involve making other areas of my body more flexible, or at least training me to tolerate more stress in unusual positions.

There is a new exercise ball that I use, and I have performed various positions on this to increase my back's ability to curve backward, to tolerate inverted curves and curls.

Once I mastered this, I've gone on to doing inverted curvature exercises on the floor, with specific goals set. Jason has specifically outlined the angles and other indicators I am to achieve.  With the inverted floor exercise, I am to get my feet and hands to a specific distance from each other and hold the position for five minutes.

I can tell you now, it is painful. Obedience can be painful at times, and this is one of those times. I can get into the position, but the strain on my back is just... too much. I can't maintain five minutes by myself.

Jason has taken to supervising me in this exercise and uses a cane to encourage me to hold the position as long as possible. The cane does help; the threat of pain from the cane helps me take the pain of the inverted position and its cramping. Still, I have not yet achieved five minutes.

The caning I receive when I fail is painful. It reminds me to try harder. I usually cry when I receive it. I continue to work on the exercise.

I practice my exercises at all hours of the day, in a variety of activities, in order to reach my goals as quickly as I can.  For example, I will stretch at work, in my office, several times a day. No one knows that I am stretching so that I can spread my legs wider for my owner, that is a bit of information I hide, a secret that rather arouses me.

We also have established a common practice that when I service Jason, my legs are always spread as far apart as possible. If he fucks me, I will grab my feet and lock my knees, or if he takes me from behind I spread my legs wide.

If he demands oral, I will sit on the floor with my legs wide in the splits, and bend over and suck him.

These activities remind me of my position as slave, and my duty to obedience, in addition to helping me reach the goals Jason has set.

As I become more flexible, Jason has been using more strenuous bondage positions for me. Anyone who has read my blog and knows me, knows that I love tight bondage, severe bondage, and even painful bondage. I not only like it, I crave it.

Nevertheless, when I am bound it is for Jason's pleasure, not mine. Most recently, he subjected my body to a sort of suspended hogtie. He would tie my arms behind me in a reverse prayer, which is a matter of flexibility in itself. I am proud I can invert my arms behind my back and maintain that position for long periods at a time.

He then ties my feet together, and my feet are tied to my shoulder, neck or hair. I hate the hair the most; it hurts, pulling on the scalp painfully.  The neck is also choking, though he doesn't use slip knots that will tighten.

Finally, once in this restrictive and uncomfortable hogtie, Jason will attach a rope to my ankles and either my hair or shoulder harness and lift. This pulls my legs and head up, forcing my body into an inverted U.

Trust me, it is hard, especially on the back. The more he pulls, the more my body inverts and creates strain. Jason says he likes the noises I make when I am straining in this position. A sort of grunting moan. It is actually hard to cry this way, and I don't usually cry when bound anyway.

But I do moan, and make noises as my body strains to try and relieve the pressure on my hips, knees, back, neck...

It doesn't matter much whether I am gagged or not; being gagged usually doesn't stop me from crying out. It makes it hard to articulate words, but doesn't stop the sound.

I'm going to be really honest with you here. I love it that Jason is doing these things to me. This is the kind of thing I tried to do to myself ever since I was a teenager. It is impossible to bind oneself this securely, this uncomfortably. I've delighted and gained psychological and physical pleasure from being restrained and tied in uncomfortable and painful positions, and it is what makes me happiest.

Even when I am grunting, moaning, sobbing... I am turned on, wet, and excited.

The other night Jason pulled the inverted U hogtie suspension rope up all the way, so my stomach left the platform and I was completely suspended. My weight was on my ankles, hair and shoulders (my arms were in a modified strappado).

I hung there in the garage, swinging gently, for nearly 15 minutes. The only movement possible was to try and straighten my body out a bit, but doing so put more strain and pull on my shoulders and hair, so I tried very hard not to do that.

Otherwise, I simply hung helpless in this horrible, undignified position. I think I made very unfeminine grunting and groaning noises the entire time.

It was marvelous. Amazing.

Last night Jason decided I was not trying hard enough, not making enough progress with my splits.

Jason brought me to the garage, to a heavy supporting beam that stands in the middle of it. I was naked of course. He made me face the beam. I wondered what the heck he had in mind, but knew it was going to be uncomfortable at the least, and probably painful.

First, he tied one leg to the beam. Just one.

Then he tied my wrists behind my back, pulled my elbows together and cinched them tight as well. So far, no big deal.

My wrists were lifted up behind my back. Strappado. Normally I could lean over to compensate for the pull and twist on my shoulders but I was tied facing the beam, and couldn't. My shoulders started hurting right away.

Next, he tied my neck to the post. Holy crap. That didn't really change the tension or pain, but it did keep me from moving much and the cramps were setting in. I started to moan, and maybe even squeezed out a couple of tears.

Then things got really nasty.

Jason lifted my other leg up. I could do the splits no problem by now, but there is a difference between doing the splits with my legs spread to the side, and doing them with my body facing my leg. That I was not really practicing or able to do. Which is why it hurt and I started crying when he lifted my leg up so it ran directly against the beam, up next to my head.

He quickly lashed my leg in place, added a couple more ropes and I was securely stuck in a nasty vertical split, with arms in a painful strappado.

I think I really cried then. I wouldn't beg to be let free, my pride got in the way of that. Plus, it is unlikely Jason would have let me go.

Instead, he put nipple clamps on me. And weighted them.

This was the most severe, painful bondage I have been in for months, and I wasn't even being punished. It was simply for Jason's pleasure. He was enjoying moving, stretching, manipulating my body. I might even say he was enjoying my pain. He has a definite streak of sadism in him, just as I have a powerful streak of masochism in me.

It's a good match.

Anyway, as I said I simply stood there, one foot on the floor, the other tied directly vertical in front of my face, arms pulled up behind me, weights clamped to my nipples, sobbing. There was really nothing else I could do except sob. Cry. Let the tears roll out from the cramps that shuddered through my body.

After 15 minutes, Jason rewarded me. My cunt was of course exposed nicely, since my legs were spread as wide as I could get them. He brought my vibrator out and put it on my cunt, rubbed my clit really nicely with it, and made me cum.

Yes, it was painful. He finally let me down, and it took me a while before I could walk. I was sore all today.

I masturbated twice in the women's restroom today, just remembering the amazing tight bondage Jason had used. I love that guy more every day.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Stress Bondage

I first played with stress bondage when I was a young teenager, before I had a regular partner. I was still experimenting with self bondage. I didn't actually know that was what it was, it was just what I wanted to do.

There's a basic problem to overcome during self bondage: how to feel like you are bound, unable to get out, completely helpless... and yet still able to get out. There's always a compromise someplace. The compromise is either that you really are bound and helpless until some event occurs (like a timer goes off) and the means for escape is provided, or that you feel helpless but in reality there is some slip knot, position, or trick to use to get untied later.

When I first played with self bondage I wasn't sophisticated enough, nor did I have the resources to set timers or special techniques to release a key after a period of time. I relied on tight ties that I was still somehow able to get out of. The problem with this technique is that sometimes... you aren't able to get out as easily as you thought. (You may remember my first real experience with binding myself, when I was unable to get out and had to crawl to the kitchen to get a knife).

So I discovered stress bondage positions when trying to get myself into a nice tight hogtie that was hard to get out of. My parents were gone for the evening on a personal date, it was 6 PM and I didn't expect them home until 11 or later.

I stripped my clothes off. For whatever reason, feeling naked, completely exposed and vulnerable, greatly enhanced the experience for me.

While still young and inexperienced, I had obtained a dildo. This I placed inside myself, and then tied a waist /crotch rope to hold it in.

Then, a frog tie. I had no idea that was what it was called, I simply knew that tying my legs to my thighs made me feel remarkably helpless and was uncomfortable; the feeling of discomfort was more and more important in my bondage sessions. Being uncomfortable made it feel more like I was truly bound and helpless.

Next was the ankle restraints. These went around my ankles; with a nice pull I got that tight. There was a pre-measured length of rope extending from the ankle tie. At the end of that was a cinch knot; essentially a hangman's knot. A hangman's knot has the characteristic of constantly growing tighter as you pull on it. But if you can relieve the pressure, you can actually slide it back and it becomes looser. I counted on this to get out.

Time for the gag. Again, the whole point in the self bondage mechanism was to give the illusion that I couldn't get out, even if I could (which was hopefully the case). It was a ball gag, the one piece of bondage equipment that I had been able to obtain at that age.

Ball gags don't actually stop one from talking or making noise, but they do rather humiliate one, especially with the drooling, which I tend to do a lot.

Then came the last step. Securing my wrists. In order to make me feel as helpless, uncomfortable and restrained as possible, I wanted my wrists tied behind my back tightly. I rolled onto my stomach on my bed, reached behind and grabbed hold of the rope length dangling from my ankles.

I have to mention that by now I was incredibly aroused. I needed this. The helpless, bound feeling was something I truly needed and was increasingly associated with sexual arousal for me. To put it simply, I was wet. Really wet.

I pulled the end of the ankle rope through the metal bars that were part of my bed's headboard. The rope wasn't long enough to get all the way through and back around. This was intentional so I had to arch my back, bringing my legs and ankles as far up as I could to give some slack.

The slack was barely enough to get the end of the rope around the headboard bar, and grab it. I pulled on it, which in turn pulled on my ankles, arching my back even more. This should have been a clue to me I was getting in over my head, but... well, I was so aroused and excited by now I wasn't thinking straight. I pulled and pulled, lifting my legs up behind me until the end of the rope was about even with the space between my shoulders.

The end of that rope had the cinch knot. Holding on I got one wrist through the loop, and then with great effort, I got the second wrist into the loop. I was still holding the rope with my hand, straining to keep my back arched and legs raised back behind me.

With my wrists in the cinch loop, it was time to let go of the rope that was pulling my legs behind me and toward my head (but behind my back). The weight and tension from my legs immediately yanked on the rope, cinching it tight, and then pulling my wrists up behind me toward my head.

I suddenly understood what a self imposed strappado felt like. My legs and lower body were pulling on the rope that was holding my wrists tied together, lifting them up behind me.

I grunted. I moaned. I wanted a vibrator. I wanted to cum. I was so fucking turned on. I struggled with the ropes; this did no good because any struggle just pulled my wrists tighter and further up behind me. My hands felt like they were expanding balloons from restricted blood flow. My shoulders started cramping.

That's when I realized I was in trouble. The theory had been that I would arch my back, move my ankles closer to the headboard, thus relieving some pressure and allowing me to work loose the cinch loop around my wrists to get free.

What I didn't realize was that with the rope as short as it was my muscles were pulled, my back arched, my legs and back were cramping, as well as my shoulders and arms. Pushing even further to gain some slack wasn't possible.

It was maybe 7 PM, and my parents weren't going to be home for another 4 hours. But I really didn't want to explain myself to them anyway. They'd put me in a loony bin.

I struggled, strained, rolled to the side, moved the angle of my body, tried all sorts of stuff. The more I wriggled and strained, the worse it hurt. I had stuck myself. There was no way I was getting loose.

The longer I stayed in that position the more it hurt my body. The muscles rebelled and weakened. My legs were weak and couldn't work with me. My back wouldn't arch any more. My arms refused to move up.

I started to cry, I think around 7:30 or 8:00. I gave up and just tried to endure. The longer I endured the more it hurt.

How did I get out? Painfully. I finally managed to twist my body sideways on the bed so that my legs and feet were up against the metal frame headboard. I hooked my feet against the frame and then pulled on the rope, grabbed the frame with my hands, and did whatever I could to force my body back in a severe reverse arch, which gave me some slack on the rope. Working the cinch noose for a few minutes in that extremely painful position, I finally got my wrists free.

My body had been forced back into the reverse arch position for more than two hours and it no longer mattered what position I was in, it hurt. Muscle groups protested when I curled forward and I screamed. Moving my arms in front of my body made me scream again. As blood flowed back into my purple hands, I cried.

Finally I got enough mobility in my fingers I was able to untie my legs, and screamed again when I tried to stretch them out.

When I finally got somewhat back to normal, I masturbated. I used the dildo, rubbed my clit, and came. It was one of the best orgasms I'd had as a teen, and I masturbated again. I thought about the sensations of being tied and truly helpless and came like a freight train.

That is quite a memory from my teen years.

That memory has returned clearly because Jason has started playing with predicament and stress bondage recently. He isn't sophisticated at it yet, and I am not looking forward to his getting better at it. It can be diabolical. Predicament bondage is very similar to stress bondage, in that it can cause stress on my body; the predicament is that there are choices as to which stress, or what kind of stress, or where to focus the stress.

He tends to tie me in these various positions in the garage. For some reason this makes the situation more difficult for me. Perhaps the garage is a more sterile, unfriendly environment. It has a concrete floor, the temperature is not regulated and without clothes, tends to be more uncomfortable. It also feels more exposed; it is just a garage door away from being exposed to the public, as opposed to the safety of my bedroom or the living room.  All this is psychological of course, but so much of bondage and slavery is just that.

One of the most nasty stress positions he's put me in is really simple (as many nasty bondage techniques are).

First, he instructed me to remove all my clothes, so I was completely naked. He then led me to the garage, which was somewhat cold. The concrete felt cold to my feet and my nipples were hard. He then tied my left wrist and inserted the rope through a ring above my head and pulled it tight so I was standing pretty much on my tip toes. This was uncomfortable, and would eventually become very uncomfortable over time, as my body tired.

He then placed bondage cuffs on my right wrist and left ankle. Lifting my left foot up behind me, he brought it over to my right wrist and attached it with a heavy clip.

Thus, I was hanging from my left wrist, standing on tip toes of my right foot. My right wrist was connected to my left ankle behind me. And there I hung.

Let me tell you, this position is a classic but not recommended. I was sobbing in pain and begging to be released in five minutes. I think every muscle in both arms and legs were stretched and cramping. There was little room to adjust or shift weight, but I tried, believe me I tried. Up high on my toes to release pressure on my arm; back down when my calf and foot muscles gave out, increasing the pull on my arm and shoulder.

The other two limbs behind me were twisted and pulling and my back felt like it would break. I think my entire back was cramping, my shoulders, my thighs... That was a severe position. Muscles were cramping and strained in both thighs, my back, upper and lower, my shoulders (which were twisted sideways due to the unevenness of the rope tie), my legs, especially the leg where I was attempting to stand tiptoe.

Jason later shared with me that he had never seen me break into tears as quickly as when he had pulled me up into that position. He was kind and let me down after about ten minutes. I understand my role is to suffer for him, but I really appreciate it when he doesn't make me suffer too much and has a bit of mercy.

Another stress position he's put me in recently was the choking hogtie. I have to say, this one takes a lot of trust because it involves a noose around my neck. I would hope no one else tries this unless they are very good and have constant supervision. Jason was with me all the time, which relieved some of the psychological panic I had from this one.

It's basically a hogtie, except the ankles are tied together and then to a rope around my neck. The rope between my ankles and my neck is then cinched tight. This pulls my ankles and legs up behind me, and my neck and shoulders are lifted up and back toward my ankles. This is a naturally very uncomfortable position that causes cramps pretty quickly, and naturally, I struggle.

The more I struggle, the more the rope pulls on the neck and chokes me. It doesn't take long before my head is pounding with pressure, I am seeing spots, and I really need to breathe. For this, I have to just force myself to stop wiggling and bring my legs back, arching my back as far as it will go. Things loosen up and I can breathe.

Thing is, I can't hold this for long. Not long at all. My legs and back cramp quickly, I have to relax and my legs try to straighten out and pull on the choke rope and I choke. I make interesting sounds when I choke, apparently. A kind of gurgling gasp.

Jason won't let me suck his dick when I am in the choking hogtie, because I wriggle and gasp so much he is afraid I will bite him. I wouldn't on purpose, of course, but when I am struggling to just breathe I would worry about my control, and I am glad I don't have his cock in my mouth.

Jason likes this one, because my struggles and pain are obvious, and he gets off on it. He's masturbated and cum on my face both times I've been in this tie. But it is dangerous so I am happy he's only done it a couple of times.

Another variant he's done on the choking hogtie is to hook my neck rope up to an ass hook, instead of my ankles. This isn't nearly as much of a predicament tie as the choking hogtie, because there isn't as much flexibility in the back and neck. I can lift my head and neck to relieve pressure some, which not only helps me breathe but also stops the pain of the ass hook.

If I relax completely in this position, I choke, and the ass hook digs into my ass nice and deep. Like I say, there isn't as much movement possible with this tie, and so it is much more just endurance.

How long does he keep me in these ties? Until I can't stand it any more, and beg to be released, and then a little bit more. He likes to hear me beg. I know he will push me to my limit, and then a little further.

I really wish Jason had been around when I was a teenager and trying to do this to myself.


Since I began to write this entry, which was a couple of weeks ago, Jason has put me into one additional form of hogtie stress bondage that has greatly increased discomfort and ... yes, pain.

Yes, the stress bondage Jason puts me in hurts. It just plain old hurts. The pain is mostly cramps, joint strain, and the like. Sometimes a specific area stretches badly, and the muscles begin to burn. Blood flow is restricted to my extremities, and that can also slowly but surely create pain.

In some positions it is hard to breathe, and the blood pressure changes can cause some nasty headaches.

Yes, it hurts, sometimes badly enough I will cry. By cry, I mean not just a few tears, but sobbing.

So, anyway, recently, Jason has added a lift to the hog tie. By this I mean he will tie a rope somewhere to the ropes that hold me in bondage, and then run that rope to a pulley above me. After I am secured and unable to move, he lifts.

If the pull rope is secured in the center of gravity, which it usually is, it has a tendency to pull my neck, shoulders and legs back up. My back arches in a reverse arch.

In this position it doesn't take long before the cramps set in. If he is having mercy on me, he doesn't lift me too high, and my weight can be somewhat supported. This might not seem too bad, but it's the length of time he leaves me there that hurts.

This may seem cruel to you, but you have to realize I have been tying myself up like this for years, and wanting to be bounded helpless like this, at someone else's whim, exposed and in pain for someone else's pleasure. I don't know why, but I seek this and nothing makes me more satisfied that to be slowly cramping, struggling, suffering for Jason as he watches. I like to know he is watching the muscles in my body shift and strain, moving slightly to try and cope.

I like to think that my body in pain, in bondage, is sexy and attractive to him.

So far he has simply used this technique to pull my legs and head together, to increase the strain and angle of reverse arch. He hasn't lifted me off the ground. I am afraid that sometime, soon, he will. I can't imagine how quickly that will become unbearable.

Yesterday, he pulled me into a severe reverse arch. I think my body was completely arched into an O, with my feet near my head.

He accomplished this with my head in a harness, a new panel gag harness he's purchased. With this he can tie my head to my feet or ankles, cinch it back tightly until I can't stand it any more and then leave me there. The rope extends from the top of my head and pulls on the harness that goes over my eyes, secures the gag in my mouth, and lifts the chin strap.

I know I look sexy in this position, because my head is bent backward, exposing my neck, chest and breasts. My hips are also lifted sufficiently that my pussy is easily seen. It is somewhat natural during this pulling for my legs to separate; I can't keep them together, which means my pussy is clearly visible.  I know this because he touches me while I am bent back like this, and massages my clit.

It might be hard to accept, but I had an orgasm in this position. Yes, I was in a several hogtie, the lift adding strain to my entire body. My back, hips, thighs, shoulders, neck, chest... everything was stretched in unnatural ways and were hurting. In fact, I think I was crying, tears from my eyes streaming down to mix with the saliva draining from my mouth.

Jason reached between my legs and massaged me. I couldn't move, of course, I just hung there and took it. Slowly, my cunt warmed up, and in spite of the pain I became very aroused. When I shuddered with a climax, Jason bent down and kissed my panel gag, and said "good girl."

It felt good to know I was pleasing him with my suffering.

I think I was in that position for a half hour or so before he let me down. It took a day for my body to recover from that session. I still feel the soreness and think I have a slight muscle pull in my left shoulder.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New collar

I'm so excited.

I just had my birthday, and one of my presents was a new slave collar.

As you might know if you've read many of my posts, I wear a permanent slave collar. It's discreet, and can not be taken off, at least by me.

It is secured in the back with a special screw that needs a specific driver. It would be impossible to remove with a normal tool. You'd either have to have to drill out the screw (which would be risky because you might drill into me) or cut through the steel collar (which would be risky because you might cut through my neck as well).

My collar, because it is permanent, is my most prized and valued possession. It is with me always. It's weight on my neck is a constant reminder of who and what I am. I can be sitting at my desk at work and still know that my husband and owner has control over me, that I am always his. Owned by him.

My old collar was made of a high quality steel. It was light but durable and I liked the way it looked. It fit nicely around my neck, perfectly measured to fit loosely but small enough there is absolutely no way to get it off (e.g. it is larger than my neck but smaller than my head).

So my birthday present. It looks similar in many ways. Slightly thinner, it looks more delicate, but is made of a durable steel underneath a thick coating of silver. I will have to work to keep it untarnished, polishing it once a week, but that won't be a problem.

It also has a matching O ring, which can be used to attach a leash, or a piece of jewelry for going out in public. Or both? I'm giggling right now, and can't keep from touching it, fondling it with my hand. I look in the mirror constantly, I love how the bright silver contrasts and compliments my light, smooth skin.

Jason put the new collar on me first, so that initially I had both collars on. He didn't want me to be without my slave collar, even when we were switching between the two. Then he took out the special tool for the old collar, unscrewed it (it took several minutes), and removed it.

I was so happy, I asked him for permission to fuck him right then, and he gave it but not until he put on a leash. Once I was properly leashed I stripped, spread my legs, straddled him, slid his cock inside and rode him like a cowgirl. He came twice, the second time when he took me from behind and did me slow, leisurely, driving me crazy. I think I came twice then too, feeling him pull my leash, the sensation of its pressure on my neck as he filled me from behind.

It was a really good present.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

My First Dominant

I think I started my search for a true, fulfilling D/s relationship since just before I was a teenager, when the feelings first surfaced in a tangible way.

As I've mentioned in earlier postings, I gained a strong desire for bondage and kink as a teenager, quite early in life. Before I even knew what "bondage" was. I just knew I liked tying myself up, and the feeling of being tied up. The feeling of being tied up quickly became associated with sexual arousal and pleasure.

Yes, it started out as a fascination with self bondage. The bondage became very sexual in nature. It then expanded to pain. Over the years I simply grew from wanting to be tied up, to needing the feeling of being bound and restrained during sex, and then wanting the bondage to become uncomfortable and even painful. The intensity of the experience was like a drug.

All of this required someone willing to tie me up; someone that would tie me, hurt me, take me sexually.

In other words, a dominant. And as I became more dependent on a dominant in my life, I became more submissive.

When I was 14, bondage was just play that was associated with kinky sex and was fun. Finding partners for this play at that age was really difficult. It actually started with some girls, at sleep overs. I introduced the idea of playing tie up games. Games with consequences; like... if you could get out of the tie in a certain amount of time you got to force a dare on the person that tied you. If you didn't, they could force a dare on you.

Most of the girls I hung with were not lesbian and so tying other girls up never went much of anywhere. I did have one girlfriend in high school that I had sex with a number of times. I remember doing it in the back seat of her car in front of her parent's house, and another time in the pool of our high school music teacher during a party. But she never had any interest in tying me up, or being tied up. She just loved sex with girls and I was the cutest girl around that was interested in lesbian sex.

Guys though... well, the problem there was that most of the guys in high school were stupid and incompetent. They could fuck, sure. I spread my legs, they would put it in and pound away. They even kissed me while doing it. It wasn't something they had to learn, it was instinct.

But bondage? Most guys were like, sure.... I'll do that... but then would fuck it up. Or they would get scared of me and worry I was going to turn it into some rape accusation and they'd end up in jail. That was a big problem; I even had a pair of handcuffs I had used for some self bondage scenarios, and none of the guys I fucked back then would use them. They were afraid I would go running out in the street screaming rape.

So, I spent time trying to find someone I could really get into bondage with. I did find one guy that would tie me up while I was dressed. He wasn't even a boyfriend, really, he just had fun tying me and this other girl up. He even tied us together some, which was actually pretty cool because I was exploring my bisexuality back then and loved being pressed close to another girl. This other girl, her name was Jayce, the few times we were tied together I remember wriggling and rubbing against her some. She wasn't really bi but she tolerated it.

So it was really just sort of playing around until I was 16.

My first real experience being tied up and completely sexually dominated came at age 16 with a 20 year old guy named Kevin who had gotten a taste for bondage and thought finding a cute 16 year old to tie up was the best thing ever. He had a sadistic streak, but I guess that's something of what I needed. Someone that would take it seriously.

I met Kevin in a night class at the community college. He was a tall and relatively good looking guy with sandy hair that was a little curly, a strong face, and pretty nice body. I liked how he was tall, I remember, he towered above me. We got along right away, and he asked me out. I don't think he knew I was 16 at the time.

We had a couple of dates, and he fucked me in the back seat of his car on the second date. When we were fucking, I remember his holding my wrists above my head securely, so I couldn't move them. It was a little thing, but it turned me on incredibly, the way he held me down and controlled me during the sex. I had an orgasm like a freight train, and he told me later I was the best fuck he had ever had. Strange, but that made me proud.

We went out a couple more times, and each time when we fucked he was completely dominant, pushing me down and holding me in place. Finally, like, on the 4th or 5th date I asked him to tie me up. His eyes just glowed like he was incredibly happy, and he got out some rope he had in his apartment and tied my wrists together and then up to the top of the bed; I could tell right away that he knew what he was doing because the tie was tight, there was no way I would get out of it, and he did it fast.

Just getting my wrists tied was enough for me to get off, about all I had ever had a guy do, but he also tied my legs apart. Ankles anchored to the side of the bed so I was spread wide. It was amazing. The feeling of helplessness was so incredible, I got a rush of adrenalin and was so aroused I was ready to cum right then. I mean, he could have done anything to me right then and there was nothing I could ever have done about it, and it got me off.

Well, Kevin fucked me. He fucked me in my cunt, but before he came he made me eat him, rough, deep. He shoved so deep down my throat I threw up a little, and had slime all over my chin. No guy had done that before, not that roughly. Don't get me wrong I had done lots of blow jobs by the time I was 16, but never rough where the guy just shoved it all the way down my throat to the point where my stomach just barfed. And there was nothing I could do, I was tied tight. I couldn't even protest, my mouth was full of cock. I just make gurgling noises.

After a while he stopped forcing the deep throat and he jammed something up my ass, I think it was a little statue of the Eiffel Tower, or something like that. It hurt like hell, but he jammed it up there and then fucked my cunt again until he was ready to cum.

Remember, I was still relatively inexperienced back then. I didn't expect it when he pulled out, moved up to my head and finished himself off, jacking his cock over my face and then letting go with solid streams of cum all over my face and hair. I was tied up and couldn't do a damn thing about it, I just lay there and let him smear his cum all over my face.

I did't realize I had a rape fantasy until then. What he did to me then, that time, was pretty close to rape except for the fact I had asked him to do it. Well, not the details, like forcing me to vomit on his cock or ram something up my ass, but I had asked him to tie me up and take me, yanno? And he did, just a little rougher than I had thought. I was naive.

That whole experience was really difficult for me to process. On the one hand, he had really gone too far, raping my asshole with an object, fucking my mouth until I vomited, and spurting his semen on my face. It was way intense.

On the other hand, I had sort of asked him for it. I wanted him to take me, to tie me up and then take me so I felt helpless. And believe me, I felt totally helpless. It was also an incredible turn on. I loved the feeling of helplessness.

There is a fundamental difference in the feeling of being tied up when you do it yourself, and being tied up and helpless at the whim of someone else who is going to do things to your body and you got no control over it at all. With Kevin, I discovered just how deeply my desire for that feeling of helplessness ran inside me. I really got off on being tied, and then taken. And if the guy did something I didn't expect, it just made me feel more vulnerable and helpless, and that's what I was getting off on.

It wasn't that easy finding a place and time to let Kevin tie me up and rape me. It took time, sometimes made a mess (I bled a couple of times, and there was vomit and drool and semen), and had to be private. I couldn't do it at my house. Kevin had an apartment, where we would do it, but we only did it when his roommate wasn't around. I was still in school, too, and that limited things a bit.

We'd find time, though, maybe once every couple of weeks, to do a scene. That was when I sort of learned about the whole concept of a scene; setting something up a specific way, and playing it out until he was satisfied sexually. Yeah, I got off on it too, but the real focus on the scenes was on him. Kevin had to get off. Kevin was the one who was in control, and if I climaxed that was fine, but ultimately it was Kevin's cum that mattered. That part was OK because it was all part of being dominated and helpless.

I was too young to realize it back then, but Kevin was an asshole. He wasn't a true sadist, and had no finesse. More and more he turned to just hitting me during sex. After a couple of bruises on my face, I had to ask him to cut it out, because my parents were all up in my ass, trying to figure out why I kept falling down at school (hey, I couldn't tell them my boyfriend liked to punch me out when we fucked, could I?)

Yeah, Kevin would tie me up, and fucked me and made me feel helpless and all, but after a while it was apparent that he wasn't a dominant, not truly. He was just more of a wife beater. He got off on tying me up, sure, and fucked me, but he was really nasty and just couldn't help himself from punching me or hurting me.

When he punched me one day when we were at Six Flags having some fun, and he got mad about something, that was the end. He wasn't dominating me, he was just mean. So I broke up with him. A week later he raped me, for real. I was leaving work (a fast food place) and he grabbed me and threw me down in the back bed of his truck and forced my legs apart and rammed home until he came inside. I didn't scream, I could have, but I think I was scared of him and our history together and didn't want to have to explain to anyone what we had been doing and why that time was different. But it was.

That wasn't the last time I was raped, but those are different stories.

Anyway, after Kevin, I realized I wanted and needed what he had given me. I needed the feeling of being tied and helpless, of submitting to another person and maybe even being forced to do things. Of feeling like I had no control over my body. I just needed that as part of a relationship, and with a lot more style. Like, some sort of mutual commitment. Just getting beat up and raped wasn't what I needed.

So, Kevin was actually the first guy that opened my eyes to my being a submissive, and he also showed me that he wasn't the true dominant that I wanted.

My search continued.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Yes, you can tell from the title what happened to me recently. It has been one of the most (and perhaps the most) humiliating thing I have been through.

It was after the Halloween party. In general, that was quite successful; I made Jason proud, I felt sexy as hell, and apparently was the hit of the party from what people told me (though I couldn't see or hear it). Not to mention being strutted around totally enclosed in leather, pleather and PVC, blindfolded and strapped in public was an incredible turn on for me.

There was some great sex, too. With Jason, I assume. It felt like him. Since I couldn't see or hear I can't be 100% sure but I am pretty sure. I sure hope so, I don't really want to have sex with anyone else.

What bit me, my disobedience that night, was needing to pee. The outfit was complicated and telling Jason I needed to pee in the middle of the party wasn't a great idea, though I think I didn't have much choice. The alternative would have been to relieve myself inside the catsuit, and that would have probably resulted in worse punishment.

As it is, the punishment was bad enough.

It was Friday night following the Halloween party.

"Siobhan, please shave and clean yourself well tonight. We are going to change a few routines for a while and I want to make sure you are clean."

"Yes, Jason," I said politely. That night I shaved in the shower, made sure I was as smooth as possible and ready for whatever he had in mind.

Before going to bed, I presented myself to Jason for inspection. I stood naked before him with legs slightly parted as he sat on the bed. He approved.

"Good girl. Now, I have something for you."

Jason pulled out a package and ripped the plastic open. He pulled out an adult diaper, a full size replica of a baby's diaper.

As soon as I saw what it was I had a rush of emotion. Mixed feelings, really. One side of me was excited to have new play. It really is an exciting thing for me to submit to new kinks that Jason desires, whatever they may be, and this was certainly new.

The other side of me was a little more cautious though. I wondered what indignities would be going along with the wearing of a diaper. The more I thought about it the more I began to worry.

"Put this on, Siobhan. Make it nice and tight; we don't want leaks."

Leaks... OK. That meant something right there. It meant I was probably going to end up peeing in these things. I slipped on the diapers, adjusting them to make them comfortable and yet tight. They felt very strange, sort of soft and flexible but very bulky. The edges were elastic plastic that scratched a little but made a good seal. They smelled slightly of baby powder.

When I was done, Jason took out a roll of special tape. He explained as he secured my diaper with it.

"This tape is a special packing tape used to detect whether a package has been opened. In this case, you are the package, my dear. The tape has little strips that come off when they are removed. This makes it obvious if the package has been opened, even if you reseal it."

The tape went on both sides where the diaper was secured around my waist.

All in all, it was beginning to feel rather degrading wearing that thing.

"The rules around your wearing diapers are fairly simple. You may not take them off. You may not use the toilet. You must urinate and defecate into the diaper. I am the only person that can change the diaper. That's it. Those are the rules."

The reality and ramifications of what this meant was sinking in. Urination was one thing, but poop? It meant I would have to poop into the diapers, and then ask Jason to change me. I flushed beet red at the thought, the humiliation of what was going to happen, how I would have my own shit smeared all over my ass and cunt, and how he would have to wipe and clean me up.

"Jason... I ... I... am I allowed to ask why? Is this a punishment?"

"Well, Siobhan, after the incident at the party where you were unable to hold your urine, I thought perhaps you need to understand the results of being a baby with no control. If you can't control your body functions, you are going to have to be diapered for a while. Until you learn control like an adult."

I literally started to cry at that. It wasn't fair, though my relationship with Jason isn't exactly based on fairness. It is based on domination and submission. He was teaching me a very important lesson, that my body functions were not entirely mine. Jason was in control. He owned me, every aspect of me.

"I'm sorry, Jason. I'm sorry. Please... how long do I have to wear these?"

"Let's start with a week, and see how it goes. If you seem to have gained control, we might try you on some potty training and ween you off the diapers."

A week. It was like I had been dunked in ice cold water. How could that be? I had to work! I am an IT director for a large company, a professional office position. I have responsibilities with friends, with family, I have to shop. I was going to have to wear these diapers while I did all these things?

"Sir... how..." I was at a loss.

"You will have to choose your clothes well so the diapers are not too obvious. And of course, when you urinate and defecate will be up to you. If you don't want to embarrass yourself in public, you will control yourself."

My heart sank to my feet in despair. This was going to be rough. I was feeling completely humiliated and demoralized.

"Remember. If you undo the diapers, I will know. The security tape will show it."

"Yes, sir." I hung my head.

That first night was weird. I slept in the bed with Jason (I don't always, sometimes I must sleep in other locations if I am being punished or if Jason has decided I need to be reminded of my place). I was naked except for the diaper, which was a little bulky, but not too bad. I slept OK until the middle of the night when I woke and needed to pee.

I lay there thinking about it. Normally I would just get up and pee. But I wasn't allowed to use the toilet, I had to use my diaper. Ugh. Could I hold it? What for? One way or another I was going to have to pee in my diaper.

I actually got out of bed, went into the toilet and sat down on it, but instead of peeing into the toilet it went into the diaper. The familiar position made it a little easier to do, but when I was done my diaper was puffy and full of urine.

It wasn't like it was soaking cloth; the diaper material actually did a reasonable job of absorbing liquid and the liner kept it from getting me too wet. But I had... a full diaper. I felt so foolish. So embarrassed. As if I was incontinent.

Going into the bedroom, I shook Jason, waking him.

"Huh? What? What ... what is it?"

"Jason. I ... um... I wet my diaper. I need it to be changed." I think I had a tear trickling down, that was such a humiliating thing to admit and ask.

Jason sighed and lay there for a moment, then said, "Siobhan, just wait until morning. I will change you when I get up. Go back to sleep."

That was it. A bit of a shock. I was to wear my wet, full diaper for another couple of hours until he was ready to get up. It was awful, the idea of having to lay around in a wet diaper, soaking in my own urine. I wanted to cry again, just sob until morning.

I climbed back in bed, laying flat with my legs spread slightly so I didn't squeeze the diaper material and cause any urine to make it's way back out. It had started out warm from the heat of being in my body, but the urine quickly turned cold. I was laying in bed, waiting for sunrise, with a freezing wet diaper.

Jason's alarm finally went off and he got up and went pee in the toilet as I lay there. He came back, pulled the covers down and looked at me.

"Yep. Full diaper. Let's change you."

He got an oil cloth that he pulled underneath my hips. I lifted my legs slightly to give a better angle and he pulled the tape, loosed the diaper and removed it. Wow, what a fantastic feeling. Relief. I lay naked on the bed, my knees pulled up and legs slightly separated for him to work.

Jason wiped me with a baby wipe, and I was clean. He then gave me just a touch of baby powder, a nice feeling and scent, and then on went a fresh diaper. Sigh...

Choosing clothes was harder. The diapers were fairly slim, but still added an unnatural bulk so I could not wear anything tight. I could get away with loose fitting jeans, or skirts. I tend to wear clothes that accentuate my body; Jason likes me to look sexy. It was difficult but I finally settled on a skirt and dressed myself.

The day went well, but I learned quickly that I was not going to be able to just pee in my diaper and ask Jason to change me immediately. He would do it when he wanted to, and that was most likely going to be in the morning, or in the evening, and maybe at bedtime. So I would either have to live with a full, wet diaper for hold it inside myself. Which was worse? Both were bad. Holding pee inside is uncomfortable at first but slowly becomes more and more painful. Holding pee a long time is horribly painful. At some point, letting it go and living with a wet diaper was much preferable.

Then there was poop. It was easier to hold poop for a longer time, but eventually I had to let it out. When I did, I stank. When I did, I didn't want to do anything until my diaper was changed, because sitting, moving, whatever, smeared and smashed the awful stuff over my ass.

My first poop was around 4:00 pm, and fortunately, Jason agreed to change me at 5:00, so I just stood in the corner and stank and cried until he was ready. The clean up process was demeaning, but when it was over I felt a lot better.

Over the weekend I tried to get a handle on controlling my peeing and bowel movements. I changed what I drank to keep from having sudden, massive urges to pee at random times. Drinking water only allowed me to regulate and calculate when I would need to pee and I could sort of time things for when Jason was willing to change me.

My bowels were harder. I actually cut down what I ate significantly, going on a rather strict diet. The first couple of poops were awful, and I cried and hid while I waited for Jason to change me. Then my new diet kicked in and things were a little better, though still awful.

Monday morning was a test. I had been wearing diapers for two and a half days, and I was about to go to work, a place where I would not be able to hide or ask Jason for a change. I would be on parade in meetings and in hallways where everyone could see me.

I dressed conservatively in loose clothing. For anyone that paid attention, it was clear that something about me was different, though "diaper" was probably not what people thought.

The first day, Monday, I managed to go to about 2:00pm without peeing, but holding my bladder began to hurt around noon, and I suffered with it until 2:00. At that point I was sitting in my office, behind my desk, and lowered my head in absolute shame and let it go. I peed right there, into my diaper, in my office. A full bladder.

I tried to work for the rest of the afternoon from my office without moving. The smell was not bad at all, and sitting behind a desk no one would notice. I didn't make it. At 4:00 I left early for the day, headed home and waited for Jason.

At 6:00 PM on Monday Jason came home to find me naked except for my diaper, standing in a corner waiting for him to return. My diaper was full with two bladders worth of pee. I was holding a poop, and when he came in I asked to be excused, went into the bathroom, squatted and filled my diaper as full as it had ever been.

I then went out and asked Jason to change me, which he did.

In some ways that first work day was the worst. Tuesday I had gotten my schedule down better; I didn't drink anything at all (at the risk of dehydration) until late afternoon, and my limited diet meant no poops, or at least small ones that I could hold until I got home.

Thursday was difficult because I had an unexpected need to poop at 10:00 AM. I held it, or tried to, for some time. At noon I finally closed the door to my office, squatted and let the poop fill my diaper. It was a mistake.

I smelled. Terrible. I couldn't remain at work that way. But leaving my office, every single person I passed would know something was wrong, because I stank, and I mean I was potent. I did the best I could, waiting until the area outside my office was vacant, then heading toward the building exit. Of course I was stopped on the way by my boss, who wanted to check on some purchase order, and I could tell he smelled it and I had to explain I wasn't feeling well and had to go home.

"Yep, I think so," was all he said. I flushed bright red and left.

Jason wasn't going to be home until 6:00, so I ended up just laying on my side, curled up, with a completely full diaper, stinking. I cried, just like a baby. To make it all worse, I had diaper rash.

Yes, I had diaper rash. He point ointment on me, smearing it around. I cried while he did this, I was so humiliated. I decided right then I would rather that he have placed me on the wooden pony for a half a day of agony than to have endured this for a week.

Friday evening rolled around, finally, and Jason undid my diaper and cleaned me up for the last time.

"I think you have learned a lot of control this week, haven't you Siobhan?"

"Yes, I have. I've done the very best I can and I think I've done pretty well," I said honestly.

"What have you learned about your body control?"

I knew exactly what I had learned.

"I learned that you, my owner and master, are in ultimate control of my body, including all its functions."

Jason smiled really big at that. He was proud of me. That gave me a thrill, and I smiled back at him. He lay on top of me where I was, on the bed, slipped his hard cock inside me and fucked me really, really well.

I felt incredibly happy.

I hope to never see another diaper in my life, though.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


I love Halloween. I love to dress up, I love the kids and the excitement, and the preoccupation with the mysterious and ghostly. I love horror movies and ghost stories. I also love candy.

And I love parties. Fetish parties. There is always a good fetish party on Halloween. This year it was at our friend Matt's. It is, of course, a costume party in addition to being a fetish party. The costumes people wear are pretty much to die for. Many of them are not street legal.

The party isn't an orgy or anything, though sexual things happen there all the time. It just isn't expressly for the purpose of sex; it's for the purpose of having some cool fun with costumes and other fetishists.

Jason prepared my costume this year. Usually he dictates what I wear to parties, pretty much, but this year he wouldn't even tell me what my costume was until the night of the party. We spent the evening giving out candy to the kiddies at the door. I was dressed normally, except for bare feet and no bra; I'm not allowed shoes or bra in the house most of the time. But my top was discreet and it was all cool.

At 8:30 we turned the lights out in the front, and turned most of the ones off inside, too. Jason told me to go to the bathroom and empty my bladder, and then go to the family room and remove all my clothing and wait there. This might seem strange to you, but I am used to having my body functions supervised by Jason when he desires it and I didn't think too much of it. I peed then went into the family room where I stripped, folding all my clothes neatly on the side table next to the TV and stood in the middle of the room, waiting for my husband and master.

Jason returned to the family room with a whole stack of clothing, folded and piled neatly. It was all black leather, or pleather in some cases. One or two of the items I recognized, others I didn't, as they were folded up and not recognizable.

Jason produced a container of baby powder. "Please apply this to your body, Siobhan. Make sure you put it everywhere, for your own comfort."

I took him seriously and started rubbing the baby powder all over my naked skin, starting with my shoulders, arms, my breasts, sides, stomach, finally my hips, between my legs, my ass, and my legs.

"Jason, could you do my back, please?"

"Sure," and Jason powdered my back.

"Now, put this on first." Jason handed me the first  and largest item of leather clothing. It was a catsuit. Zippered, form fitting, beautiful leather.

"Oh, Jason, this... this is wonderful. I love it!" I am sure my face was beaming, the suit had to have cost a fortune. That much custom leather and latex isn't cheap. I felt so privileged.

"Of course, Siobhan, and I know you are going to look fantastic in it. Get it on, please."

I slipped my legs in first. It was tight, and a bit of a struggle. It was designed to form fit my body tightly and smoothly and while it fit perfectly, there was still some effort to pull it on. Once my legs were in and the material adjusted to cover my legs I lifted the body portion up and began struggling my arms in. They went in a little easier, especially with Jason tugging and helping.

The suit felt sexy just going on. Sexy in a very kinky way; it was tight and confining, form fitting so it emphasized the exact shape of my body. The powder helped it feel comfortable as it went on. The quality of the material was amazing, there were no nasty stitch points that irritated skin and it was supple.

Jason zipped the body of the suit closed, and the leather tightened and hugged my body. It felt amazing. We tugged and moved the top a bit to get my breasts just right. I have reasonable sized C cup breasts, and the suit emphasized them beautifully. I was giggling like a little girl with a new party dress I was so excited.

"OK, let's do these next." Jason handed me boots. Ballet boots. Bondage ballet boots, with spiked heels that went... I don't know how far up but they were the tallest heels I would ever have worn. Jason had been thoughtful and provided me with some ankle socks that went on before the boots. Once they were on we slid the boots over my feet, which I pointed down to conform to the natural shape of the boots. It took effort to get the tight fitting material on, though the real tightening happened when they were laced.

The catsuit was actually confining and made some movement difficult. Bending over wasn't easy at all, so Jason tightened the boot laces for me as I sat on the couch. The laces ran halfway up my thighs, and when laced hugged my feet, ankles and legs tightly.

I tried standing on them, wobbled, and went right back down on the couch. "Wow... I've worn these before, but it has been a long time and these are really high. I am going to have to work to get used to them!"

"Good. I don't mind if you wobble a bit. They aren't supposed to allow you to run around. Their purpose is actually to make movement more difficult, as a form of bondage." Jason was admiring them.

I felt sexier every minute.

Jason produced the next item. An armbinder. This binder was one that we had owned for some time, and I was familiar with. A somewhat cruel device, it brought my arms together behind my back in a single sleeve. While this was no worse than having wrists cuffed behind your back, when the leather was laced up it squeezed and pressed arms together. If the laces were pulled all the way, my arms would be pressed together all the way to the elbow. This is uncomfortable, especially for long periods, though not unbearable.

My arms placed obediently behind me, Jason slipped on the armbinder sleeve and pulled it up. Two straps went around my shoulders to prevent me from trying to wriggle the binder off later. He began pulling the laces tight, starting at the bottom, moving to the top, bringing my arms together.

Armbinders are a strange experience for me; they don't feel comfortable and are very confining. But the also pull my shoulders back, which causes me to thrust my breasts out and emphasize them, which makes me feel sexy. I think they emphasize my body and ultimately I feel both uncomfortable and very sensuous in them.

When Jason had tied the last laces at the top my arms were pressed tightly together behind my back and movement was clearly getting much more difficult. The armbinder was extremely tight and added to the overall feeling of my entire body being completely encased in form fitting leather.

"Jason, we are going to the party, right? I am not sure how easily I will be able to get around in this."

"Don't worry Siobhan, you will do fine and I will be there to guide and help. Let's get the next item on."

He reached over to the dwindling pile of leather and extracted a gag. It was a small gag that had a little stubby penis shape that went in my mouth and a small strap / buckle that fastened behind my head.

"Any last words, Siobhan? You won't be able to speak much after this goes on."

"I love you Jason. I trust you to take care of me. I hope I look sexy for you tonight."

Jason kissed me lovingly, and then I held my mouth open and the gag went in. He buckled it behind my head.

At this point I was pretty much done; with my arms bound behind and feet in ballet boots there was very little I could do, and the gag would prevent me from communicating much. I had been transformed into his plaything, which was OK with me. It made me feel good.

I stood and waited, feeling excited by the restraints of my outfit.

The next item was a posture collar. Not a severe one, but one that would keep my head and chin straight. It was quite stiff. Jason wrapped it around my neck, and buckled it behind. It didn't prevent all head movement, but did make it tougher. Jason checked my breathing, had me walk just a bit while he held on to my arm to keep me from falling, and was satisfied.

There was a surprise next. Earplugs. I grunted and squeeled just a bit from behind my gag as I felt the soft rubber going into my ears and then slowly expand to seal them tight. I think my face showed my consternation as my hearing slowly went away, because Jason watched and smiled, knowing what I was experiencing.

And then for the final, crowning touch, the hood went on. A new leather hood slid over my head, was pulled tight against my face, and I felt laces being tightened in the back. The hood had no eyes or mouth, only air holes for the nose.

As I lost my sight, I realized the outfit was designed to not only make it very difficult to move but also insulated me from feeling most touch, from hearing, from seeing and from tasting. I was lost in a bondage world of isolated blackness. All I felt and was aware of were the tugs and jerks on my head as Jason tied the hood tight and finished the knots.

I think I panicked just a little right then, squirming against the armbinder and attempting to take a few steps in the ridiculously high ballet boots. Tears welled up in my eyes, unseen and invisible, and a quiet sob was stopped by the gag in my mouth. Then I felt Jason's hands grabbing my arms, keeping me upright and stable. I relaxed, breathed through my nose and let myself drop into subspace, completely trusting and giving myself to my master and owner.

Jason sat me down for a bit. He spoke to me and I discovered I could hear through the earplugs if someone spoke close to my ear, clearly and loudly.

"Stay seated here, I am going to get ready for the party myself, and then we can leave."

"Mgmmmgmmmphhh." I said.

And I was alone. Sitting, able to move but with difficulty, arms tightly bound behind my back, my senses stunted and covered. About the only sense I had unfettered was smell, and there was little to smell.

Waiting was tedious. I shifted position, got used to the various pinch points in the folds of leather encasing my body, and experimented with how much I could move my arms (not much). I was able to move my head back some, and side to side, though the collar kept my head in an upright position.

And I waited. Being alone in the blackness like that was disconcerting, but endurable.

Suddenly I felt Jason take hold of my collar, and fiddle with it, and then my collar was pulled, gently but firmly. He had attached a leash and was pulling me up.

I stood, and followed the pull of the leash, stepping carefully, walking in the ballet boots. We walked through the house and out into the garage where I was stopped. I stood and waited.

Hands gently pushed me down into a bent over position. I complied, trying to do as commanded by the prodding and pulling. I felt the car against my leg, as turned, and forced into a seated position, and then pushed gently over.

Jason drives an SUV and I was being placed in the back, laying down in the cargo area. It made sense. I couldn't be seen riding in the front all bound up and hooded, even on Halloween; Jason didn't want the cops called. I curled up on the floor and heard the muffled slam of the SUV hatch closing.

The party wasn't far, only about a mile, and the ride was comfortable. When the car parked and was turned off, the hatch was opened and the collar pulled, announcing it was time to wriggle and slide out of the back of the car. Jason helped, guiding my legs until I was standing. A bit of the colder air from outside seeped in through the leather, though I was pretty insulated.

Jason gave my crotch a quick squeeze.

"Mggmmgmm." I said.

The collar pulled me along and we entered the house. At least I assumed so.

I was completely blind, in the dark. I could tell whether I was walking on carpet or tile, but otherwise, had little clue to my environment or surroundings. I could, however, hear muffled sounds of the party. There were people nearby, though I could not hear what they were saying or even how many there were.

It felt incredibly strange to be at this party, surrounded by people, but unable to see or really hear them. Interacting with them was impossible. I was essentially Jason's display item. I stood on my toes, waiting, doing nothing but breathing and trying to interpret the few sounds that came through to my ears.

My collar jerked and I moved off into another area of the room, where I was stopped. I stood there, waiting.

I knew I was being observed, that my body was tightly fitted with the body catsuit, and that people would be admiring the outfit, but I had no idea who, what they were saying, or what was happening. I just stood, and waited.

The whole experience was both humiliating and arousing. I think I was soaked between my legs before too long.

I occasionally felt others brush up against me, or bump. The room was clearly full of people. They were drinking, having fun while I simply stood like a leather statue. I recognized a hand squeezing my left breast, and then the right. I didn't know if it was Jason or not.

Someone else felt my body, sliding down the side and between my legs. I reacted a little; with my arms bound behind me there was little I could do but my legs naturally came together, which almost knocked me off balance because of my precarious position on the toe boots.

The prodding and fondling went on for some time, coming in waves and then going away for a while. Then without warning, another hand would slide over my ass and feel my shape. I learned not to react but just let it go. I was completely helpless.

I needed to pee. Yes, I had gone before dressing in this outfit, but heck, it had been a couple of hours and my bladder had filled. What could I do? I sort of grunted at Jason, assuming he was nearby. At first nothing happened but then I felt the leash pull me in a direction and I teetered off following the pull.

It wasn't easy to get me ungagged because the hood was laced tight, but Jason did it. We were in a side room, a bedroom that was relatively private. Jason seemed unhappy.

"What is going on Siobhan. Are you OK?"

"I'm OK, more or less, the suit is hot and I'm sweating underneath, but I really need to pee."

"What? I told you to empty yourself before we left the house! I should let you pee in your suit and deal with it!"

"I did Jason. I did. You know I did. I can't help it if my bladder fills in the meantime, it's a normal human function!" I sort of snapped back at him.

Jason was really unhappy. "Siobhan, we are going to discuss this later, and not spoil the party. For now, let's go to the restroom there. I'd let you stew in your own urine but I don't want to stink up the party for the others."

He led me over to a side door and opened it. I knew taking the catsuit off was going to be a major problem.

There was a solution to the problem. The suit had a zipper, conveniently located between my legs and over my crotch. Jason unzipped, and when I spread my legs my pussy was well exposed. I sat on the toilet as Jason watched me relieve myself.

The armbinder didn't allow me to care for myself, so Jason kindly wiped my cunt with toilet paper. I stood and he zipped my cunt back up inside.

I was just thanking Jason, "Thank you, I'm sor----"

When the gag was shoved back in, and the hood was put back on, and laced nice and tight. Once again I was in darkness, simply following the lead of the leash as he pulled it along.

For another interminable period of time, who knows how long, I stood in various spots and did nothing but wait, and feel strangers occasionally grope my body. My ears started ringing and I saw patterns of light from the sensory deprivation. Sometimes I felt people grope and grab my body and then realized I was imagining it. I wondered if I was losing my mind.

At one point I was seated on a soft couch after having been led from one point to another. Jason (at least I assume it was Jason) forced my legs apart and I felt my crotch zipper being opened. I new the flesh of my pussy was the only part of me exposed now, and anyone in the room would be viewing it. I waited obediently, with my legs spread.

Fingers felt my pussy lips, sliding up and down. I was wet, I had been wet all evening, both from arousal and sweat, so the fingers slid easily, and then slid in. They felt like Jason's. I sincerely hoped they were. If they weren't there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

Then I felt a cock. The unmistakable feeling of a cock head pressing against my labia, spreading my lips, pushing
in, gently but firmly. I grunted through the gag as it slid in deeper, spreading me wide. I tried to feel and see if it was Jason's. Again, I hoped it was Jason's. It could have been Jason's, it was the right size.

The cock started pushing in and out of me, and I began moving my hips in rhythm. I heard people, as if there was an audience talking excitedly while someone fucked me, but by then I couldn't tell whether I was imagining it or not. I couldn't hear well enough, and had been hearing strange noises I knew were in my brain because of sensory deprivation.

Fingers massaged my clit as the cock pounded deep inside me, and a short while later I had an orgasm, grunting and wriggling against the tight leather that surrounded me. The cock wasn't done though, and continued pumping until it suddenly withdrew. I suspected, though I had no way to tell, that whomever it was, was spurting white sticky fluid over some part of my leather catsuit.

I sure hoped it was Jason. I was pretty sure it was, though I didn't know if others were in the room watching the show.

My crotch was zipped back up, and after a little while I was pulled up and we resumed visiting party goers that I could not see or hear, but occasionally felt.

A little while later I was pressed and made to spread my legs slightly. I felt something around my hips, barely feeling it through the leather, but after a moment I recognized it. A strapon. At least I assumed it was; it felt like a strapon harness. I've used them many times before and know the feel. I had no doubt that I had acquired an artificial cock.

The leash pulled me a few feet ahead and then hands gripped my hips. I could feel that I was being carefully positioned. I felt resistance on my hips, the end of the dildo pressing into the harness and just above my pussy. It was getting inserted into someone, I didn't know who.

Suddenly, I got a sharp whack on my ass and I reacted, instinctively, by moving my hips forward. Yes, there was resistance and I had undoubtedly just impaled someone. I pulled back a bit, and knowing what they were after began a rocking motion with my hips.

My legs were spread slightly, because the strapon had a crotch strap, plus with those ballet boots I needed the stability, I could fall over at any moment. I pushed back and forth, shoving the dildo into whomever was in front of me, over and over. I felt his/her hips, but couldn't tell whether it was male or female. The leather deadened any detailed sensations.

This went on for about 5 minutes when I felt another smack on my ass, several in a row, and I picked up thrusting speed. It appeared that whomever I was fucking was getting close to orgasm.

And then it was over. I was pulled back and stood motionless. Someone did something to the dildo of the strapon, I couldn't tell what and then I was guided back and felt the same pressure and resistance. Someone else wanted to be fucked. Well, OK. I could do that.

I give this person a good fucking, pushing hard. I am almost certain it was a girl because the hips and ass I kept bumping against were small. I had no idea how big the dildo was, but didn't care. If I was being used this way, I was going to give it my all. I shoved and pushed harder and faster until I felt someone stop me and pull me back. Whomever I was fucking had had enough.

The strapon was removed and I stood waiting, once again. The distant sounds of the party were continuing around me.

My legs were aching from having moved around and standing in the ballet boots. Standing on your toes, even in supportive boots, can really hurt, and my calves were burning. I was moving my head, the only part of me I could really move much, back and forth, frustrated with the pain and physical exhaustion.

Finally, finally, the leash pulled me and I walked carefully some distance. The cold air of the night seeped into my costume through some cracks, so I knew we were leaving. I felt the car bumper, and with Jason's help maneuvered into place in the back cargo area.

A few minutes later we were home, I was inside, and Jason was removing my hood and gag. It was such a relief!. I breathed deeply (the hood air holes worked, but didn't allow for deep breaths), and shook my head, scattering my hair about.

"Thank you! Thank you Jason, that feels so good to get off!"

Jason began removing the armbinder. "You did generally well, Siobhan. I know you couldn't tell but you were... well... the life of the party. The focus of attention."

The armbinder slid off and I carefully moved my arms, loosening my shoulders. The muscles needed to be stretched back out, but gently.

"Really? I could not hear much, but kept feeling people touching me. Please... tell me that was you that fucked me?"

"Of course, dear, that was me. Other than that, I am not going to share any of the details with you. I think it is more fun for you to never know exactly what happened tonight."

"What??? Oh, please Jason! What happened? Who grabbed me? Who was I fucking with that strapon?" I begged him as he undid the ballet boots.

"Nope, Siobhan. You are my owned property, and I used you tonight as I please, and there is no need for you to know. I think this is an object lesson, something that will enhance your obedience. You not only need to obey, you need to accept you may not always know everything that happens around you, or even to you."

Well, that was frustrating. Still, I understood. I stepped out of the catsuit and felt the cool air hit my naked body. It felt more wonderful than anything I could remember, just then.

"Oh... that feels good. Oh, my god, that feels good." I spread my arms and turned around, feeling fresh air, seeing things, hearing things, feeling good and carefree.

"I can make you feel better, Siobhan." Jason put his arm around my waist, pulled me to him, and kissed me deeply while one hand went between my legs and slid across my wet pussy.

I melted into his arms, and let him take me.