Friday, October 21, 2016

Four Days Training, Part 2

The next day was Friday. Another work day.

Mistress Erin woke me early from where I slept on the floor. "Clean the kitchen floor before you go to work," she barked at me, then headed to the bathroom to get ready for work.

"Mistress, may I pee first?" I asked politely.

"No." She said simply, and continued dressing.

That was it. I really needed to pee, but I had not received permission. I had a task to perform. At least I wasn't tied up. I had relative freedom to perform my duties.

Even so, my wrists and ankles were shackled, so movement was somewhat limited. I crawled naked into the kitchen, got a rag and some cleaner and began scrubbing.

Jim, Erin's slave husband came in and walked on the floor when I was nearly done. He left large dirty prints on the floor. I looked up at him with anger. "Hey!"

"Siobhan, right now you are at the bottom of the totem pole. Sorry, girl." I could tell he wasn't sorry at all. He liked seeing me naked, on my hands and knees. In fact, he was glad Erin was paying attention to me instead of him.

When I finished cleaning the floor, Erin demanded I fix breakfast for her and Jim. I did this quickly, for I needed to pee badly. My bladder was literally hurting, it was so full. I was also going to be late for my own work, if Erin didn't release me soon.

When breakfast was over (I didn't get any, I just served), Erin and Jim left.

"Please, Mistress. May I pee now?"

Erin nodded. "Yes, go pee, but present yourself for inspection afterward."

I ran into the bathroom. Unfortunately, the running, combined with how badly I needed to go--- well, I leaked. I sprayed some urine on the floor.

Peed into the toilet. What a relief! I would have been in massive trouble if I had lost control when in the kitchen in from of Mistress.

Except Mistress came into the bathroom for inspection. I stood and took the inspection position I had been taught earlier. Erin came in and.... stepped right into the puddle of pee I had left.

Her face got red, but she didn't do anything. She simply told me to spread my legs slightly. The day before she had made me wear nipple clamps to work. Small clamps that smashed my nipples painfully the entire day.

This day, I was given a pussy clamp with a small bell hanging from it. The clamp was quite tight and hurt a lot going on. In fact, I wondered if it would pierce a hole in my labia.

"We will attend to punishment for ... this..." she waved at the urine on the floor, "this evening. In the mean time, wear the labia bell all day. I will know if you take it off. Clean up the bathroom floor before you leave."

And with that, Erin was gone to work. I was alone.

I set about cleaning the bathroom floor. I cried some while I scrubbed. It had been a rough morning, a painful one, and I had failed. I would be punished that evening for my failure.

Not only was I humiliated, I was scared. I didn't know what being punished by Erin would be like. A whipping? Riding a wooden pony? The worst thing I could think of was when Jason used capsaicin on my freshly shaved cunt. I had sobbed in pain from that. Oh, I hoped she wouldn't do anything like that.

I stood and my labia bell tinkled. I would have to be careful at work. The clamp on my labia hurt, but I knew that with time it would subside to an ache, and not hurt much. Until it came off, that is.

With both Erin and her husband gone to work I showered, dressed, and put on my face for work. I was late. I am seldom late for work, but the debacle at Erin's had made me late. Of course, I couldn't explain to anyone at work that I was late because I had been forced to clean my next door neighbor's floor naked on my hands and knees, and then had peed on her bathroom floor and had to clean that up as well.

It was actually sort of hot, arousing, to think of that as I sat in the first meeting of the day. I wondered what some of the guys around the table would think if they knew what was happening to me at home. I got wet between my legs.

That was compounded when I tinkled. No, not peed, but actually made a tinkling noise. My cunt bell had rung. Everyone in the meeting looked around.

"Sorry. Text message," I said, pretending it was my phone.

For the rest of the day I sat still, and when I did move I kept my legs together, to hold the bell in place. I thought of Erin, and going home to her domination, the entire day. Thanks to that damn bell it was about all I could think about.

Because I was late to work, I got home a little late. Entering the house, Jim greeted me. He was naked and in chastity, as he frequently was. "Erin says for you to get undressed and report to her in her office."

He had a sad look on his face. "I think she is sort of.... angry."

Uh oh. Erin was not a loving, caring master like Jason. She was a stern, iron fisted ruler. I undressed and reported to her. I knelt with head down. "I am here, Mistress Erin."

She was working at her desk, so I simply remained kneeling, waiting for her. Finally she turned her desk chair toward me and looked down with a look of pained dissatisfaction.

"The incident this morning must be punished. Urinating on the floor? Are you kidding, Siobhan? Do I have a dog, a pet here? And now, returning home late. Another transgression."

I was silent, knowing nothing I could say would help.

"Follow me," she rose and headed out the door. She was clothed, of course, I was naked. As was her male slave. "Follow us," she told Jim.

We went into the garage. It was a little cold there and I shivered, crossing my arms in front of me.

"You'll be plenty warm soon enough." Erin pointed me to a corner where there was a thin blanket covering the hard concrete. "Kneel, facing the wall."

I knelt.

"Fasten her." She said. Jim took some leather cuffs and clipped my wrists to each other, and then raised them above my head. There he clipped them to a chain. Erin grabbed the chain and pulled it swiftly but evenly so my arms were above my head.  I was still kneeling, but raised up on my knees, facing the wall.

There was no announcement when the flogging began. I couldn't see who was doing it to me, but I assume it was Erin. I gasped during the first two or three strokes, and cried out.

"Don't make me gag you. I don't want the neighbors to hear." snapped Erin. I like being gagged, it gives me something to bite into when I am being whipped, but I also understood that if Erin had to gag me it was likely to have more unpleasant consequences.

I closed my mouth and just took the flogging, grunting slightly as the flogger stung my back.

I've been flogged plenty of times. This one didn't hurt to badly, though being forced to kneel and look at a wall during the flogging, and not being allowed to make a noise, that did give it a certain... flavor.

After perhaps 20 or 30 strokes of the lash Erin stopped, and said, "that's for being late."

Whoa. She hadn't even begun the punishment for my peeing on the floor. I was in deep shit.

I was unhooked.

"Time for you to fix us dinner." Erin led me back into the kitchen. My back and ass were burning from the whipping, but it wasn't too bad. It sort of made me feel naked, though. You know how sometimes, something happens that just emphasizes your nakedness and vulnerability?

Jim has seen me naked before, but I don't think I have ever paraded around before him this much without a bit of clothing.

Before I could make dinner, a special little gift was applied.

Erin braided my hair into a quick knot behind my head, but wrapped a thin cord with the hair, tying it off firmly. The cord was then tied to an ass hook. The cord was too short. My head was jerked back until the ass hook would slide into my ass... it hurt, it was forced.

Then they let go of my head. It naturally moved forward, which pulled the hair forward which in turn pulled the ass hook up. Deeper into my ass.

I yelped. "Aaagh!" It hurt. The ass hook had a round knob at the end so it wouldn't cut or poke, but still... it was jammed up there tight. It was going to just be a pain in the ass to make dinner in that thing.

Yep. It was. Literally. A pain in the ass.

I worked in the kitchen for an hour. Every time I needed to look down, I pulled hard and impaled my ass. There was a lot I could do with my head raised, and the pressure on my ass relieved (somewhat). But there was a lot that just required that I be bent over backwards to allow my head the ability to look down.

Just, oww. Ass hooks are not new to me. But usually, they are applied during bondage situations where I basically just stay in one position and endure. This was different. The thing kept tugging and rubbing inside my rectum as I moved around and got dinner ready.

I served, too. Erin and Jim. I really was at the bottom of the food chain in her house; even her slave was above me.

I ate leftovers, scraps from their plates that Erin scraped into a dog bowl. It tasted good, actually. It was my cooking, even if it was just the scraps from their plates.

When everything was cleaned up, Erin announced, "It's time for your punishment. For urinating on my floor. Disgusting. Truly disgusting."

Damn. It was her fault, because I told her I needed to pee and she kept saying no! I couldn't hold it any longer. But this is the life of a sub. Get impossible tasks, and when you fail, get punished for it. I... um... actually enjoy it. Just because I complain about how much it hurts, or how difficult it is, doesn't mean it isn't a core need.

For this punishment she took me to the living room and lay me down on my back on a large futon she has. Jim was placed in a corner, naked, facing the wall. This was the same position he had been in when I first arrived.

I wondered how much time he spent there. It seemed like a sort of "storage space" where Erin put him when she didn't want him. She just said, "Corner" in a quiet voice, and bam! There he was, in the corner, facing the wall.

No one ties people up faster or better than Erin. I mean, Jason does a damn good job, but Erin? She has some sort of special dexterity or something. It seemed like seconds before my wrists were tied and secured over my head. There was little support for my head and my ass hung off the edge.

Erin appeared over me. She'd removed her top and was naked from the waist up. Oh, I would have loved for her to bend over enough for me to reach my head up and suckle one of those breasts... she has gorgeous breasts.  No luck there. Instead she took out a cane.

I really hate canes. They are small, lightweight, and don't seem like much. But wow, they can sting! And when you keep getting whacked in the same place, the sting burns and really hurts. I knew I was in for it. She wasn't going to cane my ass, since it was pointing away from her.

She caned my breasts. Whack-whack-whack-whack-whack-whack-whack... over and over again. Not horribly hard, but with each whack the pain, the stinging burning pain, kept growing and spreading. Pretty soon my boobs felt like they were going to explode in flames.

Tears were trickling down the side of my head, out of the corners of my eyes. I sobbed quietly as Erin  kept whacking away.

After a while I couldn't help but begin struggling. I mean, you try it! Get tied down and have someone cane you constantly for 20 minutes and see if you don't start struggling!

Actually, struggling is part of what I enjoy. It reinforced my helplessness and that there really is nothing, absolutely nothing I can do to get away from that sadistic bitch. It pissed her off though, which is typical.

"So you don't want your tits caned any more? Huh?" She said. Her hand went out and gently fondled my breasts. Her own naked nipples were getting dangerously close to mine. I lifted my head (still crying) and tried to get my lips engaged with her right nipple. I just barely brushed it, and she reacted. Jumping back.

"Oh, no, my little slut. You have not earned the right to taste my body or pleasure me as yet!" She grabbed me and turned me over on the futon. Pushing me forward, my boobs now dangling over the edge and my arms all the way down to the floor. I could see poor Jim still standing silently in the corner, listening to my sobs and the sounds of bamboo slapping against flesh.

My ass really was stuck up in the air, and Erin took full advantage.

The bamboo cane came down on my ass repeatedly, and this time I screamed. Not because it hurt worse, but because I was just worn down. There's just so much torment you can take before you just loose mental strength.

Some people call it subspace. I think my mind is in subspace all the time, but it does get to a stage where the pain is all I can think about, the helplessness of being bound, the inevitability of the next stroke, the man or woman who is standing next to me as my god, the determiner of my future torment, and I accept my complete helplessness. My existence as a vessel of pain.

The punishment for peeing on Erin's floor went on for some time. I don't know exactly. I would guess an hour? Though it was probably less. My boobs and ass were burning and red hot, as if they were criss-crossed with knife cuts.

When she stopped she left me there, laying on the futon, to cry. It was a while before I realized she had left the room.

I needed to pee again.

I'm sorry, but this happens, you know? Even when you are in the middle of being punished or some great discipline and bondage scene, your bladder just fills up. And mine did. I couldn't move though. She had tied me down, wrists together and those tied to the bottom of the futon. There was nothing I could do except lay there and wait.

When Erin returned, I hesitantly asked. "Mistress Erin, may I please pee?"

Erin said nothing but left. She returned a little later with a plastic bucket. "Go in the bucket," she said as she shoved it under my hips.

She left and went to watch TV for a while.

It was hard to pee in the bucket. Really hard. My body is trained to urinate in a toilet, and folded over on my stomach across a futon just wasn't the right position. But I finally managed to get the stream going and a little while later you could hear the liquid hitting the bottom and splattering as I released my bladder.

It felt so good.  It smelled slightly.

Jim asked politely, "Mistress, may I also pee in the bucket?"

Erin sighed and brought it over to him. "Squat," she said.

He did, he squatted over the thing to get close to it, peed, and then stood in the corner again.  "Thank you Mistress." he said.

I thought Uhoh, I didn't thank her. Damn, she has him trained better than me. No wonder I am having a hard time here. I really am not trained well.

After Erin watched a TV show she came over and fucked me.

Yeah, that's right. She stripped the rest of the way, put on a strapon, and fucked me. I was still tied to the futon and just stayed there, leaned over, with my legs slightly parted. The dildo was large, though not huge.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly pleasant either. I am not a fan of strapons, they don't really excite me sexually, except as a form of punishment. Any form of punishment excites me, of course, and Erin was tormenting me with the strap on. So it did rather excite me.

It actually excited me enough that I had an orgasm. The big rubber thing inserted into my cunt, pushing up all the way inside my body so I felt it jamming against my cervix and bowels... yeah. It was painful, and I got off on it.

"Oh, my god, the little slut has had an orgasm!" declared Erin when she saw me shuddering and breathing heavily with hard nipples and a flushed neck. You can always tell when I have an orgasm because my chest and neck, and my cheeks tend to flush.

She fucked me for about 15 minutes, during which I had two shuddering orgasms. She could see me flush, my legs clench and my hips try to thrust when I climaxed, and she laughed and made fun of me after each one. "You little whore! What a slut Jason has raised. Cum for me, slut! Let your body flood with those endorphins. I wanna see your eyes roll up inside your head!"

They probably did, too, for just a bit.

When she finally withdrew and unbuckled the strapon, I remembered to thank her for fucking me. I guess that was OK because she untied me and let me and Jim just sort of lounge around the house, though we were kept naked. That was a little awkward being around Jim, sitting and watching TV, the both of us naked. But then, we were both acting as slaves for Erin, so it was also somewhat natural.

That night I slept on the floor next to their bed again. I was thankful it wasn't the sleep sack. That thing was horrible.

The only problem was that Erin cuffed my hands behind my back and chained them to the end of the bed in a way that kept them at least slightly raised if I was on my stomach, and I simply could not get onto my back. I had to actually sleep partway under the bed in order to get the slack in the chain I needed to be comfortable enough to sleep.

All in all, it had been a good day. Erin is tough, but I am a confirmed submissive and a true masochist... so I enjoyed every minute of it.

And there was still another day before Jason came back.