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Four Days Training, Part 1

My relationship with Jason was first founded on love and trust, and as a result of these, I was able to fulfill my deepest sensual and sexual desires by becoming his complete slave.

I've always had a deep need to be dominated. It started long before I dated my first guy or girl, and it has been an underlying need throughout my teen and adult life.  I've been lucky because I've been able to fulfill this need with several partners, and finally settle on one partner, my husband and owner.

That said, we have not been completely monogamous. I would never have sexual relations with anyone other that Jason without his explicit permission. I am owned by him and my body is to be used at his pleasure. But, in certain circumstance, both he and I have engaged in intimate sexual activities with other people.

Because I am owned and his property, he need not ask before engaging in such activities, though he has been very kind in always making sure I was involved in any of his extra-marital sexual encounters. My own sexual interactions with others have been limited to threesome or foursome activities that were directed by, or involved Jason.

The only time I have ever had sex with another person, not Jason, when he was not present, was with an ex-pony girl I knew and fell in love with, and this was with Jason's permission. In fact, he arranged for it. I've not seen this woman since. It was a special gift he gave me. He arranged for the two of us to be together, both in bondage and punishment, but nevertheless we spent a weekend together and our intimacy and physical love was something I will cherish forever.

However, Jason recently turned me over to a neighbor who lives on our street. Her name is Erin. She keeps her husband in strict discipline, chastity and denial, and I've come to respect her as a fairly strict and effective dominatrix. Erin is rigid, demanding, and can be quite cruel. I've seen her poor husband suffering at her hand more than once.

Jason was going on a business trip. Four days away from home. I have my own work as the director of an IT department for a medium sized company.  We have both traveled on occasion, and when Jason is gone or I am gone, I have always taken care to be very faithful, obey all commands and to be an obedient slave wife.

When we are apart, Jason usually leaves me some instructions, or some tasks that are designed to keep my obedience and awareness of my owned status forefront in my mind. This has involved everything from wearing a chastity belt for which only he has the key, to following instructions to kneel and suck a molded rubber model of his dick for 20 minutes each night before going to bed.

This is something he's demanded of me a number of times when he is not present. It comforts him that I am obedient and servicing him even when he is not there. So he had a rubber mold of his genitals made, and made a special practice dildo with it. This way, even when he is not with me, I can such him off.

It's a little embarrassing, but it is also rather hot. Per his instructions, I strip naked, fix the practice dildo to a flat surface, kneel before it, and use my mouth and tongue and throat to pleasure it.  Afterward, he usually gives me permission to masturbate myself to orgasm (if I am not in chastity, of course).

During this last trip, his desire was that I give myself over to Erin, and treat her as my mistress and owner. This would include obeying any commands, including sexual relations or otherwise.

Erin is older than I by perhaps 15 years, but very fit and beautiful. I like and respect her, though we are not close friends. It is hard for a slave to be close friends with a mistress, even someone else's mistress. I won't say I looked forward to being owned by her for four days, but it did intrigue me. I've been dominated by many different people in my life, including women, and each has a very distinct flavor. Erin was going to have her own style, a very strict one, I knew.

My last night with Jason before his trip was marvelous. He handcuffed me after dinner and gave me a light spanking to remember him by, a nice one that made my ass just a little warm and sting, but he also fondled and caressed me in a way that made me feel so ... desirable. We then fucked and snuggled in bed. He is so great with aftercare.  My heart wells up with love when I think of him.

So in the morning he took me over to Erin's house down the street. He had a 10:00 flight, so we arrived at her house about 8, and she took me in.  Jason let her know that I had been briefed but that I was to obey her as if her orders came from Jason. I was hers for the next four days.

Wow, that right there was a rush. I was turned over. I was wearing a collar and leash, something that happens rarely in public but sometimes... and it was on for the ceremony of being transferred to Erin. She took my leash and led me inside and I felt a nervous flood of raw energy and sexual or erotic thrill.

I had no idea what Erin would do with me. Whatever it was, I was committed to allowing it, suffering it, obeying, whatever it took.

Erin kissed Jason on the cheek, then kissed me on the cheek, and said, "Welcome to your new home."

Jason gave me a hug and kiss, said goodbye, and I was in Erin's hand.

The first thing she did was secure my hands behind my back. Every bit of bondage this woman would put me in was exciting and arousing to me, and that small act made me wet, right there. I can't help it. It's the way I have been since I was ten years old, and it's become more intense over the years.

She gagged me as well, with a standard ball gag. I hate and love those. They are great because they hold the mouth open, allow you to bite down on something if you need to, and they make me drool like water faucet. I hate them because they hold my mouth open and make me drool like a faucet.

Erin led me inside the house and the door closed on my husband. I was now in the control of another woman. As we walked in, I saw Jim, Erin's husband, standing in the corner, facing the wall. I didn't know if this was something he was told to do when not otherwise engaged, like a storage position, or if he was being punished in some way.

Erin led me into a small room downstairs. It had probably originally been designed as an office, but it was reworked as a sort of discipline / dungeon, with whips, chains, bondage bracket and other equipment spread around.

"Strip and leave your clothes in that box. You won't need them. Make sure to fold them neatly."

I obeyed, but with a lot of difficulty. My hands were still cuffed behind my back. I managed to get my shoes, skirt and panties off, but my top was stuck. I mumbled through the gag, "I can't get my top off with my hands cuffed." (Ball gags don't actually stop you from talking, they just make it harder.)

Erin brought out a large pair of shears, and cut my top off. It was a good top, and made me sad to see it go. Why would she ruin a good top like that? I watched sadly as the shreds of my top fell to the ground.

By breasts flopped free and that was it. I was naked in front of Erin.

"You must learn to address me correctly. I am Mistress. You are not to speak unless spoken to, and you must always speak respectfully. You will be punished for this infraction."

I knew that. I mean, I should have known that, I have been a slave long enough I should have known to call her mistress and be more obsequious. It was a mistake I would pay for.

"Your first task is to wash the kitchen floor. Because you need to learn how to speak to me properly, you will not have your hands freed and must wash the floor to my satisfaction without them."

Oh great, I thought. How am I going to do this?

We went into the with me crawling on all fours, and Erin leading me by my leash.

"There you go. Clean."

She pointed.

There was no mop, no bucket, no... nothing.

"Please Mistress, may I have a sponge, or a bucket of water?" I said in ball-gag-speech.

"No. You will clean this now as I say. I am not giving you cleaning implements because you need discipline. You are to be punished. Start cleaning now."

I did. I got down on my knees and started licking.

Erin has a big kitchen and I had to cover every inch of it with my tongue. Half way through I politely asked for a drink of water, my tongue was dry and scratchy and tasted terrible. Erin was kind and gave me a drink, and I continued slowly licking my way across the floor, all the while my hands cuffed behind my back.

When I was done, Erin came in and examined the floor. I had actually tried to clean the damn thing with my tongue, which was now rather raw and dry, and tasted like the bottom of a bird cage.

"Acceptable. Come," Erin pulled me into the bathroom by my leash. "Now the toilet."

I looked up at Erin with big, surprised eyes. I had never done anything like this for Jason. We were truly licking into new territory.

"Don't give me those eyes. Do as your are told!" Erin snapped.  She personally supervised as I began licking the toiled seat.

Yep. I licked that entire thing. Starting with the seat, after which she flipped the seat up and I licked out the bowl. It was a relatively clean toilet, so it wasn't too bad. Still, I could really taste urine and some other musky tastes. It was awful. Truly awful.

All the while Erin watched me and at one point grabbed my hair, shoved my face down against the porcelain and demanded that I do a better job.

When I was done I was lead to the living room and told to wait. So I just sort of hung out there, waiting.

This really pissed off Erin. "What the fuck does Jason teach you over there! You don't know how to wait for a command in a waiting position?"

I didn't say anything, there wasn't anything I could say, really. Erin shoved me down on my knees, moving my arms and legs into a proper waiting position.

This turned out to be on my knees, hands folded on my lap, head slightly bowed, back straight.  Erin was very strict in terms of the position I should take, and my posture.

All this while her husband and slave Jim remained standing in the corner. I don't think he had budged in the two hours I had been in the house. He must be getting tired, but he didn't make a noise. Just stood facing the wall.

So I remained off to the side of the living room in the waiting position while Erin went off and did some things. I don't know what she did, I wasn't allowed to look at her, and most of the time I was alone in the room. Except for Jim that is, except he didn't count because he was standing there like he was in some sort of storage.

Eventually Erin left the house. I heard the garage door open and her car started up and left.  I was alone in her house with her husband Jim, who was still standing in the corner.

Since she wasn't around, I decided to talk to Jim.

"Are you in some sort of punishment?"

Jim didn't answer.

"She isn't here, you can at least talk to me," I said to him. He was standing right there, perhaps 10 feet away. I was kneeling on the floor in my submissive posture, but had raised my head to look at him.

"She... I'm not supposed to talk." Jim whispered.

"I see," I said. He had been trained exceptionally well, all the way to performing detailed rituals even when there was no possibility of being discovered if he failed to strictly follow the rules.

I for one was not restrained, and could have gotten up and walked around had I wished to. But something about the way Jim stood in the corner, not moving, and the pristine, spotless house, and Erin's no-compromise attitude... it made me stay in place.

Jim must have been standing in the corner for four hours or more by the time Erin came back. I sneaked looks at him, and it was clear his legs were shaking, threatening to give out. But he kept standing there, motionless.

When Erin came back, she brought in some packages and put them upstairs someplace, except for one she brought in to the living room and set down.

Erin came over and told Jim to assume the waiting position. I could hear him breathe a sigh of relief as he turned around and knelt in the same position as mine.

"It's time for you to learn the proper regimen of positions and slave commands. Jason has very clearly not been training you properly," said Erin.

I had learned the waiting position. I was then taught a variation of the waiting position Erin called "present".

When she barked "present", I went down on my knees, this time spread at a 45 degree angle, with my hands palms up on my thighs. Face down, of course, showing subservience.

Erin used a riding crop on my bare flesh, swatting me hard when my position did not please her. Sitting with my back perfectly straight got me a number of stinging swats which must have left pretty nasty red welts. I needed to learn to sit absolutely straight.

The position of my head was important, as well. I could not bend my head too low because my face was to be visible. But my eyes had to be downcast, so as to show subservience and obedience.

There were several variations of this position, and the details had to be just right. Palms up, or hands folded together, the angle of my legs sufficient to show my genitals clearly, feet touching at the toes in back, and so on. Erin even worked on the expression on my face, which was to be blank, not angry or upset, not happy, just... open and ready and willing. She slapped me a couple of times, hard, for not having the proper expression.

Then there was "Worship". On my knees, bent over all the way with my forehead on the ground. Arms up over my head on the ground, hands flat with fingers slightly spread.  Erin stepped on my hand more than once when my hands were too far apart, or the fingers were not spread properly.

She checked my ass during the process too, and told me I had not kept it clean enough and would require some work later. This sent a chill through me.

The Worship position also had some strict requirements for where the legs were to be positioned and how the feet were to be placed.

We spent the entire day working on positions.

There was the position she called "Corner", which was what Jim had been in when I arrived. I was standing facing the corner, straight back, kneels locked, head up, staring directly into the corner. Arms were to be raised and hands placed on opposite shoulders.

 We practiced that one for an hour. I don't know how Jim held it for four, I would have collapsed.

Then there was the "Ready" position. Also on the knees, but raised up to my ass wasn't sitting on my feet. Hands were placed behind the back, head up and looking straight ahead so I could see whatever instructions were being given. Knees were supposed to be apart, directly under the shoulders. The insides of my thighs were red and stinging from the riding crop as Erin taught me this position.

The "Ready" position was used when commands were being given that required attention and action.

The "Privacy" position I considered something of a punishment position. It wasn't as bad as some punishment positions I learned the next day, but it wasn't pleasant. This one simply involved being up in my knees, facing the wall. My knees had to be within one inch of the wall, but no part of my body, including my head, could touch the wall.  My ass could not touch my legs or feet, which meant I had to be up instead of a sitting position.

You have no idea how quickly this position could become painful.

Then there was the inspection position. Standing, legs spread, hands behind head. All part of the body exposed and available for prodding, poking, spreading insertion, spanking, whipping, whatever it was she had in mind.

The punishment version of this position was up on my toes... for as long as she wanted.

How long can you stand on your toes? Try it some time. It absolutely kills some of the calf muscles, and cramps set in very quickly. When I didn't stay up long enough, she tool a short paddle to me, and made my ass flaming red. It felt like it was on fire, too.

That evening, late, my body was exhausted, red and burning from spankings and crop whippings, and my muscles cramped from holding positions for long periods at a time. The sun had done down and it was time for dinner.

Both Jim and I ate out of dog bowls. We shared the same bowl, and there was actually a fight between us as to who would get more of the food. I was starved but Jim was pushing in, trying to get to the food first.

The little bastard.

The fight got us in trouble, and we paid for it.

Erin broke us up but we each got a caning.

Jim went first and I was made to watch. I knelt in the Ready position and watched as she gave him 12 strokes with a relatively small and supple cane. He groaned with each strike, and by the end he was almost screaming. I thought he was faking it, making it seem more painful than it was, except his ass was getting pretty big welts.

It came to be my turn, and Erin had get on hands and knees while Jim watched. It was embarrassing to be kneeling there so Jim could see every bit of my privates, my pussy lips hanging down, ass cheeks spread. The embarrassment went away with the first strike and was replaced with the unexpected nasty sting of the cane making me yelp.

I barely had time to recover before Erin was laying it on, strike after strike. My ass was on fire, and I couldn't help but try to wriggle away. She waited patiently until I got back into position, and then continued. I started screaming. Rather than wake the neighbors, Erin kindly provided a rather large panel gag that allowed me to make all the noise I wanted, and it would be effectively muffled.

A dozen strokes was horrible. By the last stroke I was crying, tears streaming down my face.

Time to recover. Erin isn't good at aftercare. Jason would have cuddled me, made me feel precious and appreciated for having endured the punishment. As it was, I was left in the punishment position with my ass burning while Erin got ready for bed.

Erin released Jim from strict control and he was allowed to roam the house and do as he pleased. He had a beer, watched some TV with his wife, though he was still naked. I knelt in the punishment position, waiting for a new command.

Bedtime in her household was 10pm. A strict rule. Erin brought me upstairs to her bedroom with Jim. Secretly I was hoping I would be able to sleep in a bed. There was no way I would ask... but I hoped.

No way.  A sleep sack on the floor. I had never actually seen one before, though I knew what they were. Sort of the ultimate in bondage. They cover your body tightly from neck to toes, cinched up and with no room to move. I imagine it must be very much like vacuum bondage (another thing I have never experienced).

As much as I love bondage and being restricted and helpless, I think I have a love hate relationship with the sleep sack. Thank goodness my head was free so I wasn't completely mummified, and I didn't panic. I could breathe. I just couldn't move.

Erin made sure I went to the restroom and peed. In fact she stood and watched as I did it. She informed me there would be no more bathroom privilege until the next morning. Once in the sack, there was no out.

It took almost 15 minutes to lace me up completely. When it was done, I was in tight. I could not move at all.

Erin took her husband into her bed, and I lay on the floor next to them. They had sex before they went to sleep, loud, grunting, sweaty sex and that sounded amazing. I just lay in the dark and listened. When they went to sleep, I tried to as well, but the constricted bondage was difficult. I think it took me two hours before I could sleep.

I woke up at 4am needing to pee. I managed to get back to sleep, but woke at 5am, urgently needing to pee. I knew there was no going. No bathroom privilege, and waking Erin up was out of the question.

Just when my bladder started hurting so badly I was seriously thinking of either releasing it inside my sleep sack and taking the consequences, or of waking Erin up (and taking the consequences), the alarm went off and Erin rose. Jim followed. I lay on the floor looking at them pitifully, but they both went into the bathroom and peed first.

"Well, slave, how was your night?" Erin asked once she had brushed her teeth. She was standing over me naked (she has a knockout, skinny body).

"Mistress, I need to pee badly, please Mistress," I said.

"I'll bet you do," she said and began loosening the laces. It took 10 minutes to undo the laces and the pain in my bladder made me afraid I was going to get an infection... or burst. But I made it to the toilet, and Erin watched me go once again. I had zero privacy in her house.

"Mistress, may I get ready to go to work?" I asked politely. She and her husband were already getting dressed.

"Yes, you may. Once dressed, you may go to work. However, you must wear a little reminder of your subservience to me."

She produced a pair of small nipple clamps. They were ones that lay relatively flat against my boob, but could be screwed tightly shut. She screwed them down quite hard, enough so I gasped from the pain.

"There. Those should stay on. If for any reason they dislodge during the day, you are to put them back on immediately. Is this understood?"

"Yes, Mistress," I said.

"Be home here by 6:00 PM. No excuses," she said. Erin and her husband left the house for their work, and I was alone.

The nipple clamps hurt, but as time goes on, the pain of clamps tends to fade. Usually it is replaced by a dull ache until they are removed. I chose a loose blouse that would hide the accessories relatively well, got dressed, and went to work.

I lead a bit of a double life. When at work, I am a director of IT for a mid-sized company, professional, a leader, I get stuff done. I'm in command. That day I sat at my desk and remembered the previous night when a naked me, and a naked man, had been fighting over a dog dish of food. I wondered what my secretary would have thought had she known.

The clamps hurt a little bit during the day, and they did serve as a reminder of just what I would be returning to at the end of the day.

That evening I headed back, leaving at 5:30, which was plenty of time to get home. In regular traffic. Unfortunately, there was an accident. I was panicked, pounding the horn, trying to find an alternate route. It helped, but not enough. I got back at 6:05. Five minutes late.

I rushed in, hoping I was there before Erin. Nope.

She greeted me, told me to undress, which I did. I stood naked and at attention in the living room while she and Jim talked of their day and made dinner. Erin's husband is her slave, but much of the time they just interact as a regular husband and wife. When she is in a good mood, I guess.

Me? I was shit in their house. Untrained, unsatisfactory, crude, disobedient. I was so embarrassed.

Erin and her male slave ate at the dining table that night. I was collared and led around like a dog, and forced to eat their scraps from the dog dish. I lapped water from another dog dish. There wasn't enough food, I knew I would be hungry later, but I dared not ask for me.

When dinner was over, I received my punishment for being late. It was simple.

I was taken outside to their back yard, and told to stand at attention, There was no collar, no chain, nothing to hold me there. Obedience was expected.

They left me there, and went inside. I continued to stand where they left me, the entire evening. There was no clock to tell me how long I had been there, nothing to see except the flickering light of the TV inside their house, shining on the shades.

I think I cried again. I enjoy bondage at some level; the sleep sack, while hellish to endure for 10 hours, was still somehow core to my internal needs. It fed my desire for being restricted and bound, dominated.

This was simple isolation. I was miserable. Standing alone, naked, in the gradually cooling night, beginning to shiver, not being able to move.

I dared not move. I stood perfectly still. For hours.

Late that night Erin came outside, attached the leash and collar and brought me back inside.

"I think you will try a little harder to obey, and be home when you are told," she said.

"Yes, Mistress," I said as I collapsed on the floor in the worship position.

That night I slept on the floor. Not in the sleep sack, thank goodness. It was significantly more comfortable than the sleep sack. I was chained, but able to move about freely within a certain space, and I even masturbated twice during the night. I was as quiet as possible, and did not believe Erin heard me.

It was actually a pretty good night's sleep. I found myself missing Jason though, which is probably what led to the masturbation.

I was half way through my stay at Erin's home, and so far it had been a mix of ecstasy and sheer torture (which is to say, ecstasy).

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