Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cumming Out Party

I think I have mentioned that our neighbors, Erin and her husband Jim, have a unique lifestyle similar to my own with Jason.  Erin dominates Jim thoroughly. You would never know it to look at them in normal life. Erin is a petite, lovely brunette, smiles a lot and while aggressive in business is also an easy person to like.  Jim is quieter, but also friendly, intelligent, and rather tall. He towers over Erin.

What few people know is that Jim wears a chastity device 24/7. Erin wears the key on a chain around her neck, hidden from view.  My slave collar, a permanent lightweight ring of steel, is worn for all to see. While most people think it is just a unique piece of jewelry, those familiar with it know it is permanent, can not be removed, and is a sign of my complete subjugation to my husband and owner. To this extent, Jim and Erin's relationship is more hidden than mine.

Erin loves her husband, but also derives great joy from dominating, controlling and humiliating him. I have little insight into what goes on in their house, but Jason and I have played with them enough to know how serious and debauched their personal lives can be. Jason treats me fairly and lovingly, though he can be cruel; he treats me as his property. At times he uses me as a pain slut, simply enjoying seeing me struggle, moan, or cry from new torture he has devised. These times are not truly hard for me, for I know my suffering pleases him. The most difficult times are when Jason punishes me because of my failure. It is then that I feel the worst because I know I have let him down and deserve the punishment.

So one day Erin invited Jason and myself over for an event that Saturday night. I say "event" because while we were to have dinner, there was other entertainment scheduled. Apparently, Jim had been in chastity for over two months, and Erin had decided to let him out of his cage to pleasure himself. But, in line with her delight in humiliating and controlling her husband, she had invited us over to watch the process and perhaps even join in her domination.

Being a slave myself, I understood how painful this would be for Jim and felt for him, but at the same time accepted that this was the lifestyle he wanted and that ultimately, this gave him pleasure, satisfied him and met his needs. His devotion to Erin is complete, as is mine to Jason.

For the evening, Jason picked out a long gold dress that showed off my curves nicely. Because we were visiting others in the lifestyle, he decided that some form of bondage was appropriate, so when I had finished dressing and doing my face and hair, he placed a light chain around my waist. My wrists were cuffed to the waist chain with one foot chains, which allowed for me to interact with others and some freedom of movement, but would restrict and remove total freedom. I could not reach my hands above my breasts, and the chains were just a bit too short to allow my arms to hang freely at my sides.

We walked over to Erin's house. It was dark already, so I wore my restraints openly. Jason nuzzled my neck as we walked, which made me thrill. I love his attention, and do anything to please him. We rang the doorbell and Jim answered, smiling wide as he admitted us. The living room was warm, scented candles giving a romantic feel in dim lighting. It felt special immediately.

"So, Jim, are you excited about tonight? How long has it been, anyway?" Jason shook hands with Jim in a friendly manner.

"God, yes. It's been two months, eight days and three hours. Give or take." Jim was obviously excited. The fact we were there to see him as he received his unusual reward and orgasm wasn't bothering him visibly. We were intimate with him and Erin. I had actually sucked Jim off once, while he was still in chastity (a miserable experience for him, I can assure you). I had also had the opportunity to do Erin more than once, and even the privilege of having her service me, as well. However, this would be the first time to see Jim naked and out of chastity.

We sat down at dinner. Erin had cooked a beautiful goulash, and paired it with a nice wine. We had two bottles between the four of us. Not enough to get drunk, but a little relaxed. Jim seemed a little nervous and expectant. My restraints made it difficult to eat, as I could not raise my hands to my face; so I resorted to bending over deeply to get my mouth close enough to my hands to get the fork into it. It was embarrassing, but far from the worst thing I have experienced.

When dinner was over, Erin brought out a small pill container. "This is Viagra. Jim doesn't really need it, but then again, I think it will enhance our play tonight."

Jim took the pill with a little wine, and we retired to the living room.

As we sat down, Jason casually said, "I think we should have our property undress, don't you?"

Erin agreed of course. Unquestioningly, I stood and begin removing my clothes, though the waist chain made it extremely difficult. Jason kindly unlocked and removed it, and I finished slipping my dress off, then my panties and bra. I stood naked for all to see, and lowered my head. My long hair covered my face until I remembered my etiquette and pushed it back so the two owners could see me.  I blushed a little but knelt before Jason in a submissive posture, knees spread and hands on thighs. He approved then patted the couch next to him. Honored, I sat next to him, naked, but no longer in a position of submission.

"Now, then, Jim. Please remove your clothes." Erin commanded Jim in an uncompromising tone. Jim stood in the middle of the living room and removed his clothes for us all to see. It was the first time I had seen him completely naked, and was impressed. He kept himself in very good shape for Erin, and I couldn't help but loving it.  His genitals were secured in the cage I had seen before, though his cock was bulging out a little. It looked uncomfortable.

Jason reached over to my lap and began idly stroking my pussy. I obediently opened my legs for him. It felt good to have him touch me, though it was always a little awkward being used in front of others.

Erin had Jim turn around a few times, exposing himself to us. She examined him, had him bend over and spread his legs, and then stand before us with legs spread, his cock cage dangling down. She teased him some, kissing him deeply, rubbing her body against his and even touching his dangling scrotum. His cock continued to expand inside the hard plastic, flesh bulging out and straining against captivity.

Finally, Erin took the key from where it hung between her breasts, pulled it over her head and knelt before her slave. She inserted the key into the lock and removed the base of the structure. Jim sighed as he felt the cage loosening, and closed his eyes, cherishing the moment. Next Erin grabbed the short tube that covered his cock and pulled. It took some effort to get it off, it was so tight. Finally is slipped off and his cock rose quickly into a solid, hard, erect form.

Erin moved around behind Jim and handcuffed his wrists so that he could not reach forward or touch his genitals. Jim stood submissive, though slightly puzzled.

I guess I must have been staring and showing my fascination, and maybe I was just a little bit wet. Jason could feel my body self lubricating as he stroked me, and the quickening of my breath as I saw Jim's huge cock finally free for the first time.

"What do you think, Siobhan? I think you like Jim uncaged." Jason asked in a low voice.

"Oh, Jason... please forgive me. Yes, he is well endowed, I can't help but admire. It's fun to see him finally free!" I said honestly.

"Well, would you like to feel him inside you?" Jason asked.

I flushed and hung my head. The question was difficult. I didn't want to answer. It actually hurt my feelings a bit that he had asked. "Please, Jason, I don't want anyone inside me but you. I am yours, and you are all I truly desire."

"I see. But you would take him if I instructed you to." Jason asked pointedly.

Erin had turned and was listening to our exchange. Jim stood still in the middle of the room, naked, his rock hard cock pulsing slightly with his beating heart. I thought for a moment.

"Of course, Jason. I am obedient to you. I would always do as you instruct, for your pleasure. But if I may be honest with you... I am yours. I want no one but you. Seeing Jim like this is arousing, yes. But I have no wish to be used by anyone but you."

"Very well, Siobhan. I understand. Here is how I wish to use you. I wish to use you to assist Jim in his quest for an orgasm. Erin and I will watch and enjoy. You may use any means you wish. Your hands. Your mouth. Your breasts. Your ass. Your pussy. Lube. No lube. Give us a good show. Show us your skills." Jason commanded me and I knew what I had to do.

Erin spoke up, "Yes, I think that is fitting. However, I have a one thing to add.  I must insist that you stimulate him but not allow him to ejaculate for one hour. Jason and I want a good show. After one hour you may allow him to cum. If he comes before one hour, both you and he will be punished. Is this clear?"

I was pretty certain I could do this. I can edge a man well, though I had never done it with Jim. It would be a challenge to read him, make sure I didn't go too far. Regardless, it didn't matter. This was what I was instructed to do and I would have to do it.

"Yes, ma'am." I said.

"That's my good girl," Jason added. He stopped stroking my pussy, and I stood and went over to Jason. The sight of his lean, muscular body before me had turned me on, and I could feel I was wet.  I sort of wanted him and wondered if I could or should allow him inside, as Jason had given me permission. On the other hand, I was Jason's, and never really wanted anyone but him. Instead I focused my mind on how to tease and stimulate Jim without bringing him to orgasm.

I knelt before him, and took his scrotum in my hand, pulling gently. He moaned quietly as I fondled the two firm blobs of flesh inside, not painfully but firmly. I took them into my mouth and tasted his salty flesh, working my tongue and lips around, filling my mouth with his balls. It was sort of fun, angling below him, watching his hips sort of shake a little as I teabagged him. His cock stood straight out as hard and erect as any I had ever seen. I think the viagra had really taken hold.

"You may play with yourself, if you wish, Siobhan," Jason said. At first I didn't. It felt weird, being naked in front of Erin like this, especially as I was working on her husband. After a while though, the whole situation sort of got me going. I mean, I am submissive. It is what I am. Being ordered to get naked and masturbate myself in front of two clothed, observing people, was a turn on. Not to mention I was working on Jim's privates, exploring every part of his body between his legs except for his hardened cock.

So eventually, I did. One hand slipped between my legs and I began rubbing, even slipping one finger inside.

After working on his balls and lapping his thighs I began to nuzzle my way between his ass cheeks. My tongue found his puckering anus, and slowly, insistently, pushed. His sphincter contracted and released, and it felt good to know I was making his body react. It didn't taste good (in fact it tasted like crap), but it was my job to use my best skills to stimulate Jim without bringing him to orgasm for one hour and I was determined to do a good job.

Jim was having trouble standing as I worked on him, still not touching his cock. His breathing came faster and he rocked back and forth. I could tell he wanted his cock touched for he shifted his hips slightly to try and get it to touch my hair or face when it came close. He was desperate for sensation and stimulation.

"May I have him lay back now?" I asked Erin politely.

"Yes, please." Erin was smiling, and I saw that she had moved closer to my husband. Their legs were touching as they watched me teasing Jim. It worried me a bit, but I returned my attention to Jim, sitting him down on a love seat that was close to the sofa where Erin and Jason were discretely touching each other.

Jim had a spot of pre-cum glistening at the tip of his cock. I reached out and spread it slowly over the sensitive head, and then stroked slowly down. He gasped, feeling a woman's hand stroking him for the first time in months. I could feel the muscles between his legs contracting. He was already nearing climax, I knew I would have to be careful.

"Spread your legs, Siobhan, I want to see your cunt." Jason ordered me quietly, but with a voice that allowed no disobedience. I did as I was told. I was on my knees, leaning against the chair in which Jim leaned back with legs wide apart, so I slid my knees farther apart and angled my hips so my wet pussy could be seen easily by my husband and next door neighbor. My back was to them now.

My fingers stroked Jim's cock slowly. Whenever I felt a pulsing that indicated he might be getting too close to a climax, I immediately withdrew my hand. A few times, Jim moaned with frustration when I did this, but he knew as well as I that if he came in less than an hour, both he and I would be punished. We didn't want to be punished. It's never pleasant.

Finally I took his cock in my mouth, my lips surrounding his head and moving about slightly, tongue sliding along the bottom of his shaft. Then with a sudden movement I deep throated him. I am good at this. Jason has trained me, and over time I have learned to suppress the gag reflex and take a cock all the way down to my vocal chords if needed. As Jim felt his cock sink deep inside my face he thrust his hips, arched his back and moaned loudly.

I panicked; I didn't know how long it had been and I was worried Jim would spurt cum into my throat right then. I opened wide and pulled back, watching his cock as it bounced. I was relieved when only a tiny dribble came out. It was not precum, it was white, but there had been no orgasm as evidenced by Jim's frustrated growl. If his hands had been free I am sure he would have grabbed my head and forced it down on him right then.

His cock continued to bounce for a while, and cum dribbled out, sliding down the shaft a little at a time. The look on Jim's face was one of complete frustration. He was struggling, trying to get his hands around to his cock, but couldn't.

I realized that he had just had a ruined orgasm. A nasty one, too. An orgasm that had been held in chastity, locked away for over two months, teased and pulled from him (by me) and finally ready to blow. Then suddenly, stimulation removed, full pleasure not achieved, cum slowly squeezed out in dribbles.

Poor guy.

I turned and saw that Jason and Erin were sitting close to each other, their hands on each other. My husband's cock was out being stroked by Erin's hand, and he had his hand buried in her pants and I could see his fingers working her clit. They were having fun watching me perform with Jim. Seeing Jim suffering just made it more fun for them.

My face burned, seeing the two of them pleasuring each other. I was jealous. Yes, I had just spent a significant time masturbating Jim and giving him a blow job, but I had been instructed to. It was for their benefit, not mine. Seeing Erin with her hand on Jason's cock made my blood run warm. I said nothing, though. Jason is my master and I am not to question him.

"That was only 43 minutes. Nowhere near an hour," Erin said, looking at her watch. In doing so she had to remove her hand from my husband's cock, much to my satisfaction.

"But Erin, I didn't orgasm. She stopped. That was totally ruined, I didn't get off at all!" Jim's voice was a mix of frustration and whine.

"Well, from my perspective, Jim, you have a cock and balls covered with cum; that means you came." Erin got up and walked over to her naked husband, slid one finger up his still erect penis and licked.

"Yep, that's my husband's cum. I recognize the taste. You came, and in less than the one hour time limit. I was prepared to let you have some time out of your cage, but now.... well, you just can't control yourself. I guess it will be back inside for you!"

Erin went into the kitchen for a moment, and Jim sat glumly on the chair, legs spread, cock still hard though no longer pulsing. He was facing more time locked in chastity, and after having come so close to orgasm. I felt truly sorry for him. I sat on the couch next to Jason and leaned next to him, whispering in his ear.

"I did the best I could, really. I read him well. Please keep that in mind when you punish me."

Jason whispered back, "Don't worry Siobhan. I saw how well you did. I think your punishment might consist of allowing me to fuck you tonight, and then sleep in my arms."

"Ohh!" I caught my breath at this and lowered my head. That was no punishment, it was my dearest delight to be taken by my man, and then held by him after.

Jim, on the other hand, sat still as Erin returned from the kitchen with a bowl filled with ice and water. She knelt before Jim as he obediently placed his cock and balls into the freezing cold, sucking air in between his teeth from the temperature shock. It must have hurt, leaving his genitals in the ice as it slowly melted, and his cock slowly shriveled. The viagra was fighting the ice, but eventually lost. The shriveled remnant of erection disappeared, and his penis hung limp and numb from the cold.

I think I saw a tear trickle down one cheek as Erin took the male chastity device and slid it back on. Jim turned his head away when the lock clicked into place. Who knew how long before he would be free again? Erin was a bitch to him. I was happy that I was owned by Jason.

A while later I had put my clothes back on to walk back to our house, this time without the restraints. I felt proud to be by Jason's side, free and unrestrained, holding his hand.  Once inside our home I removed my clothes and we went to bed. Jason did as he promised, fucking me twice, unrestrained so that I could wrap my arms and legs around him and hold him close. After the second time we spooned, and I drifted off to sleep wrapped in my owner's protective arms.