Thursday, September 19, 2013


A while back I discovered a new fetish.

I really thought I had found my niche, my place in life. A subservient, owned slave of my husband, lover and owner. I endure pain for him, experience humiliation for his pleasure, and strive to please him in every way. My body is his, my mind is his. In this place I am happy and fulfilled.

How have I discovered a new fetish, a new enhancement to my life?

It happened on my birthday. Jason always celebrates my birthday with me, for which I am grateful. His attention delights me, in whatever form it takes. His gifts are always thoughtful and appropriate.  This year Jason gave me several presents. They represented more than I could ever hope for. I knelt naked on the floor before him as I opened the packages.

There was a promised trip to visit the woman with whom I had shared a stall at the pony farm. Even though I would be serving her master during the trip (which made me very nervous), the prospect of seeing her delighted me.

There was also a new sapphire pendant for my collar; I love sapphires, and anything which adorns this symbol of my slave status so beautifully makes me shiver in delight and pride.

The last box was long, such as flowers might be delivered in. I opened it, wondering if he had gotten me roses, but when the lid came off all I saw was fur. I reached out and touched it, puzzled. The fur was real, or felt real, and was incredibly soft and fluffy. I looked and stroked it for a while, and then lifted the object from the box. It was long, tapering off at one end. At the other was a rubber plug. A butt plug.

All at once it hit me. It was a tail. Jason had gotten me a tail for my birthday, a long, soft, brownish tail that looked like it might belong to a fox. I began to smile, though I must have also looked puzzled as I held it up to my face and let the softness stroke my cheek. The end ran over my breasts lightly, and felt good, causing my nipples to become erect.

"You are not only my wife and slave, you are my dearest pet," Jason said, stroking my hair. "I thought it might be nice to play with a tail some. What do you think?"

"I love it, Jason. Thank you, so much. Does it make you happy?" I really did love it.

"Of course, dear, but it will make me happier if you wear it."

I stood, turning my back to him and spread my legs slightly. Bending over slightly and exposing my naked anus, I took the plug end of the tail and slid it between my ass cheeks. He observed as I slowly pressed the rubber plug against my anus, pushing out slightly to relax the sphincter and make it easier to enter.

"Do you need any lube?" Jason was always thoughtful.

"No, I am used to this. I can do it."

Pressing harder, slowly working the widening rubber plug deeper and deeper, I finally reached my other hand down between my legs so it could help. I stepped a bit further apart and bent over more and then pressed with both hands. Even with my sphincter trained to relax and accept objects into my ass, it took a little working to get it in.  Finally, the widest point of the plug slipped through and my muscles closed around the narrower neck.

The plug filled my rectum completely, not unpleasantly, but I did feel very full. I raised my body up and brought my legs together. The soft fur tail came out from between my ass cheeks and descended almost to my knees, brushing nicely against the back of my legs as I moved.

I wriggled my ass for Jason, who laughed. "Does it feel like it might come out?" He asked, stroking the tail and the back of my thighs at the same time.

I shivered with delight at his touch. "No, that's a pretty big plug. I feel like I need to poop pretty badly, but it also feels good. I really love the feel of the tail."

Jason fetched a leash and locked it onto my collar. "I would like you to be on your hands and knees for the rest of the evening. You are my pet tonight."

Dropping down, I crawled over to him, feeling the tail brush my naked flesh. We played with it, and I learned how to make it wag and flip around. Jason fondled it, and other parts of me. The tail rapidly became an integral part of my body, one that I enjoyed. It made me feel soft and playful and happy.

We had birthday cake that evening, Jason eating his on a plate while sitting on the sofa. I ate mine from a plate on the floor, still on all fours. My face was quite a mess, given I was not allowed to use my hands. Jason cleaned me up and I lay my head on his lap as he stroked my hair. If I could have purred, I would have. I was the happiest pet girl ever.

I could feel Jason's hardening erection as my head lay on his thighs. Responding, I nuzzled through his pants. I wasn't allowed to use my hands except for walking, for I was his pet. So I pushed and rooted about, encouraging his cock as best I could. Finally he unzipped and pulled it out. Eagerly, I took it and let it fill my mouth, feeling his hard flesh slide across my tongue and the roof of my mouth until the head pressed against my throat.

Pushing my head down as far as it would go, his cock slipped back into my throat. Years of practice
enable me to suppress the gag reflex while doing this, and it feels amazing to be so filled and feel the throbbing, pulsing member deep inside me. I withdrew most of the way, feeling the penetration of the tail on one end and Jason's member on the other. He reached down and grabbed my tail, pulling it up and over my back, causing the plug to wriggle and stimulate me down there. I in turn took him deep, sliding him in and out, using my tongue and throat to play and massage his sensitive skin.

He came inside me, spurting down my throat. I swallowed every bit as it streamed into my mouth. Jason tastes like a mix of musk and fruit with a hint of bleach. Not an unpleasant taste, and because it is his, I take it eagerly.  His playing with my tail was stimulating me and made me aroused, but not enough to have a climax, though I wanted one.

"I want to fuck you with your tail on." Jason had grown somewhat soft, but I knew with a little encouragement he would become hard again. I knew his body as well as my own. Using my mouth, I licked and teased until his cock stood hard again, and then slid to the floor on all fours, with my ass up in the air, tail hanging down, legs slightly apart. Jason slid down behind me and lifted the tail up so it rested on my back. I was ready, quivering wet as his cock slid home. I gasped, feeling the fullness of both his cock and the butt plug. The softness of my tail on my back felt good too, and as he began to pound in and out I grunted and lowered my front down until my breasts squashed flat on the carpet.

It didn't take long for me to cum. I was so aroused by the sensations involved with the tail, and his taking me in this way that I shuddered and cried out while he was still pushing hard. He lasted a lot longer, ramming home, jiggling my entire body with the force of his thrusts. I was gasping, panting, clutching the carpet as he fucked me doggie style; and I came again, moaning and grunting like the animal I was.

Jason finally came inside me, and we collapsed together. I rolled to my side and wrapped my arms and legs around him, my tail resting between my thigh and his.

That evening Jason took my leash and guided me to a cage that he kept, though it wasn't used often. He set me inside with a bowl of water and shut the door. I curled up happily as he readied himself for bed and then turned the lights out.

From that day I have loved being Jason's pet. I am his wife first and his slave second. But at times when he is playful he will allow me to wear the tail and I become his pet. The whole sensation is rather a mystery to me, why it is so exciting. Part of it is wearing the plug. Part is the softness of the fur, touching my buttocks and legs. A big part of it is feeling that I have been reduced to the state of an animal, and am truly Jason's pet. I feel sexy and exotic with my tail, and would wear it much more of the time if I were allowed. I love the tail as a symbol of being a beautiful, soft, feminine pet animal, and when he plays with it, and with me, I am happy.

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