Monday, August 20, 2012

The Collar

When we were married and I became the committed, owned slave of my master and husband Jason, I received a ring on my finger representing my commitment as a wife. In addition, I received a collar, a neck ring if you will. This collar represents my becoming an owned thing, giving up all my self will in favor of obedience to my master.

The collar can not be removed without a special tool which Jason keeps safely hidden in a location I am unaware of. He can remove it, but I can not. It is loose enough to fit comfortably around my neck but just tight enough it would never go over my head. It is a beautiful steel, shiny and decorative. It can be cut through but not without a metal saw, which would be difficult and rather dangerous that close to my skin.

My collar is a part of me now. A constant reminder of who I am and my position in life. The fact that only one man can remove it is both symbolic and very real; I am tied to Jason both psychologically and physically.

I keep the collar beautiful, shining and oiling it as needed. It is always kept clean. I usually wear a decorative pendant, containing a jewel of some sort. My favorite is a sapphire piece that Jason gave me for my birthday.

Very few people ask about my collar. Those who don't know assume it is simply my favorite piece of jewelry. Those who do know... well... they know. A couple of times someone has asked if it was indeed a slave collar; I have always been proud to answer that it is, that I am owned property.


  1. Hi Polly: that must be quite an experience to just say to someone, "yes, it is a slave collar; i am owned property"! Do they regard you any differently afterwards? Melody

  2. How do you attach pendants to the collar?