Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dinner Party

The nature of my rather unique marriage arrangement with Jason is not widely known. There are some close friends who are aware of my indentured slavery to my husband, but I can count these on the fingers of one hand. Well, maybe two.

As you can imagine, discussing the unique nature of my servitude and submission to my owner is not really a good topic for work or family. Four people who are aware of my submissive nature are our next door neighbors, Jim and Erin and the couple across the street, Steve and Diane.

So it was that we decided to have our neighbors over for dinner, to be sociable and have an enjoyable evening. It was a Friday night, and I had prepared a pork loin dinner; elegant but in a very casual way. Two wines were ready, the dining room set, and I wore a nice dark blue knee length dress. As always I wore the thin metal ring around my neck — my slave collar (it doesn’t come off without a blow torch or similar instrument).

Steve and Diane arrived first, and we sat down in the living room to drink a little wine before dinner. I really like Steve and Diane; they are older than Jason and I by three or four years, but very good looking. Steve is tall and skinny, Diane is an average sized blond but with a voluptuous body. We had played together (sexually) once before and had a wonderful time. I wondered whether it would happen again sometime, as I sat and reviewed Steve’s muscular arms and thought of the time I rode him, almost in that very spot. I had not had enough time with Diane during that encounter, and wanted to fully explore my bisexual tendencies as well.

Jim and Erin arrived, looking as elegant as ever. Erin is perfection in style, a petite brunette that talks quickly and always looks professional. Jim is much taller than Erin, and has a slightly rugged look about him; unless you knew them as Jason and I did, you would never guess that Jim was submissive to Erin. In face, as they joined us in the living room for drinks, I think I spotted the telltale signs of his male chastity device through his pants.

Poor Jim… I think Erin uses him mercilessly at home; she rarely allows him an orgasm, and has a tendency to humiliate him constantly when she is with us. I saw his chastity device once. It was a tight fitting hard plastic cover over his penis, which was kept in place with a tight ring around his testicles, and locked on to a strap that went around his waist. Any direct contact with his cock was virtually impossible, and if he ever had an erection (which was undoubtedly quite unusual), it would be painful. To say the least.

We were enjoying each other’s company but I flitted back and forth between the kitchen and the living room to make sure all was well. The time came for dinner, and I announced that we should enter the dining room. Everyone rose, and we transitioned to the formal dining area, finding our seats.

As the others sat, I stopped and didn’t move. I had seen something that was a little hard to comprehend at first, and then caused a flush of embarrassment and horror as I realized what was happening.

There, instead of the usual chair at my place at the table, stood the dildo stool from the basement.

I quickly looked at Jason. It was clear he had placed it there. He was talking to Erin, who sat next to him. Erin saw me looking, and Jason followed my gaze.

“Siobhan, sit down, join us. The meal looks delicious!” Jason smiled slightly and knowingly.

“Um, Jason… can I talk to you?” I did not want to sit on the dildo during my formal dinner party. It was uncomfortable, but more importantly, it was going to be humiliating.

“What about dear? Everything is fine. Sit down.” The last words came out as more of a command than a suggestion. I caught sight of Erin next to him, smirking. Jim was staring at his plate, not moving. I didn’t dare look at Diane and Steve.

“Yes, Sir,” I said, emphasizing the Sir, as my little way of letting him know that I was unhappy with him but obeyed anyway.

The process of sitting on the stool was humiliating, as I had presumed. I had ridden the stool only once before, and had been tied tightly at the time. It had been a most painful experience. This time, I was to ride it myself, in full view of our neighbors, during my own dinner party.

Positioning myself behind the stool, I spread my legs slightly and moved forward to straddle the device. With my legs spread wide, I hiked my skirt up to my hips, exposing myself to the rest of the dinner party.

I could feel my face flush, as I kept my eyes down and away from the others. I reached down, and pulled my panties to the side, exposing my pussy. Spreading my lips with my fingers, I nestled the dildo in my cleft and began to descend.

To explain about the dildo – it isn’t an actual dildo. It is a round wooden rod which tapers upward to a point at the top. It resembles a blunt spike more than anything. A lubed condom is slipped over it to prevent tearing of my sensitive internal flesh.

As I lowered myself, I could feel the forced widening of my vagina. The spike increases in width as it approaches the seat of the stool, expanding until it is around three inches wide at the base. The further I descended this shaft, the wider I was spread, until it became difficult to continue lowering myself. I looked up at Jason, and saw all the guests watching the spectacle, Erin smiling, Jim still looking at his plate, Diane looking slightly horrified (but curious), and Steve with a look I can only describe as lustful.

“Go on…” Jason said softly.

I lowered my weight further, pressing down on the spiked protrusion from my seat. My lips were spreading farther than ever, and it was becoming painful. Then the point reached my cervix, and I gasped involuntarily. I had not reached the seat yet, I could not see how further I had to go, but knew I needed to continue my downward press.

I remove my hands, they were no longer needed to expose myself or spread my pussy lips. I simply needed to sit. My skirt pulled down, obscuring the activity below, and I smiled as best I could at the others. Pressing down, the point pushed up into my cervix and my pussy widened. I tried to keep my smile going, but I am sure the discomfort showed on my face as my weight finally finally pressed down on the seat and I sat still, simply savoring the horrible feeling of being impaled at the dinner table.

Dinner began. I was grateful for the diversion. Food began to occupy everyone’s mind, as well as myself. I sat rather stiffly, and had to ask others to pass items to me as I remained motionless on my stool. But the food was good, and we began enjoying our time together. At least, I think the rest of them did. I participated, but the constant discomfort of the impaling device nagged at my consciousness.

My embarrassment faded somewhat, and I tried to act as normally as possible. Eventually though, the inevitable happened.

“Siobhan, dear… will you get us some more wine?” Jason asked politely.

“Um… Jason… would you mind getting it?” I asked pointedly. I was impaled to my chair, after all.

“No, dear, I believe you should get it. Please serve your guests.”

“Jason, you can’t ask me to keep getting up and –” I began when he interrupted.

“Are you arguing with me?” he said sternly.

“No, of course not… but –” I began in a chastened voice, but tried to continue my protest.

“Siobhan, I hate to do this, but you need to learn to do as you are told, and not to talk back.” Jason looked dour, unhappy as he rose and went to the closet under the stairs, where some of his toys are kept. He returned with a ring gag and stood behind me.

“Oh my god, Jason, no, I am sorry, I will obey!” I cried out, tears beginning to fill my eyes. I was flushed and humiliated once again as I became painfully aware of our guests watching my discipline.

Slowly, I opened my mouth. I felt the bottom of the metal ring enter my mouth, behind my lower teeth. Wider… wider to get the top of the ring in. Painfully wide, my jaw stretching to accommodate the ring. Finally, it was in and I relaxed my jaw some. The smooth coldness of the metal pressed into the flesh of my mouth, holding my jaw wide open.

Jason bucked the strap behind my neck, over my hair, and then returned to his seat.

“Now, let’s try again. Siobhan, will you please get our guests some more wine?” Jason looked at me pleasantly.

I lowered my head and looked down as I began to rise up, the dildo slipping out of me. There was some relief as my flesh seemed to slide back into place, and the process was much quicker than sitting. I slid my panties back in place, lowered my skirt, and went into the kitchen.

The wine was opened in a moment, and I got a second bottle, just in case. I didn’t want to be sent to get more items again. Maybe I could avoid this agonizing display again.

The gag made me drool, and I wiped my mouth before reentering the dining room. The wine was served, and I returned to my stool, mouth gaping wide, drool already forming again.

The process went faster this time, straddling, spreading, pressing down. I think my flesh had been stretched a little, the muscles made accustomed to the wide spike distending my pussy. That spike was the widest, deepest thing I had ever had inside me and was deeply uncomfortable. If I didn’t move at all, the feeling was one of intense discomfort. Any movement caused the point to massage and press against my cervix, and it felt like the entrance to my vagina would tear at any moment.

With my mouth held wide open with the ring gag, there was no way I could eat. Jason insisted that I continue though, and I tried the best I could. I cut the pork into tiny pieces, tilted my head back and poured them in. Mashed potatoes were a little easier, but I made the most horrible gargling and choking noises as I tried to swallow. Drinking wine was easier yet, and I found myself drinking more and more.

With my jaw held open wide, I could no longer participate in the conversation, which went on without me.

It came time for desert, and I repeated the earlier performance, sliding up on my dildo, arranging things in the kitchen, wiping the drool off my chin (noticing that a significant amount of drool was already on my blouse), and reentered the dining area. Sliding down on the dildo was faster and easier each time I did it, and seemed to become almost natural.

Fuck, it did hurt though. I couldn’t stay perfectly still. To minimize movement I sat with my legs to the side of the stool, instead of the front. This made the angle a little better, though it must have looked odd to the others.

When dinner was finally over, we rose from our places to go to the living room for coffee. I rose with great relief… it was wonderful to feel liberated from that spike. As we sat down on the couch, I asked Jason as best I could through the gag,

“…an oooo ake awww thiii gag? leeese?”

“I am sorry, I can’t understand you. Can you say that again?” Jason said seriously.

“aayy i leeese aaaa this gag awwww?”

“Oh, I think I understand. You are asking if you may remove the gag?” I nodded, looking at him with big eyes. “Well, I am not sure. We haven’t had any entertainment yet. Erin, Jim, Diane? Steve? What do you say we use Siobhan for a bit as entertainment as the end to a very pleasant evening?”

“That sounds great!” Erin immediately chimed in. Jim sat silently, knowing something of what would happen and having some sympathy for me. Diane and Steve both seemed to agree as well. And so the entertainment began.

Jason cuffed my wrists behind my back. I am used to this, I spend a lot of time with my hands cuffed, though not always in front of neighbors. I was then made to kneel in front of Jason, who unzipped and pulled out an already hard cock. It slid easily through the ring gag and before long he was thrusting deep inside my throat.

Jason’s taste is familiar. His flesh has a slightly musky flavor, and I sometimes say he tastes like buttermilk biscuits. I actually enjoy his scent and flavor. The shape of his cock is familiar as well, and I have become accustomed to having it slide deep over my tongue, into my throat, and have trained myself not to gag. I am proud of the way I can take him all the way in, and make him come quickly. The only time I have a problem is when he thrusts past my uvula, and the tickle from that can cause a slight gag; he actually enjoys doing this as he claims the gag presses on his cock and is very pleasurable.

After a few minutes I felt his cock harden like a rock, his thrusts changed in urgency and he held it in deeply. Moments later a pulsing rhythm ran through his member as the muscles contracted, and I could feel the warmth of his juices as they spurted into my throat. I swallowed, quickly. He was so deep inside that I didn’t taste his come at all.

Erin clapped, laughing in delight at the show and my performance. “That was marvelous, wonderful! She must do my Jim, I insist on it!”

Jim looked a little confused. He was wearing his chastity device, and I could see the questions run through his head, just as they went through mine. Was she going to take off his chastity belt, and allow me to suck him dry? That didn’t sound like Erin, who maintained absolute control over him. I was a little confused too, but obeyed and shuffled over to Jim on my knees.

Jim stood and unbuckled his belt. With a quick zip, his pants descended to his ankles, revealing solid blue boxer shorts. His bulge was more obvious like this, and I positioned myself in front of him. With a quick glance at Erin, he slid his boxers down, and revealed his genitalia, nicely secured in the chastity device. There was a small but sturdy metal lock on the belt that secured the contraption to his waist. The sheath that fit over his penis was minimal, revealing glimpses of flesh held tightly in the plastic tubing. His testicles showed prominently below, as the device had a ring that went around their base, causing them to bulge out and down slightly.

Presenting himself to Erin, Jim waited for her to produce the key and unlock him. Erin looked at him with a puzzled smile, and said “Jim, face Siobhan – she is the one that is going to do you, not me!”

“But… my device…” Jim spluttered in a confused voice.

“No, Jim… I want to see what you two can do with your cock while you are still wearing the device.” Erin looked my way, “Do your best to make him come. I expect a performance like we just saw you and Jason give!”

It didn’t matter to me either way, but Jim looked like he was practically going to cry. Jim is a solid, good looking guy, and seeing him shudder and turn toward me with fear made my heart go out to him. He sat, spread his legs wide to give me access to his imprisoned privates, and prepared himself.

My hands were still cuffed behind my back, but I slid forward on my knees until I could lean over and get to his cock. I began to try and get it into my mouth, but then stopped and turned to Jason.

“I can dooo a etter jaww ithout the gag…” I said. The gag was preventing me from using my whole mouth and lips to stimulate Jim, which would be important given the plastic prison wrapped around his cock. Jason approved, and removed my ring gag.

“Thank you, Jason,” I said gratefully. I had been drooling constantly, and while my cuffed hands could not wipe my face and chest, it was nice to be able to stop the running stream of saliva from my mouth. Returning to Jim, I considered the best way to proceed.

I could see the cock restraint did not actually prevent stimulation; perhaps to allow for long term wear and hygiene, it did not cover the entire penis. There were definitely places where I could get to him. The restraint worked by holding his cock in place in a flaccid state; any swelling would become painful as the restraint squeezed against the turgid flesh.

Too bad for Jim, I thought… OK for my part of the action. I took him into my mouth, and began work.

Quickly, I could feel the areas of bare flesh in my mouth. The hard plastic covering was smooth to my tongue, but the bare skin could be felt easily and I began playing with it. My tongue ran around, over and under, searching for the openings, feeling for reactions. I could not get to his cock head, it was covered. Until, that is, I discovered that I could press my tongue up the end of the tube, where he presumably released his urine. It tasted slightly of urine. In fact, his general taste was one of urine and dirt, sweat and … something metallic… blood?

As I played with him, Jim began making noises. They started out as moans, but then grew to a kind of bleating cry. They were the strangest sounds I had ever heard while giving head. I continued working, wondering if I could get him to an erection.

His hips moved, and he seemed to be in some significant level of pleasure in spite of his flaccid penis. His movements, the wriggling, thrusting motion of his hips, all seemed as if I was giving some good head, though his movements were a little odd. Not what I was used to – the thrusting motion of a guy fucking my mouth. But something was sure happening.

As his cries became louder, I felt it… and realized what was happening. Poor Jim was, in fact, erect. At least as much as his plastic prison would allow. The flesh was bulging, protruding through what openings existed in the device, and his cock head was extended slightly out from the end of the tube. But as blood rushed to his cock, attempting to elongate and widen it into a stiff, straight member, the chastity device enforced a bent, smaller position. The result must have been incredibly uncomfortable, if not downright painful.

I kept on stimulating the best I could, and Jim continued to writhe and cry out in agony. All I could see was his stomach in front of me, the rest of the dinner party were behind me, or to the side, watching me work and Jim writhe. I felt sorry for him, but what could I do? I kept going.

Jim was crying now… literally, with tears. He must have been feeling the overwhelming urge to ejaculate, the pain of restriction, the inability to reach climax, the humiliation of being tortured like this in front of neighbors. I took him entirely in my mouth, cock and balls, pushing him deeper. The chastity device was hard and scraped on the top of my mouth, but I shoved it deep, doing my best to stimulate all the exposed flesh I could get.

It worked. I could feel his muscles working between his legs, though the noises he was making didn’t sound happy. He was in pain, trying to come, unable to without an erection. I grabbed his hips and guided his movements, flicking my tongue all over, trying to find any exposed area of skin.

In one great heave and cry, Jim ejaculated into my mouth. The chastity belt prevented his cock from descending into my throat, so his come squirted against my tongue and the roof of my mouth. My mouth quickly filled with it, as he continued squirting, more and more of his semen filling me. It seemed like he went on forever, though finally he collapsed back, sobbing, holding his painfully compressed cock in his hands.

There was the sound of applause, as the group behind me clapped their approval. I had been so intent on my task, I had forgotten they were there. Turning to face them, still on my knees as a sign of obedience and submission, I opened my mouth to show everyone that I had succeeded. Erin in particular examined me closely.

“He hasn’t come in almost a month… I guess he was saving it all up. That’s a lot of come you got there,” Erin patted my cheek.

I turned to Jason, waiting for instructions.

“Swallow it, then go clean yourself up,” he advised.

The come in my mouth tasted strange; it was slightly sweet with a tangy bite like Clorox. Not pleasant like Jason’s, but I swallowed it anyway. After clearing my mouth and showing it to Jason for inspection, I went into the kitchen where I washed myself as best I could given my hands were still cuffed behind my back. There was saliva and come all down the front of my chest and my makeup was smeared.

Later that night, as we said goodbye to our guests, Steve and Diane mentioned that they had enjoyed themselves tremendously. “The food was good, the company delightful, and the entertainment delicious!” Diane said enthusiastically.

“Perhaps you would like to join us sometime for some more in depth play?” Jason offered.

Steve looked at Diane, and they seemed to agree together before he answered. “I think so. I think we could learn a lot from the two of you.”

Jason closed the door as they left (as my hands were still cuffed behind me). He kissed me on my forehead lovingly, and said quietly, “You were fantastic tonight. I am so proud to be your owner.”

I felt a glow of pride, and answered “Thank you, my love. I am here to serve, please and suffer for only you.”


  1. I very much enjoy your blog. I came to it from a story you had posted at the BDSM Library. It is amazing. Very well written and very interesting. I hope you will continue to post, and I would love to get to know more about your day to day life in slavery.

  2. What name does she write under in the BDSM library?

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I've been working my way through your blogs one by one since October of 2013, and checking for updates almost daily. You have some of the highest quality material I've read in months! I've almost completely finished Unnaturally Bound, although I don't think I'll finish *all* of them. Suicide Club isn't really my thing.

    Feminine Domination is fun. It's interesting how you reverse traditional gender roles to put men in submissive positions. I get to see things from a woman's perspective now. Very enlightening, but I'm happy it's just fiction. Some of those women are sadistic to point where I feel real fear for their male subjects.

    Slave Bride is really cool. It's an original take on submissive women in BDSM. To me this is really cool because there's sooo much material out there, it's almost impossible to make something that no one else has done before.

    Is it just me, or is some of your content inspired by sites like kink.com? All the same, keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you. Your interest is gratifying. It is very true; there is a wide variety of material and not all of it is everyone's thing. It isn't even all *my* thing.

      No, my work is not inspired by kink.com.

  5. I enjoyed this too. The combination of male and female submission is clever and the descriptions seem very realistic. They're certainly well thought out. I've never heard of a woman sucking a man off through his chastity device before.

    Although I haven't read your impalement stories yet, the brutal wooden 'dildo' on the stool seems to prefigure them.

    A good, kinky story yet again. Thank you. - jimmy