Saturday, July 11, 2009


For the first weeks after our wedding, Jason and I had a fairly closed home life. Getting used to being a slave, treated as an object (although a loved object), combined with many of the rituals, punishments and suffering I was subject to, made having guests over difficult. This changed with the invitation we extended to our next door neighbors to visit for a nice, quiet dinner.

Jim and Erin had influenced us in our approach to marriage. They had a dominant/submissive relationship, with Jim taking a completely submissive role to Erin. Their somewhat kinky relationship was for the most part kept under cover, but Jason and I were aware of it and had been exposed to some of its details when visiting in the past.

Erin is a petite brunette of about 32 years old, Jim a medium height, strong build man of 35. Both are very attractive, and Jason and I had speculated about the possibility of doing something sexual with them. The subject had never been discussed with either of them before, but there was definite sexual tension in the air when they arrived for dinner that night.

For the ocassion, Jason had instructed me to wear tight jeans with a revealing blouse. No underwear was to be worn, and so the knit blouse showed my nipples quite clearly. To tell you the truth, I looked like a slut. Erin arrived wearing a dignified business suit (she is in sales), and Jim wore casual loose fitting jeans and a polo shirt that showed his nice body.

The dinner went well; I had cooked lasagna, and it was enjoyed by all. We went through 3 bottles of wine, and were having a lot of fun, though as I said, there was sexual tension and a lot of flirting that went on. I saw Erin put her hands on Jason’s legs more than once, and Jim seemed never to take his eyes off the outline of my breasts and erect nipples under my top.

After dinner, we suggested playing a game of cards, and I went to get a couple of decks. We sat at the table, and Erin suggested that we play poker. Then she said what I had been hoping and dreading… to make it more interesting and fun, we should play strip poker.

Jason immediately approved, of course, and Jim and I (the two submissives) came along for the ride. Strip poker it was.

Now, you must understand I am a reasonably good poker player. But in strip poker, you use whatever you are wearing when you start the game – and I was wearing exactly three pieces of clothing. My top; my jeans; and my shoes. Well, the shoes counted as two pieces… so four. I was at a real disadvantage. The others had socks, stockings, underwear, and that put them way ahead.

The game went as expected. I held out for some time, only losing my shoes, while Erin lost both shoes, her blouse, and nylons. The guys lost shoes and socks, and were basically completely clothed. Then a fateful hand occured… I lost my top and was topless. Erin lost her pants, and was down to her bra and panties. Jim was openly eyeing my tits, and Jason was sitting so close to Erin that their legs were touching.

I am convinced Jason threw the next hand – losing his shirt and pants, bringing him down to underwear. As he was taking his pants off, we could all see his hard on clearly. Jason is well endowed, and his cock was hard and protruding from his underpants – he even flaunted it a little. Erin actually laughed, and reached over and touched it briefly, admiring his size. She even said that she wished she had a cock like that at home, and I was painfully aware of Jim’s face turning red as he hung his head. I was jealous myself, seeing another woman actually fondling my man’s cock in front of me.

We started another hand… I lost. Big time, though it didn’t take much. All I had was my pants, and they went. I was nude, completely nude. The others were partially nude, but I still felt the most exposed. The only item I wore at this point was my slave collar, and it could not be removed. I was out of luck, totally.

Jim lost big on the next round, and had to remove his pants. I felt so sorry for him, because when they came off, he had no erection – or if he had one, his cock was the smallest I had ever seen. There was a bulge in his underwear, but nothing much sticking out. He sat, and hung his head, apparently aware of what we all saw. Erin laughed at this, and leaned over and kissed Jason hard, deep, with lots of tongue. Jason responded… and I hung my head in frustration and shame as my husband and master raised his hands and fondled Erin’s breasts.

“Jason…” I began, but he raised his hand to stop me.

“Siobhan… you are not to question my actions. You know this. Don’t make me punish you.”

This was the first time since the wedding that he had invoked his slave master status over me in front of other people. It was a bit of a shock, and I bit my lip, lowered my head and said “yes, sir.”

The game continued… without me, as I had nothing to bet with. Jim lost one last time, and as he stood to remove his underpants, the entire room seemed to freeze with anticipation. His humiliation was about to be complete, as he exposed whatever package he had.

As his underwear came down, I was puzzled at first at what I was seeing. There was some sort of prosthetic where his penis should have been. His balls hung down, large and heavy, but his penis was a plastic sheath of some sort. For a moment a chill of pure fear ran through my body as I thought that Erin had removed Jim’s penis. What a horrible thought… some sort of ultimate sexual domination had occurred between them. A moment later I realized what it was.

Jim was wearing a male chastity belt. Locked around his cock and balls was a sheath that surrounded his cock, covering it completely and keeping it small. The sexual situation we were in, my nudity, Erin and Jason mostly nude and making out… he should have been standing huge. But instead, his cock was slightly swollen, bulging slightly but still small in its prison. It must have been extremely uncomfortable to him.

I realized that Erin had been torturing Jim all this time. Knowing he had no way of having an erection without a painful consequence, she had introduced him to a slow strip tease with myself, her, and the sight of her and Jason making out half naked. Jim must have been very uncomfortable, not only from humiliation, but from his cock involuntarily attempting to swell in an erection, and being squeezed back down to size – denied in its ultimate need.

Jim sat quietly, out of the game. I sat next to him, and reached over and held his hand, squeezing it to let him know I understood his situation. I think he had a slight smile of gratitude as we sat together and watched the final negotiations of the game between Erin and Jason.

The last hand. Jason lost… removed his underwear and was naked. Erin alone still had panties and a bra… and suggested one last hand. If she lost, she would remove the rest of her clothing, and give Jason the best blow job of his life. If she won, Jason would fuck her to at least two orgasms at the location and time of her choice. Of course… Jason agreed.

My status as a simple slave had been driven home to me that night. My master, my husband, had just negotiated to have sex with my next door neighbor, right there in front of me, without even showing I was present. I sat quietly and watched…

Erin was by far the best player; she won. Jason was to fuck her.

Erin announced her decision. The time was now – the place was on the couch.

This was going to be too much for me. “Jason, is this right? I mean, we are married, and to have you just… fuck… Erin while we watch. I mean, if it was a threesome… can Jim and I join in?”

Jason looked at me intensely. “Siobhan, you know the answer. Yes, you are my wife. And my slave. Don’t question me. You know we have wonderful times together, and they will happen again, perhaps even with Jim or Erin if they are willing. For now, this pleases me.”

“But Jason, I am not sure that I…”

Jason’s expression turned sharp. “Siobhan, that is enough. I think we need something to encourage your cooperation… and silence.”

He left for a moment, and returned with two items. Raised me up to a standing position, and went behind my back where he placed a belt behind both elbows and cinched it tightly. My elbows slid behind my back, and I gasped a little as my chest and breasts thrust out. Erin and Jim watched my body contort slightly as the belt drew my elbows together behind my back, and my face winced from the pulling muscles. I felt one tear run down my cheek.

Once the belt was secure, Jason opened my mouth, wide, and slipped in a ring gag. It was a large one that he had purchased recently to help train my jaw to go wider. It hurt, my mouth wasn’t that big, but I could take it. He buckled it behind my head, stood back, and looked at my naked and slightly distorted form with satisfaction. His cock continued to be rock hard.

“What a delightful idea, Jason. I think that may be just what Jim needs as well. Do you have another set for him?” Erin’s voice had a tinge of pleasure.

“Not exactly, lets see what I can find.” Jason left and returned with another belt and something else.

“This is not quite the same, bit it might do.” It was a belt, like the one that held my elbows painfully behind my back, and he also held a leather penis gag. Erin strapped Jim’s arms behind him (he looked sexier than ever to me when bound like that). She then inserted the penis gag into his mouth – it was one with a small gag on the inside for the mouth, and a larger dildo penis extending out on the other side. Jim looked positively pitiful, bound, gagged and with his penis restrained in its sheath.

We were led to the living room, where the lights were turned on so we could all see what was happening clearly. Erin lay on the couch, slowly fingering herself through her panties as Jason position Jim and I on our knees, facing the couch where we could see the activity. My arms hurt, my jaw hurt, but most of all my heart hurt to see my husband preparing to fuck Erin. She looked amazing laying on the couch, and I wanted to join in so badly. I could only imagine what Jim felt, prevented from even allowing his body to react to the scene.

Jason went to Erin, took her hand away from her panties, and slid his own hand under the cloth to begin fingering her. She arched her back and moaned slightly, as Jason slid up her body and began kissing her deeply, as his fingers continued to masturbate her pussy.

Erin’s fingers found Jason’s cock, surrounded it and began slowly manipulating it. Their breathing had intensified, and they were pressing their bodies against each other now. Jason reached behind and unclasped Erin’s bra, exposing her breasts and then immediately suckling on them. A flush extended across her chest and her hips began movement to encourage his fingers.

Throughout this display, I knelt with Jim and simply watched. I observed Jason’s cock grow harder, and the precum glistening on the end. I saw Erin’s nipples grow hard, and her body move in increasingly involuntary jerks. Her panties were wet, and when Jason slid them down and exposed her pussy, it was glistening with moisture.

Jim made a slight moaning noise, and I looked over at him to see his reaction. He looked in pain, and with a glance I realized his cock was trying to grow hard. Its flesh was bulging out of the constricting plastic that held it, unable to grow, but still engorged. It was obviously painful to him and he was actually biting down on the gag in order to deal with the discomfort.

I turned back just in time to see Jason’s incredibly hard cock sliding into Erin. As her lips separated and surrounded him, I watched and saw every inch of his flesh penetrate and slide deeper into her. She had her legs spread wide, and rocked her hips in response to feeling his cock diving deep inside her. Seconds later, my husband’s cock slid back out, glistening wet from her body fluids, and then rammed in deep again.

Jason fucked her, thrusting, pushing, and she responded, shifting, wriggling, sliding under him to encourage him deeper. Their pace quickened, and Jason’s thrusts came harder and faster. I watched as Erin’s bare breasts jiggled, and her head pressed against the couch with each thrust. Her hands stroked and played with Jason’s back, and her lips kissed him when he bent down.

Through all of this, my shoulders ached from stretching and my jaw began cramping. The pain was slowly increasing, as my muscles lost their tension and began to stretch further. My pain… their pleasure… in a way it was beautiful. They watched me and Jim at times. They were fully aware of our pain and it got them off.

When they exploded in a simultaneous orgasm, they both had their eyes on us. The pained look in my face seemed to encourage their fucking, the moans from Jim spurred them on to orgasm. The pleasure of seeing us in pain was increasing their excitement… and I felt at that moment that it was my sole purpose in life… to suffer for him, and for her if he wished it.

When their climax had waned, and they lay in each other’s arms recovering, they looked at Jim and I silently suffering in front of them.

“I think they need to join the fun,” Erin said.

“What do you have in mind?” Jason asked.

“Jim, Siobhan, turn to face each other,” Erin commanded. We obeyed. Kneeling in front of each other, Jim looked at me with pained but aroused eyes, a large rubber dick extending from his face. I was drooling horribly, over my chin and dripping onto my breasts.

“Jim, fuck Siobhan,” Erin commanded. Jim looked at Erin in surprise for a moment, unable to speak with the gag in his mouth.

“Do it, worm!!!” Erin’s voice had suddenly taken on a harshness I had never heard before. Jim turned to me with puzzlement, but I knew exactly what she meant. I moved my face closer to his, manuevering my painfully wide mouth to the dildo extending from his mouth. He realized as well, and slowly slid the dildo into my mouth, being careful not to go too deep.

“Oh, yes! Erin, I like your thinking. They do need to fuck each other, don’t they. At the same time we fuck. Except they can receive no pleasure from it… while we will. I love it.” Jason sounded delighted.

Jim was slowly sliding the dildo in and out of my mouth, not too deep, not enough to choke me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jason and Erin making out while Jim and I psuedo-fucked. They were getting hot again already, and before long, Erin was laying on the couch, Jason behind her. Erin’s leg went up, way up, and back as they scissored and Jason plunged his cock into Erin’s pussy once again. His thrusting began. Both of them had their eyes on Jim and me, watching the psuedo-fuck as they continued fucking towards the second orgasm.

“Fuck her the same way, the same time as I fuck your mistress!” Jason ordered Jim.

Jim increased his rhythm, and the depth of his thrusts into my mouth. It made me gag, and the drool had made my breasts soaking wet. My head and hair was bouncing back and forth from the force of the thrusts, and I was gagging every few seconds.

God, it hurt. My shoulders… cramping. My jaw was cramping worse than ever. My throat was raw and I was gagging up my dinner in little bits from the deep thrusts which were urged on by Jason and Erin. I was crying, it seemed like all my body fluids were draining at once, tears, snot from my nose, drool from my mouth… pee… oh god, I was hoping I didn’t lose bladder control. My carpet. My beautiful carpet was going to be soaked with body fluids…

Jason was grunting, trying to come, and Erin was moaning like she was about to orgasm. Jim was thrusting into my throat deeping, and bits of my dinner were coming up between thrusts. I felt nauseous in addition to the pain. Erin and Jason were looking at me, using me to help them, help them reach orgasm, once again… my pain was their pleasure, my humiliation their desire…

Just when I thought I was going to lose all control and throw up on Jim, I heard Jason thrust deep, Erin crying out in her climax. They were sweaty and slippery from their combined effort of pleasure. I was sweaty and slippery from drool and stomach puke and pain.

Jim stopped mouth fucking me as our partners stopped their fuck. Jason’s cock was still inside Erin, but was slowly shrinking and sliding out. Jim and I waited, as the two of them kissed and fondled each other in some afterplay.

Later that night, as Erin and Jim were leaving and Jason and I were waving to them from the front door, Erin called out what a delightful evening it had been. Both Jason and I waved and agreed, and I suggested that perhaps next time we could do it at their house and try something new. They both grinned a little, and said sure, though I think I saw Jim wince a bit.

When the door closed, Jason turned to me and kissed my forehead. “I know this was tough for you tonight, and I am proud of you. You are a worthy slave and a good wife.”

I smiled and felt the glow from his approval.

“But,” he said… “I do think you need to be punished. You argued with me in front of them, and that is not acceptable. Let’s head to bed, and perhaps in the morning we can discuss your punishment.”

We climbed the stairs, and went to bed. I had a twinge in my stomach, wondering what the punishment might be. Being punished by Jason is not pleasant, and making me wait to find out what would happen was another layer of punishment on top of that.


  1. Nice one, though what was the punishment that Jason meted out the next day may I ask?

  2. Wow your husband has it made. he gets you as a slave and can fuck whomever he are a fucking idiot.

    1. how so her master ability to fuck whom he wants makes her a fucking idiot... she a slave a nothing else ....if my master desire to do that it is of no right of mine to interfere or argue becuase i am his property, an object for my master to use....