Thursday, February 12, 2009


The ride in the back of the SUV was uncomfortable.

I was naked, cramped in to a cage which was barely large enough for me. I got a cramp in one leg, but could not stretch it out. Wriggling around inside the cage helped a little. There was a blanket over the cage which shielded my naked body from the view of those outside the car. This blanket made it hot and stuffy. I was sweating profusely, my skin glistening from the moisture, which gathered and dripped off in rivulets. It streamed down my sides slowly, gathering across my breasts and finally dripping off my nipples.

It was about a two hour drive to our beachfront hotel. I remained in the cage when he parked and checked in, and then drove to the underground garage. When the back of the SUV was popped open and the blanket removed I breathed in the fresh air in a gasp, and then gasped from humiliation. Just outside stood a bellboy to help with the "luggage." I hung my head in embarrassment inside the cage, but was cramped enough there was really no point in trying to cover myself.

The bellman smirked as Jason tipped him heavily to keep quiet. They both grabbed the cage and unloaded me on to a cart with the other luggage. I was rolled to a freight elevator, and in moments was rolled in to our beach front room. During the ride, I am sure my ass and pussy had been observed closely by the bellman, who stood behind my cage. I blushed the entire way, but also felt myself getting wet with arousal. I think I had discovered some exhibitionist tendencies on my wedding day.

After another generous tip, the bellman left, and Jason opened the cage. I crawled out and nearly fell; my arms and legs were so stiff from two hours in the cramped cage.

The room was beautiful, with the large windows opening to the beach. I was naked, standing in the middle of the room viewing the waves, and enjoying my freedom.

For the rest of the honeymoon I was naked. I was not allowed clothes at any time; the only place where I was allowed to go outside was our small private patio. It was not completely hidden. On occasion, people would see over the wall or hedge as I lay nude sunbathing. Other than a couple of guys who made some admiring remarks, there was no problem.

Our first day, Jason placed me in special arm restraints. My elbows were strapped behind me, though not tightly. My hands were placed in special bondage mittens which went up over my shoulders and buckled together behind my neck. My arms were folded against my sides, and held there firmly. It was uncomfortable, and I was completely without the use of my hands or arms, almost as if they had been amputated.

My first act as a bound and subservient slave was to unpack my husband's luggage (I had almost no luggage, as I was not allowed clothes on the trip). This proved difficult, as I had no hands or arms. With some effort, I was able to get his suitcase open by using my mouth, and then moved his clothes to a drawer.

After unpacking, Jason lay me down on the bed, spread my legs, and began exploring me. He knew my body well, but this was the first time he had examined it slowly, when I was bound and unable to resist. I felt so exposed and vulnerable, as he probed his fingers inside my pussy, and then deep inside my ass. With two fingers inside each hole, he felt and touched and massaged, as I strained to keep my legs spread as far apart as possible and moaned with increasing arousal. My hips began to move to help him stroke me, my nipples were hard and my eyes glazed over as I stared up, totally absorbed by his constant, deep exploration.

My breathing had become labored as I strained, trying to get him to stroke my clit so I could come. But as I thought I felt an orgasm approach, he pulled out, and left me lying unsatisfied on the bed.

"Jason. Please? I was so close; would you please make me cum?" I pleaded in a respectful but urgent voice. He smiled kindly.

"My dear, you must learn that you are here for my pleasure, not the other way around."

He removed his clothes, slowly and deliberately. I admired him as he stripped in front of me. I have always loved his body, he is very fit. As he pulled his pants off, I could see his cock was erect.

Jason has a large cock. Not huge, but substantial. Erect, it can look a little intimidating, though I love to feel filled by him when he is inside me, pushing deep.

He took me, and rolled me over on the bed, face down. Grabbing my ankles he pulled, dragging me back until my hips reached the edge of the bed, and spreading my legs wide at the same time. His fingers probed my ass once again, and I realized what he was about to do.

It came suddenly, firmly, as his cock pressed against my ass and shoved. I gasped and tried my best to relax, pushing against him as I had learned to do. It hurt, and I squirmed in my arm bindings, but was unable to do anything but take him in as he pushed deeper and deeper. Once he had pushed all the way in, and cries had quieted to low moans, he began shoving in and out. I felt my ass being pulled out as it clung to his withdrawing cock, until he shoved in again.

Each stroke hurt a little less as my muscles and flesh relaxed and adapted, but I was still grunting in pain when he increased the speed of his thrusts. The pain, my inability to move, the feeling of him inside me driving to his climax so quickly… they all built inside me until I was ready to orgasm myself.

And so, when his final thrusts plunged deep into my ass, is cock hardened and convulsing as he moaned and grunted, spurting inside my colon, I was crying out in my own expression of a painful, pleasurable orgasm.

The experience was amazing. The feeling of exposure, of helplessness, followed by violation, and then the mixture of pain and pleasure together…

This honeymoon was going to be a very different experience than I had imagined.

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