Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wedding's Eve

The wedding was the next day. I had anticipated it for so long.

It was three years since I met Jason, and in that time had come to realize just how wonderful he was, how my relationship had opened me. I blossomed in life, grew in my desires, explored new aspects of myself, and finally knew in my heart exactly what I wanted to be.

His slave.

No, not his slave in the traditional sense - not someone that owned me and then put me out to work in the fields without seeing me again. It was not that I wanted to become simply a tool for him.

But I did want to become completely devoted and dedicated to him, so be a part of his body and will, to submit to him completely. In marrying him, I wanted to turn myself over to him and let him take control over me. Nothing would make me happier.

So, the wedding. Tomorrow. It was going to be unusual, as it was a combination wedding and commitment to subservience and the slave/master relationship. Together with several other couples who would observe, I was to turn myself over to Jason. He was to become, officially, my master.

It was Friday and I was trying to get the final bits of work done before leaving on the honeymoon. As director of IT infrastructure for a large company, a number of people worked for me and my responsibilities were extensive. I am a professional woman, held in respect by my colleagues and responsible for significant budgets and projects.

But I was preparing to enter a life of servitude, where I would lose myself, my identity, to someone else. At least… outside the workplace. The excitement and anticipation was almost more than I could bear.

I had already been living with Jason for a year, and had adopted many of the trappings that would become my life. He already dominated me, and I submitted to him at all times. But the wedding tomorrow would cement our relationship, making it legally and psychologically permanent. The feeling of desire for him, for the finality of this step, overwhelmed me and distracted me as I reviewed network layouts, approved specifications, and made recommendations on budgets. All through the day, I felt sexual. I felt aroused. I felt… wet, between my legs.

I talked with one of my leads, listening and making a decision about something, but my eyes were glazed and I was not paying attention. While this step was an emotional one, I felt so incredibly aroused I could not find a comfortable position to sit. I crossed and uncrossed my legs, my lead looking at them (I have rather nice legs) and probably wondering if I was trying to seduce him. At one point, after he left, I actually reached down and touched myself for a little while. I couldn’t help it.

My hand slipped down, trying to find a way to get access to my pussy. I was wearing a skirt, it was too tight to slip my hand in at the waist… and I couldn’t touch myself by reaching up from below. Not without pulling the skirt up, at least. Moments later, and my skirt was hiked up to my hips, and my hand was firmly massaging my clit under my desk. All I could think of was going home to Jason, being bound and taken by him.

Finally, the time came. Things were finished at work, at least enough to hold the dogs at bay until I returned a week later. I got my computer and purse, locked the door to my office and left. The drive home went faster than usual, I guess I had a little lead foot syndrome that evening.

Walking through the door, I dumped my purse and laptop on the side entry table, and walked in. Jason was there, and greeted me with a hug and kiss. His touch was sensual as it always is, and I melted in his arms. We ate dinner together, chatting, both anticipating the events the next day and the glorious honeymoon we had planned. I cleaned up afterward, making sure the house looked good.

When things were ready in the house, Jason took my hand and looked me in the eyes.

“My dear… are you sure about this step? You know I am devoted to you, but by making this commitment you are letting yourself go. Giving yourself to me, completely. Are you ready? Truly ready?” In answer, I kissed him and then knelt in front of him, my head bowed down.

He took my hand and led me lovingly to the basement door. I had no idea what was going on. He opened the door and we descended in to the dimly lit, austere room below the house. He instructed that I was to stand in the middle of the room, and remove all my clothes.

My hips wriggled as the skirt came off, and then my top pulled over my head, my dark hair falling mussed over my shoulders. Nylons were next, and then bra, letting my breasts feel the cool air. Panties were last, and the same sense of cool nakedness spread across my entire body.

He stepped forward, took my clothes and then carefully removed my jewelry. A ring, my watch, and a necklace were all taken from me. I removed my ear rings.

In a few moments, I had shed the trappings of my work persona, and stood completely naked and exposed before him. He looked approvingly for a moment, touched my breasts with a caress, and then picked up a heavy metal collar that was attached by a chain to a ring in the floor. Raising the collar up to my neck he slipped it on, latching it in to place at the same time he kissed my cheek.

My body shuddered with pleasure, just slightly, at the feeling of the cold metal and his warm fingers and lips. I stood motionless as he walked behind me and snapped a padlock in to place. I was now chained to the concrete floor of the basement. My head bowed, my long hair covering my face as I blushed.

“As you may know… it is bad luck for the bride and groom to sleep together before the wedding. I am afraid you will have to remain here tonight. There is a dog dish of water over by the stairs. Sleep well, my most faithful love,” and with that he turned and climbed the stairs. Just before he closed the door at the top, he flipped the light switch off, plunging the room in to darkness.

I trusted Jason, but being alone in the dark, sitting on the cold hard concrete floor, freaked me out a little. I tested the metal collar, and found it heavy and absolutly secure. I pulled the chain, and moved away from it, testing its limits. It was secure in the concrete, and my limits of movement were about 5 feet. I could stand in place just above its anchor, or by lying on the floor extend out about five feet. Enough to reach the water bowl, but not much else.

I lapped water and sat in the dark, my arms on my knees. Without something behind me supporting my back, I was uncomfortable, and lay down on my side, and then on my back. My chain clinked as I moved. I raised my knees. My eyes adjusted to the darkness very slowly, and I could see basic grey shapes, but very little detail.

Laying secured to the ground as I was, naked and exposed on a concrete floor, I felt so completely aroused. I was chained like a dog, but the rest of my body was completely free. So… what did I do? You guessed. My right hand found its way between my legs, and my left started playing with my nipples. I idly masturbated on the floor, passing the time, enhancing and embracing my experience of being restrained in preparation for my wedding the next day.

Three or four orgasms later, I began to drift, and finally feel asleep.

The night passed fitfully. I was used to sleeping in a bed, with Jason next to me. The hard floor, the cold, it made sleep difficult and I woke a number of times. In the middle of the night, I was thirsty… and felt for the dog dish. Of course, in the dark, I bumped in to it and spilled most of the water.

But of more concern were my other bodily needs. I was chained in the middle of the basement without so much as a chamber pot. At that point in time, I really would have liked a chamber pot. I held it for as long as I could, but eventually found a place on the floor as far away from where I was sleeping as possible, and peed.

Afterward, I spread my legs and dragged my pussy on the floor to wipe it. Again, I was forced to behave like a dog.

The feeling of degredation was beginning to sink in. Jason and I had played before, experimented with domination and bondage and I was absolutely sure I wanted to do this. But at the same time… the feeling I was experiencing, the feeling of being naked and helpless and forced to act like an animal, it was new. Powerful. Arousing. Weird.

I returned to my spot on the concrete stretched my legs wide apart and fingered myself to another orgasm before slipping back asleep.

Light was creeping in between the cracks in the door at the top of the stairs, when I awoke. It was morning, and I heard Jason walking around upstairs. I had to pee again, and was deciding what to do when the door opened and Jason entered and descended the stairs. Behind him was Elena, my maid of honor, already dressed for the ceremony. Her dress was a black and white number that showed off her beautiful figure, as well as accenting a perfect complexion.

I moved back to the center of the basement so I could stand, as the chain clinked. Elena knew of the special nature of Jason and my relationship, but had never seen me restricted or bound like this. I stood in complete and abject embarrassment, with my head down, hair hanging over my face.

Jason informed me that the time to prepare for the wedding had come.

“Please sir, I need to pee. May I go to the restroom?”

Jason sniffed, and with a snide voice said, “It appears that you have already soiled your living area. You might was well do it here.”

I looked up at him for a moment, uncertain whether he was serious. But his face told me, yes, he was serious. I moved over to the area where I had peed the night before, and squatted. It was hard, Elena was watching me the entire time, with Jason, and I had to close my eyes to block them out while I forced myself to relax. When it did come, it spread all over the floor and my feet, though the relief was as wonderful as humiliating.

I walked back to the center of the room.

“Well, if you are finished making a mess of yourself, I am going to turn you over to Elena, who will help you get ready for the ceremony,” Jason kissed me on the cheek gently, and then unlocked my collar, letting the chain fall to the floor.

My wedding day had begun.