Thursday, January 29, 2009

To Suffer For You

My wish is to suffer for you.

My wish is to please you by suffering, for in suffering, I can please you completely, proving my devotion.

Many times I have contemplated the nature of suffering. When in your presence, I suffer silently with the small devices you use. When not in your presence, I suffer secure in the knowledge that my suffering is for you and gives you comfort, where ever you are.

My suffering is my offering to you, the fulfillment of my desire to become completely and totally yours. I wish to become an extension of your will, the focus of your lust, an icon symbolic of complete and total love. For this purpose I record my experiences for you. To announce that I am yours, to share my suffering with the world so that my slavery will acquire its full and complete meaning.

To be allowed to serve you in the ultimate way.

To suffer, for you.


  1. Is this for real or just fiction? God I got a hard on.

  2. FACT OR FICITION,,,You Should Write A Book!!!