Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Arm Bondage

I love Jason because he loves me.

I love Jason because he ties me up.

I love Jason when it gets so tight I can't move and my body is helpless, vulnerable, and I am completely exposed and at his whim.

I love Jason because he knows how to restrain me in ways that make me beg to be set free.

I love Jason because he knows how to turn me into jelly by making sure I can't escape and then touching me in just the right way to make me beg for release-- not to be set free but to release the orgasm that wells up deep within me.

I've had a love affair with bondage since before I was twelve years old, and now my love affair has the ultimate fulfillment-- my man, my partner, my lover, my master.

Jason hurts me sometimes, making my entire world come into a sharp focus, every sensation more intense, more exciting, more overwhelming. He gets me out of my brain and into subspace where I can think of nothing but how to endure, how to please him so he will be kind, how to pleasure him so he will be cruel.

Remember that pain is your body telling you something is wrong-- that you are being injured. It's your body's way of urging you to run for the hills.

Which is why pain in bondage is so important, for me at least. I love bondage because I feel helpless in it. Vulnerable. At someone else's whim.

If my body is telling me I need to run for the hills, that I am hurting-- and I can't move... it makes the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability much more intense. It makes everything more intense.

It's a balancing act. Pain is a warning that you are being injured. It can occur when there is only the potential for being injured, and real injury has not happened as yet.

Then again pain can happen when tendons are tearing, muscles are being pulled, flesh is being punctured and torn, bones are breaking, and so on. The key to using pain in bondage is to invoke pain without the injury. This takes skill and attention. A lot of it.

I love Jason because he has this skill, and pays attention.

Strappado is painful. Well, heck, it was designed to be painful. It was invented as a quick and easy method of torture back ... well, most people think of it as being from the middle ages, the Spanish Inquisition, or whatever. But like most easy and effective method of torture, it has been around since people have wanted to hurt other people.

Yes, I've been in strappado. It its easiest, it is uncomfortable. At its worst it is excruciating.

Understanding strappado is important. Its design was to use the victim's weight against herself. By hanging a victim by their arms behind them, it forces the arms and shoulders into places the shoulders and muscles weren't designed to go. Thus, pain.

The pain is a warning that your muscles are being torn from the bone, that your rotator cuff is about to be ripped in half, that your bones may break, that your arm may be pried from its socket at any moment.

I was in strappado the first time when I was about 20. My boyfriend at the time didn't even know what it was or planned it, he just had tied my wrists behind my back as well as binding my legs to practice tying me up. I mean... believe it or not, getting tied up in different ways was one of my favorite ideas for a fun Saturday afternoon.

I don't know why he got the idea, but he attached my wrist tie to another rope that went up and through a hook in the ceiling used for a hanging plant, and pulled.

Up went my wrists behind me, and of course I bent over. Bending over keeps the angle of the shoulders from being too severe. If the arms go straight up behind you, chances are you are going to do some serious injury and will be in a lot of pain.

I gasped, the whole thing rather unexpected. My ankles were tied so I couldn't walk away, plus when your arms are stretched behind you, you can't walk away anyway.

My boyfriend was like, "wow, that's incredibly sexy, Siobhan... I love you in that position!"

I was gagged, but most gags don't actually keep you from talking so I swore at him and told him he might love the position but it hurt. I told him to go fuck himself. He responded by pulling on the rope and raising my wrists another foot or so, which made me gasp and cry, and I shut up.

He left me in that position about a half hour, which was about all I could take at that time. I gave him a blow job to thank him when he finally let me down.

Bent over like that I was prime for a fucking from behind, but had my clothes on. (A lot of my bondage early in life was done while clothed.)

I am pretty flexible, and Jason has been emphasizing keeping me in shape and improving my flexibility. I can do the splits with no discomfort, and my elbows can be strapped behind my back with no problem.

Strapping the elbows behind the back, touching, is extremely debilitating and feels awesome. As in, impossible to get out of and it can make one feel completely helpless. Jason actually enjoys strapping my elbows together and then telling me to go about my business, working in the kitchen or whatever.

With elbows strapped but hands free you can still do work, but it is difficult. Every motion, every task reminds you that you are bound and restricted.

Of course, if in complete strict bondage, having the elbows tied also enhances the feeling of complete submission and helplessness.

OK, back to strappado. This technique is dangerous, but it is adjustable. The more severe the strappado, the greater pain (and greater risk of injury).

For most people, lifting their wrists even a little when tied behind the back will cause discomfort. I've trained my arms in flexibility over the years, and for me the discomfort really sets in about the point my arms are straight out behind me, perpendicular to my back. I've seen women sobbing with pain at that height.

For me, it's enough to drive me forward. Strappado does that, the higher the wrists go the more the victim (me, in this case) moves and bends forward. This essentially reduces the angle.

It's one reason Jason loves this position and strappado. It forces me over, bent forward. Add a leg spreader and it's a perfect way to take me from behind, and there's little I can do about it.

If the wrists keep getting pulled higher I keep bending forward, but at some point the body can't bend forward and the pulling rope instead works to raise my body. This is the point where things get serious. The angle of my arms goes past 90 degrees and the shoulders really cramp and hurt.

The pain runs from my elbows through my forearms, is worst at my shoulders but also spreads over my upper back in the form of cramps, especially if I am left in that position for long.

Strapping the elbows together is a cruel addition to the strappado. It means the strain on the shoulders is more severe, as the arms are bent slightly back in addition to being rotated upward.

I'm usually positioned over a mat or cloth on the floor, as I have been known to lose bladder control and pee myself accidentally from the strain and pain.

As with many forms of bondage and torture, I have love/hate emotions about strappado. It's incredibly intense, and can hurt a lot. I suppose if it was used the way it was used for true torture, dangling with weights on my ankles, I would pass out or something. I can't imagine the pain of having my arms literally ripped out of their sockets, which is what would happen.

Fortunately, Jason knows how to put the strain on my body without doing permanent damage.

There are variations on strappado, one of the most common being to restrain my legs in a kneeling position. Jason will take a rope around my waist, threaded through my crotch and then tied around my knees, keeping me kneeling. It isn't possible to lean forward as much when kneeling like this, especially in this configuration because my ankles are tied up near my waist and I end up resting on my knees.

Losing my balance, tipping over forward or back or worse, to the side, can result in my full weight being placed on my arms, which is agonizing. The risk of this happening keeps me very still.

I love being naked when bound. When I was younger, because I didn't always trust the people that were tying me up, I was frequently bound while clothed. But ultimately being naked while bound enhances the feeling of helplessness and fear.

The worst strappado I was ever in wasn't with Jason. Jason has finesse, style, he employs variety, and I trust him to use me sexually during our bondage sessions. Well, duh. He owns me, and can use me sexually any time he wants. No, the worst time was with a guy named Keith. We had played tie up games a few times, and he had proven himself very adapt. I was about... 18 at the time and he was 21 or 22.

I was wearing some nice clothes, something I felt sexy in, and stylish. I thought it would enhance the experience of being tied up. Heels and everything. Keith had never seen me naked (and never would), but he did get very aroused by our sessions, and would sometimes masturbate in front of me while I was tied up. That was a bit humiliating, though frankly, I enjoyed being helpless and humiliated. So I didn't mind.

Well, we were at my parent's house (I was still living there actually, and in high school I think), and arranged for Keith to come over while they were out up at some museum in LA. He brought an extra set of ropes and was tying me up almost as soon as he was in the door.

The first tie he did was a lame one with my wrists tied to my ankles. You have to realize that to do some of these ties can take a long time; it can take 15, 20 minutes just to get me tied up. Once tied up he didn't want to let me out, but I was talking to him and telling him how stupid the tie was and he finally got mad and said, fine. Let's do another one then.

Well, he did my elbows behind my back, something I had only done once before, and then brought the rope down to my wrists. The rope was wrapped around my arms 5, 10 times in each place-- it was a serious tie. I could feel just how secure and helpless I was.

He then taped my mouth shut, telling me I needed to learn to keep my mouth shut. This was after my arms were bound and there was nothing I could do about it.

And then he tied a rope through the wrists and up over a beam in my parents living room and pulled. Whoa... I quickly walked backward to the place where the rope went up in order to relieve the tension, and stopped.

He kept pulling and my shoulders kept twisting and I bent over and was making grunting noises through the tape, and was really feeling his revenge for my insulting him earlier.

Keith stood in front of me when I was there, unable to move much and pulled his dick out. He wasn't allowed to touch under my clothes or remove clothes, that was part of the deal, but he could sit and jerk off while watching my helpless tied up self all he wanted.

As he was stroking himself he pulled harder, until my arms were almost straight up vertical. I mean, I was bent over a bit, but mostly I was standing with my arms pulled all the way up and I literally thought they were slowly working their way out of my shoulder sockets.

My eyes must have been bulging out and my muffled screams under the tape gag were warning him I was in distress, but he had to finish jerking off. It took him a minute, and when he finally came his semen spurted several feet and got all over my dress and blouse.

Well, he let me down after that, I sank right to the ground and lay down, and untied my arms. I must have sworn up and down a blue streak when he finally untaped my mouth, and told him he had gone too far.

"Oh, but you have no idea how beautiful you looked," he said.

I also had to clean my best blouse. Asshole.

The newest arm bondage tie Jason has used on me is a variation on the strappado. He ties my elbows and wrists together behind my back. Then, he ties the wrists to rope around my chest, either at my breasts or just above them. This raises my elbows by itself, because my wrists are secured to a higher location on my body.

It is rather like being in strappado, but mobile. I can walk around, though it is a very uncomfortable position and I don't feel much like moving.

Of course, not content with this rather tight and uncomfortable position, Jason will tied my elbow ropes to a suspension rope and lift.

The interesting part is he can lift the rope as much as he likes and it doesn't make the strappado worse, because it also pulls on the arms that are secured to my chest. The result is he can actually lift me off the ground, feet swinging in the air.

That isn't to say it isn't painful. It is. It hurts. But I can take it for a while, long enough for him to play between my legs in whatever way he wishes, as I hang helpless, gently swinging and whimpering before him.