Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New collar

I'm so excited.

I just had my birthday, and one of my presents was a new slave collar.

As you might know if you've read many of my posts, I wear a permanent slave collar. It's discreet, and can not be taken off, at least by me.

It is secured in the back with a special screw that needs a specific driver. It would be impossible to remove with a normal tool. You'd either have to have to drill out the screw (which would be risky because you might drill into me) or cut through the steel collar (which would be risky because you might cut through my neck as well).

My collar, because it is permanent, is my most prized and valued possession. It is with me always. It's weight on my neck is a constant reminder of who and what I am. I can be sitting at my desk at work and still know that my husband and owner has control over me, that I am always his. Owned by him.

My old collar was made of a high quality steel. It was light but durable and I liked the way it looked. It fit nicely around my neck, perfectly measured to fit loosely but small enough there is absolutely no way to get it off (e.g. it is larger than my neck but smaller than my head).

So my birthday present. It looks similar in many ways. Slightly thinner, it looks more delicate, but is made of a durable steel underneath a thick coating of silver. I will have to work to keep it untarnished, polishing it once a week, but that won't be a problem.

It also has a matching O ring, which can be used to attach a leash, or a piece of jewelry for going out in public. Or both? I'm giggling right now, and can't keep from touching it, fondling it with my hand. I look in the mirror constantly, I love how the bright silver contrasts and compliments my light, smooth skin.

Jason put the new collar on me first, so that initially I had both collars on. He didn't want me to be without my slave collar, even when we were switching between the two. Then he took out the special tool for the old collar, unscrewed it (it took several minutes), and removed it.

I was so happy, I asked him for permission to fuck him right then, and he gave it but not until he put on a leash. Once I was properly leashed I stripped, spread my legs, straddled him, slid his cock inside and rode him like a cowgirl. He came twice, the second time when he took me from behind and did me slow, leisurely, driving me crazy. I think I came twice then too, feeling him pull my leash, the sensation of its pressure on my neck as he filled me from behind.

It was a really good present.


  1. Congratulations, a collar is a very special thing in a relationship. I hope you will continue to be very happy in the future. Happy Birthday!

  2. How are you going to polish something that you're still wearing?
    And fwiw, it shouldn't tarnish much. Silver jewelry doesn't usually tarnish when it's worn, because the constant rubbing and touching prevents the slow build up.