Sunday, September 2, 2012

Discovering Play

I had discovered self bondage almost by accident, but it had such a powerful impact on me that I had played with it more and more, learning how to tie basic knots, how to gag myself, and so on.  The problem was that to be truly bound and helpless, you had to have a way to get out that wasn't under your control. I wasn't experienced in timed release mechanisms and the like, and being a young teen living at home with parents, most methods were not available to me due to cost, complications, or unreliability. Self bondage was therefore an adventure that I continued, but also a continuing frustration.

My first relief came during a sleepover with a few other girlfriends; my friend Teresa had invited myself and two others over while her parents were out of town. She had permission, and her parents figured it would be OK; she was a babysitter after all and was used to being on her own.  I brought a bottle of vodka and Janine brought some rum, and we were set.

After a couple of hours of drinking, I was about ready for anything. We had been swapping sex stories about various guys we had dated, and it was easy to bring the conversation around to the topic of bondage. I just mentioned that my boyfriend had wanted to tie me up.

"Yeah, he was wanting to tie my wrists behind my back. God, I don't believe how kinky he is..." I giggled a little.

"God, he is! You wouldn't let him do that, would you?" Coleen, the sporty girl in the group asked with big eyes.

"I don't know. It probably doesn't matter, because I am sure I could get out of anything he tried to tie me in."

Teresa wasn't buying it. "You are way too confident. I bet he could tie you up and rape you and there would be nothing you could do about it. Don't let him."

"I don't believe it. No way," I shook my head. "I could get out of any tie he tried. I am sure of it."

"Well, since you are so confident, why don't you let us tie you up and see if you can get out of it? Hmmm?" Cindy was the snide one of the bunch. I believed she actually wanted to tie me up.

"OK. Let's do it. I challenge you to tie me up so I can't get out. I let you tie me, and then I have up to half an hour to get out."

"HA! You are on!" Cindy was eager. "But what do we get if you can't get out? Hmmm?"

Teresa had an idea. She ran off, and then came back with something. She brandished it and announced proudly, "Here is your punishment. If you can't get out, we get to do you with this!"

It was a dildo. It had to be her parents. I couldn't believe it. I had seen pictures, but had never seen one "live" before. It was way bigger than I thought it would be. I had fucked my boyfriend Kevin by then and was no virgin, but this was something new.

"What? What are you going to do with that?"

"Fuck you, of course. You can't get untied, we get to use this on you!" Teresa was positively drooling with the idea, Cindy was as well. Coleen didn't look so sure.

"Wait, guys... that's your parent's. They are going to know you used it, and besides, its not ... sanitary.. ugh..."

Cindy pulled something out of her purse. It was a condom. "See? Perfectly hygienic. Lubed, too. I know because I used one last Saturday with Sean."

Little did these girls know that this was beyond my wildest dreams.

They made me take my PJs and panties off because they said that when I failed to get out of the ropes they would need me naked for the consequence -- the dildo. I pouted and complained but finally removed everything. I stood before them naked.

"Lay down on the bed. Face down." Cindy was taking the lead. I did as I was told, laying on my stomach on the middle of her bed. Coleen grabbed one of my wrists and pulled it behind my back. Cindy grabbed the other and crossed them together. I felt the rope going around my wrists and knew it was a mistake. Looping rope around like that would be easy to get out of.

But then, after two loops, Cindy shifted and looped the rope across my wrists in the other direction. I could feel the tie tightening against my wrists. It was at that point I began to consider I might have a tough time getting out of the ropes, and the thought immediately had me aroused. I was getting wet. I hoped it wasn't obvious.

My head was forced into the pillow and my hands were secured behind my back. I thought they would stop there, but they didn't.

"There is extra rope," Coleen was saying. I could feel Cindy taking it and pulling my wrapped wrists tight. I grunted a bit and wriggled.

"We aren't done yet. No wiggling." Cindy straddled my back, holding me down. Feeling her pussy against my bare back turned me on even more. Coleen and Teresa grabbed my ankles and bent my legs back toward my wrists.

"Hey..." I said, muffled into the pillow.

"Quiet, Siobhan, we never said what we would tie. This is part of the deal." The rope was going around my ankles in the same criss cross pattern. Cindy was pulling it tight. I felt her breasts brushing my bare ass cheeks and felt my arousal spike from the sensation. God, I was hot. My wrists really were tied tightly, and my ankles were well on their way.

Finally the rope was tight around my ankles and I was in a loose hogtie.

"Tuck the extra rope... what do we do with it? She will get loose if you leave it out like that?" Teresa was observing and commenting.

"Here," Coleen said, taking the remaining rope. Apparently there was a lot of it. She pulled my ankles up in back, forcing my back into a slightly curved position. She then threaded the rope under my body at the waist, back to my wrists, wrapped around a few more times my wrists and my waist. When she was done, my legs were pulled back tightly, my wrists were held up at the small of my back, unable to move, and the whole thing was secured with the rope going around my waist.

I was tied up, and good. I began to wonder if Cindy had experience at this.

"OK, Siobhan. Half an hour." Teresa was giggling.

On the one hand, there I was, naked and struggling on my friend Teresa's bed, tied tighter than I had ever been able to tie myself. I wriggled and writhed, uncomfortable from the angles of my legs, back and arms. It was humiliating and somewhat painful.

On the other hand I was so aroused I thought I was going to orgasm right then.

Struggling on the bed, I rolled over to my side. My body was tied back in the reversed "O" of a good hogtie, and it thrust my breasts and stomach out. The other girls were watching me, enjoying every minute of my struggle. I, on the other hand, was finally feeling the helplessness of being totally under another's control; I was tied up and discovering there was no way out. I could see my tormentors and it turned me on. Right at that moment, there was only one thing that would have made me more excited and happier.

Unfortunately, I was going to have to wait another 25 minutes for that.

I lay on the bed, straining and writhing, as Coleen went out and got some chips from the kitchen. The three girls sat and munched, drinking the rum as I struggled and writhed. My legs split open, showing off my pussy for them all to see.

"You know something, I think this might be the hottest thing I have ever seen." Teresa was staring at me. I could tell she was aroused.

"You know what she needs?" Cindy got up and picked up something from the floor. The other girls looked at it with a curious look. It was the panties I had removed just a half hour before. Cindy moved over to me and as I opened my mouth to ask what she was doing she shoved the panties into my mouth. My eyes got big and I squealed a muffled noise of surprise.

"Oh, that's just perfect. Oh, yes. Wait, that needs something!" Teresa ran off and returned with duct tape.

"Mppphpmpppphhhh!!!!!!" I cried. The tape made a tearing sound as she pulled it off the roll and spread it halfway around my face.  "MPPSHJHHHHPPPJHHHHHH!!!"

"She is soooo getting off on this!" Teresa was saying to Cindy. Coleen had moved into position to begin my dildo fucking. I had 10 minutes before that began, but it appeared she was eager.

Colleen reach between my legs and carefully touched my pussy. She pulled her fingers back and proclaimed with some disbelief, "Hey... guys... she is like. Wet. Really, wet."

I was, too. Colleen's touch had almost made me cum, right then. I had never had sex with a girl before, but I was ready. I wanted any of the girls to touch me, control me, take me while I was bound and helpless.

"OMG... she is! Come here, Teresa, feel this!" Cindy had touched me as well. I writhed helplessly on the bed, making muffled mewling noises.

Teresa touched me. No, she didn't just touch me, she felt me up. Slid her fingers across and down my slit. I writhed and pressed against her. My nipples were hard. I wanted them to do me, then, right then.

But they didn't. They held back, intent on reaching the thirty minute mark. The frustration was incredible. My ankles and wrists throbbed. My back was cramping. I kept flushing with embarrassment from the way I exposed myself as I wriggled. I collapsed back and lay quiet for a while until the cramps set in and then wriggled again to try and find a better position.

My first warning that I had reached the end of the 30 minutes was the feeling of something hard pressing against my pussy lips. I raised my head with a jerk and saw Teresa between my splayed legs with a determined smile. As she pushed harder, slipping the naturally soft dildo deep inside me, I moaned and rolled over, spreading my legs wide and pushing back.

She raped me slow, to begin with. A steady slow rhythm, slow in and then a little quicker out. Slow in again, a little deeper, then faster out. Slowly the rhythm gained momentum. I shuddered and came, an orgasm that made me forget where and who I was.

It continued. Teresa didn't stop. Whether she didn't know I had orgasmed or didn't care, she kept going, increasing the rhythm, moving the dildo from side to side, alternately pressing against my clit and my anus. My hips continued thrusting back against it and my muscles strained against my bonds.

I didn't want to get free. I wanted the restraints. They brought me to orgasm so much faster. Colleen was in front of me kissing my face, brushing the hair away gently. I was sweating profusely, and the rhythm of the fucking was getting faster. My hips were struggling along with it and I was moaning behind the panty gag as best I could. Colleen had my breasts then, hands around then, pinching the nipples. The dildo plunged in so deep I could feel it pressing my cervix up and yet I thrust against it, asking for more.

I came again. This time loudly, or as loud as the gag would let me. I panted and cried out, muscles shaking and straining as I bucked against the unnatural thing penetrating me deeply.

And then it was over. They were untying me. The gag came off and I gasped, panting for air. The ropes holding my wrists were unwound, and my legs released.

Cramping hit me even worse. I had to ease my limbs out ever so slowly, straightening out one inch at a time.

Cindy was grinning the whole time. "Gosh, Siobhan. You sorta enjoyed that. A lot. If I didn't know better I would say you are one kinky bitch."

Colleen held my head, watching to make sure I was OK.

"One kinky lesbian bitch," Teresa said. "You made that look like I wanted to join in. Like... I have never really wanted to touch a girl before, but babe... you make me want you."

I grinned at Teresa at that moment, and then reached up to Colleen and kissed her full on the lips.

"Just promise me we can do this again, sometime," I said.

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  1. This turns me on so much! Thank you for sharing.