Friday, February 26, 2010

Anal Punishment

Slavery to my husband has been wonderfully fulfilling to me in ways I never imagined. Feeling completely owned, completely devoted, completely possessed by him is a dream come true. Acts of discipline reinforce the relationship, and remind me of my subservient position in ways that make me feel excited, happy. Part of the reason for this is that my slavery is such an opposite experience to my outside life.

I am in management in the IT department of a large company, a professional with a number of direct reports. There, I must exercise my mind, wield control, make decisions and manage complex outcomes. Work can sometimes be stressful, and preoccupies my mind. It was this tendency of getting caught up in work that prompted a very practical lesson from Jason.

I was home late from work, for the third night in a row.

“Jason, I am sorry, but the server upgrades are going slower than planned and we have to set up the downtime for the weekend.”

Jason looked upset.

“Siobhan, I understand. I really do. And your financial contribution to our finances is great, and I support your work. But dear, you not only have a responsibility here at home, you have a –”

Cutting him short, I argued with what I knew he would say. “Yes, I know. I know. I am yours, I know this and I intend to fulfill my duties. But right now work is simply demanding, and you know how IT is.”

The argument went on a little further. Jason was entering one of his cool rages, and it testifies to how wrapped up in work I was that I missed the warning signs. But I did, and suddenly, without saying a word, he reached out, snapped a leash chain to my permanent slave collar, and started leading me upstairs.

“Jason, I am sorry. I didn’t mean disrespect… please… don’t punish me.” I knew by now I had overstepped and he was not pleased at all. I was his slave, and he was about to remind me of that fact.

When we reached our bedroom, he yanked the chain to the bed. He then turned me, pushed me onto the bed face down, and drew my wrists behind my back. Handcuffs snapped into place and I lay there, beginning to cry just a little but not moving. I knew that I needed to be very still and obey his every word at this point, if I was going to minimize his anger and the punishment.

Jason took hold of my skirt and pulled it down my legs with a single hard yank. The fabric tore as it went down, and the zipper scraped my thigh (leaving a long welt which I discovered later). I yelped more from surprise than pain but managed to stay still, laying on my stomach, with my legs over the edge of the bed.

My panties were yanked down next, and easily, leaving my ass exposed and just on the edge of the mattress. I was crying now, tears running down my cheeks and I buried my face in the blanket, unable to wipe them off.

I heard Jason remove his pants, and then his naked legs came between mine, spreading them. His hands grabbed my ass cheeks, and pulled them wide apart. I realized with a twinge of panic what he was going to do.

“Please, please… Jason, don’t do this. You know how it hurts, I am sorry and will behave… please at least use lube…”

The tip of his cock pressed against my anus. I buried my head once more and concentrated on relaxing as best I could. It was hard, I was paniced and emotionally very upset. Pushing back on his cock as he pressed in, hard, I could feel it begin to penetrate my rectum… and then the pain started.

Jason’s cock isn’t huge, but it is pretty large, and gets very hard when he is aroused. He was impaling my ass without lube, and it was going to hurt. With a sudden, massive shove, his hips thrust and cock jammed into my anus, penetrating several inches. I cried out in pain, I felt like the senstive flesh was being ripped and torn, the muscles over stretched. I wriggled some, and he slapped my ass hard with his hand several times.

Oh god oh god oh god...” I was whimpering, and then the second massive shove came. My scream was muffled from where my face was buried in the bedding, and I tried to struggle. He grabbed my handcuffed wrists and pulled on them, yanking my shoulders back painfully, raising my head out of the bed and shoving my ass back onto his huge cock.

My sphincter was completely convulsing around him, trying to expel him with no success. He withdrew a few inches, and then shoved again, this time pulling back on my arms hard at the same time. He impaled me even further, and I grunted and then cried out again from the pain. I was certain I was bleeding now. I was bent back from where he had hold of my wrists and arms, my breasts were actually raising up off the bed.

He let go of my wrists, and instead grabbed my long hair and pulled my head back all the way. I found myself looking at the bedroom wall and ceiling, and feeling like my scalp was being removed – a burning sensation that made me sob and plead once again.

“Jason, please… this hurts so bad, please, I will be good — auggghhhhhhhh…” I grunted and cried once again as his cock plunge all the way in and my legs jerked wide as his hips pushed them apart.

His cock slipped out, about half way and then jammed in again, all the way. I could feel his testicles slap against my pussy and heard him grunt with satisfaction. Once again he withdrew and then plunged deep.

Either my sphincter was relaxing or my entire ass had been split open, for he began fucking my ass with a steady motion. The horrible ripping feeling had faded and was replaced with the sensation of having a hard, wide rod shoved deep inside me leaving abrasions as it went. Which was, of course, exactly what was happening.

I raised up a bit, trying to get my ass up into an angle that would give him better access, both to please him and to reduce my own pain. It was hard, because he kept pulling back on my hair so far my back was arched and my breasts had risen up completely off the sheets. I supported myself by my extended arms now, to help relieve the tearing pressure on my scalp as he pulled my long hair back with each thrust.

He was grunting with each thrust, and I was making involuntary noises as well, “ah.. ahh… ah.. help… god… oh… oh… aaah… aaaaahhh…” I had forgotten how huge his cock was. I could feel the ridges of his stiffness, and sliding of his flesh inside me as he moved back and forth and my own anus distended and hugging his cock as he withdrew and then plunged deep.

I struggled a little, not really consciously, but being ass raped like this, with my head bent backward and hair pulled almost out of my scalp made me lose a bit of my mind. I tried to move my arms, wriggle my legs, but nothing helped. He had hold of me in a solid position and was fucking me as hard as he could. I could feel his cock getting even harder as his thrusts jerked harder and more quickly.

He suddenly let go of my hair and I fell back down on the bed. His hands went to my hips, which he grabbed securely and shoved hard back against his own. I had stopped crying, and was simply grunting from the pressure of his thrusts. With a sudden single hard thrust he cried out, and I felt the convulsions of his cock begin.

His orgasm seemed to last forever. Spurt after spurt, his cock contracted and convulsed in my ass. I lay there and felt it inside me, felt the warmth of his semen as it filled me inside, and the continuing moans that accompanied his climax. It hurt, a throbbing pain, but the pain seemed slightly soothed by the pleasure he was experiencing inside me. I was still his slave, his fuck toy, his wife.

When he was done, he collapsed on top of me, and I lay unmoving. My tears had stopped flowing though my cheeks were still very wet. The blanket underneath my face was soaking wet from my tears and from saliva – I must have drooled quite a bit while he was fucking me. I lay, feeling his weight on my back, his cock still inside my ass, but getting smaller.

Eventually, he slowly slid out of my anus, and the feeling of his departure was both a relief and slightly painful as the raw flesh of my damaged insides slid together. I grunted a little and moaned. As he stood, he warned me to remain exactly where I was on the bed, and so I remained motionless, on my stomach, legs hanging over the edge and spread wide.

When he returned, he gently spread my ass cheeks apart.

“Siobhan, you need a real lesson in obedience. The pain of your assrape is the beginning. My semen is inside you and will remain there for a while as a reminder, I may continue the lesson later this week.”

I felt something pressing against my anus once again, something cool and smooth. It slowly spread me farther and farther apart, until my anus was stretched wider than Jason ever could. I recognized the feeling as I whimpered in the pain – he was inserting a butt plug. A big one, too from the feeling. He wanted to plug up my ass, remind me of what he had done and make sure his semen stayed inside me for a while.

When the butt plug reached its widest point, and my pain from being spread and stretched was the worst, it suddenly got smaller. My sphincter automatically closed around the narrow neck of the plug, and it was clear from the feeling of complete and total discomfort and fullness that there was no way I would get the plug out without pulling it out, and then only with some pain. It was in there for a while.

While I still lay in bed on my stomach, Jason took my leash chain and fixed it to my handcuffs, raising my wrists painfully to the middle of my back. In this position, my wrists were held up high, attached to the collar around my neck, preventing me from reaching the ass plug.

Jason raised me up, and wiped my tears. I was still wearing my top, but was nude from my waist down. He led me downstairs, and we finished our evening together in this manner. He allowed me to eat dinner in a dog dish, as my hands were still restrained behind me. Later we watched some TV before retiring for the night.

That night I slept with the butt plug and Jason’s semen securely inside me, my wrists raised uncomfortably behind my back. While the pain in my ass subsided, I wondered what he had meant when he said… “I may continue the lesson later this week.


  1. Jesus Christ.

    I'm not judging you or anything -- your life, your rules (or your husband's) -- but that, frankly, is something that should be punishable by jail time. BDSM is great, and I practice it in my relationship (though, as a domme) but the act of violating or brutalizing a sub (against their will) is a line that should never be crossed. Though, again, if that is something you enjoy, I will certainly not judge.

    I hope this isn't something you have to endure often.

    1. arrogant fool it is a masters prerogative to decide what his slave deserves not your's

    2. ...this is the very difference between slaves and submissives - you gotta know what you're into, but this certainly goes above and beyond BDSM practices and does not abide by its rules.

  2. I'm a man and have to say this is simply rape -nothing sexy about it-you asked for him to stop and he did not-

  3. Well that was rather full-on.
    Technically in the eyes of the law what occured was rape and abuse, however thats the way you chose to live, then so be it.
    I imagine at times its hardly easy being totally devoted.
    One question for you - Is not wearing an anal plug for an extended period of time dangerous for you?


  4. man, that was HOT!!!! I had a girlfriend that was this devoted, and we both enjoyed it. Reading this brings back memories....all I can say is you two have hardcore sex life.
    People dont realize what they are missing once they have this kind of sexual freedom.

  5. Damn I wish I could beat the fuck out of a gf ass and make her hold it in all night! And take it when I say how I say! Dude has it fucking made!

  6. I suspect these two consenting adults have a safe word for when she really means stop.

  7. I have to shake my head when some one says I am not judging you......but.
    Two people committed to each other of their own choice.
    Nobody's business not the law's or anyone else.
    Good on you young lady and the fact that you can recognize the role of discipline and responsibility.

  8. That's simply rape I think it's unacceptable man to man.i think you should talk your problems out instead of holding her against her will and raping her.i don't know how other adults enjoy this.i think tis is

  9. Sexual play is one thing, but this thread is about torture. She could have been raped by the stable hand and no one would have known. Her master or whatever elft her open to terrible abuse at the pony thing. I hope sick men dont get on here and decide this is how they should treat their spouses. This slave/idiot might like it because she is obviously mentally ill but most women do not like it and have had their lives destroyed because of rape and abuse. I have worked at an abuse center for years and these things destroy not only women's lives but the lives of countless children due to their daddy being abusive and controlling. Way to set an example. This woman might say she wants this but she obviously, whether she admits it or not, is extremely mentally ill.

    1. Are you a moron? there are lines yes but just because a person is a devoted sub/slave does not make her mentally ill. I know many women and men who were abused but are in a 24/7 TPE relationship and have a better life and more caring relationship then they did in a vanilla style relationship were when they meant stop you are hurting me and i don't like it it was ignored. So make sure you know all the facts about a lifestyle before judging it.

  10. He allowed her to eat from a dog She is a moron.

  11. And what happens if he gets really mad like thinks she is cheating or something if he can do this because she was working late would he kill her if he even thought she was cheating even if she wasn't plus people die from anal bleeding if anal sex isnt done carefully luckily she isn't already dead this is not safe at all

  12. The act of making love or having sex with your so called "partner" should be pleasurable to both. This is beyond the limits of BDSM/ Domm! I do enjoy hardcore sex but this is out of line!!!
    Reverse the role and see how he likes it!!!

  13. My girlfriend and I enjoy D/S in our relationship, and I do believe it is possible to use anal as a "punishment" in a carefully controlled setting... However I don't think either of us would be comfortable with this degree. Not to say no one can be, but it would take an extraordinary amount of trust, use of a safeword, etc. For us, because we use anal so infrequently, punishments must involve a lot of lube to be safe. She likes for it to hurt a bit, and to leave her a little sore, but that is about the extent that we manage. A few times it has hurt her too much, she has used her safe word, and everything stops immediately. Consensual painful anal is not sexual assault, but the minute one person wants to withdraw consent, whatever you are doing stops immediately. I am only comfortable with it because we practice a safe word, because I am very familiar with her limits, and because we have discussed it many times and I know she enjoys the submissive aspect of it. As long as that is the case in your relationship, you are an adult, do what turns you on. I don't know the specifics of your relationship, so I assume that, like most folks into kink, you use the same precautions.

  14. Anja Rebekka SchultzeJune 16, 2013 at 2:06 PM

    I think it is so out of place with all the comments about how the Master should be jailed, this is two consenting adults who are living in a BDSM 24/7 relationship. This is not him finding someone on the street and raping them, this in a grown woman who have decided of her own free will to enter into a Master/slave relationship and allow him this kind of power over her, and then what is the problem. You know what I am a sub and I enjoy being handled very roughly, and when it happens I scream and say stop as well and I want it to stop right then and there, but before and afterthe scene I do not want that to happen. I would like to have a power exchange relationship like the author of this blog are describing and there is nothing wrong with that. Some of us want a situation where we are owned and can be used and abused at our owner's discretion and what is wrong with that?

    Even if this is beyond YOUR limits do not mean it is beyond other people's limits, what give you the right to decide what others should or should not do with their sexlife. You know I enjoy howling in pain while I am fucked knowing my partner enjoy it, that is acceptable to me, what the fuck give anyone else to right to say that is not okey?

    People need to step back and say, okey that is not for me, and then take a deep breath, relax and realize that consenting adults should be allowed to do with their lives as they want, and if that is playing harder than you would like then that is their choice, not yours and no one is forcing anyone to do anything so then you should worry about your life instead of judging others who are just trying to live theirs the way they want to.

  15. sounds like a insolent slave got what she deserved

  16. these are consenting adults. i assume that there is a safe word.

    1. I dont believe she has ever mentioned a safe word in any of her blogs.Maybe Jason dosen't believe in them wouldn't surprise me.

  17. If the wife is agreeing to this then that is probably OK but it appears excessively painful to be enjoyed in this style of relationship

  18. My husband and i are new to the sex slave stuff and could use ideas. I love being used for his pleasure and i really love being punished!

  19. Anal makes a woman/wife more submissive humble and obedient!

  20. This sounds exactly like my bf and I. We don't categorize ourselves but he clearly dominates our relationship and uses anal as my punishment in this exact way. I am not allowed to say no, it's that simple. He takes what he wants, when and where he wants. And its my job to obey him.

  21. I, too, am punished anally. Sir knows it terrifies me, but turns me on all at the same time. I love when I'm being disobedient in public and he grabs my long hair and whispers exactly what he plans to do to my tender little ass when we get home. I get wet just thinking about it.

  22. I, too, am punished anally. Sir knows it terrifies me, but turns me on all at the same time. I love when I'm being disobedient in public and he grabs my long hair and whispers exactly what he plans to do to my tender little ass when we get home. I get wet just thinking about it.