Thursday, April 2, 2009


My first evening home from work after the honeymoon. Tired, but excited that I was back to work. The contrast between working as a professional and knowing that I was also a slave, subject to my husband’s whim, was an incredible rush.
I got home that night, and was met by my man at the door. He announced a new toy, one that had just come today and he was eager to try it out.
The new toy was an arm binder. I had never worn one before, partly because they cost a lot of money, and partly because… well, there had never been one handy. This one was a gift, from my husband Jason, of course. It was more of a gift for him than me, though it was going to be pretty interesting to try out.
It looked more like a weirdly shaped corset when he first took it out of the box. Wide, somewhat curved leather lay flat, with laces loosely strung through eyelets its entire length. It looked so wide and large, I had trouble thinking that it would secure my arms very tightly. The end appeared to be a very thin glove like bag, and had a ring attached to it. The other end, the wider end, had two straps that extended out, designed to go over my shoulders. I looked at it, as I had looked at other leather and rope accessories, and thought how innocent it looked, until put to its intended use.
“It cost me a pretty penny,” Jason said. He picked it up and felt the leather. I reached out and took the end, wondering how my hands were supposed to fit in that small area. The leather smelled wonderful, and was supple and soft. Quality workmanship.
“Well, I can’t wait to get started. What did you have in mind?” I asked.
Jason laughed… “Dearest, you know me by now. You will know when it happens to you. Not before.”
“How long will I be in there? There should be some sort of limit, don’t you think? It is a new toy, after all.”
“Until I am satisfied.” Jason took the binder back from me, and held it up to my nose. “Smell it.”
I smelled it. It smelled good. Leather always had a way of making me aroused.
“Kiss it.”
I kissed it. Not just a peck but a loving kiss, that continued and ran with my tongue from the top down to the base.
“Good girl. Now, take your top off.”
My silky work top came off, up over my head, and I shook my long brown hair back in to place. The top was placed on the table nearby, folded neatly. I then reached behind and undid my bra, slipping it down over my shoulders and arms, revealing my rather nicely shaped breasts. Jason had always enjoyed my breasts, which were a nice C cup. Just right for playing with Jason always said, and I must admit I enjoyed it when he played with them. The bra was placed on the folded shirt.
Jason took a moment to cup one breast in his hands, and feel its curve. He lifted it slightly, and pinched the nipple gently. Both nipples were erect by now, in anticipation. Both breasts felt vulnerable.
I felt exposed and just a little cold as I stood there in front of him, and he observed me. My breasts felt colder than the rest, because I was more aware of their exposure. My nipples were already hard, and not just from the cool temperature. I knew better than to use my arms or hands to try and cover myself, and so stood with arms hanging down to my sides.
He gently turned me to face away from him, and moved my hands behind my back, palms together, flat. I felt the leather glove at the bottom of the binder slip on, and immediately felt the little thrill that comes knowing that bondage has begun.
A couple of yanks and the glove was on tightly, my hands were confined in the leather, fingers slightly bent, wrists held together by the shape of the binder. Jason then took the straps at the top of the binder and laced them under my arms and over my shoulders, buckling them in place. So far, it was no worse than simply wearing a pair of handcuffs, which I had done many times. But I was already confined, and it felt exciting. I could feel myself beginning to get a little wet between my legs.
Jason began tightening the laces. They were quite loose, and though the straps held the binder in place, I could still move my elbows quite a bit. Jason started at the bottom, pulling the laces, and at each step up the binder, the leather drew my arms further behind my back and closer to each other. The progressive tightening continued, and the leather cocooned my arms, pressing them with increasing force. The more the laces tightened, the more vulnerable I felt.
As Jason reached the top of the binder close to my shoulder blades, pulling the last of the slack out of the laces, a small whimper escaped. I had never felt bondage this tight, and it was getting very uncomfortable. My shoulders were drawn back, pulled by my arms, and I could feel how the bending of my frame thrust out my breasts, making them even more exposed.
He wasn’t done. Jason returned to the bottom of the binder and began pulling again. A few second later, I realized there was more slack he was removing, and the already very tight binder was going to become even more restrictive. I grunted a little as the laces became tighter and tigher, moving up my arms once again. When he reached my elbows, he put a knee in the small of my back and pulled the laces hard, causing my elbows to pull together painfully, pressed together hard from the leather binding. It wasn’t a whimper that came from me this time, but a full fledged cry of pain.
It hurt. My shoulders were cramping, my arms felt stretched to their limits, even my chest felt the pressure. But still, Jason tightened the laces higher, above the elbows, until he reached the top. He tied the laces off, and I realized he was done. At last. My arms were mummified, constricted more tightly than I had ever imagined they could be.
Blood flow was restricted. I could tell, because I felt a slight pounding in my arms and hands. It felt as if the blood was trying to make its way in to my arms, but they had been compressed so tightly there was no room for it. The pull on my shoulders created cramps, and I found myself leaning over, moving around, trying to relieve the discomfort. This prompted Jason to come up behind me, pressing his stomach and chest against my bound arms, and placing his hands on my breasts, holding them, fondling them.
“Touch me. Make me feel good,” Jason whispered in my ear. My bound hands moved against his pants, until I could just feel his cock. It was virtually impossible to move and rub it, but I tried. He stood for a while, letting me get him off, fondling the exposed parts of my body.
In the meantime, I was wondering how long I could do this. The binder was a lot tighter and restrictive than I had thought. My entire upper body was twisted out of shape, and hurt in places I had never hurt before.
“Jason, I…” I began, but he cut me off.
“Quiet my love. We are not done,” he said softly as he stepped back, and then used the ring at the bottom of my binder to guide me forward a little.
I stood patiently, trying to breath normally in spite of the pressure of my distended chest. I was intensely aware of how I must look to him, and at the same time was intensely aware of just how helpless I was in this binder. They really restricted movement in a most uncomfortable way. Much more than handcuffs.
Jason fastened something to the ring at the end of the binder. In a moment, I heard a rasping noise and something pulled the end of the binder up in the air. It was so unexpected, and hurt, that I let out an involuntary “aaaghhh!!!”
The end of my arms had risen about two feet in to the air, and the pressure on my arms and shoulders forced me over to a 45 degree angle. He had attached a rope over a hook in the ceiling and then to the ring on the binder and had pulled my arms up. I was bent, my hair hanging down on either side of my face, breasts dangling in a way which exposed their shape to their best advantage. My breathing shortened, and the cramping spread across my shoulders a little more.
“My dear… you are so beautiful like this. I wish you could see yourself.”
“Jason, I am not sure how long…” I gasped.
“Oh Siobhan. You are simply talking too much. Complaining is not allowed. But no worries, I can help you with that.”
In a moment I felt the familiar straps of a head harness encompassing my head, the ball gag inserted into my automatically opened mouth. The triangular face straps ascended on either side of my nose, partially obscuring my vision. My hair was pulled back from my face slightly, held by the straps which were then buckled behind my head. Tightly. The ball gag bit deep in my mouth, making me gag temporarily.
Saliva production was stimulated by the gag, and I began to drool. I stood motionless, unable to move, simply allowing the drool to pool in my mouth until it filled it and began seeping out. I bit down on the gag. The one good thing about a gag - you can bite on it. It helps sometimes when the pain begins to get to you.
Then the most interesting sound penetrated my hearing. The doorbell. Jason, rather than ignoring it, said “Wait here a moment, will you? Don’t go anywhere.” And left.
As he exited the room, I grunted and barked at him from behind the gag. He ignored me of course.
In spite of the fact it was tighter and more painful than I had imagined, I had to admit I was aroused. This was an amazing feeling, my nipples were hard, my panties were soaking wet, and I was thoroughly enjoying my miserable condition.
My head jerked to the side to look as I heard voices approaching. What the hell was going on? Who was coming? Damn it all, I was fucking bound here, unable to move, half naked, and Jason was getting closer with whoever it was that had come in the house. I was hurting, cramping, aroused, drooling, exposed, vulnerable… and… in walked Jason with the couple from across the street, Diane and Steve. Steve is a tall, lanky guy about 30 years old. Diane is shorter, about 27, with a voluptuous figure, dark blonde hair and the cutest face. I have always had a secret crush on her.
If I hadn’t already been red from the exertion of the binder, I would have blushed heavily. My eyes were big and after a moment I let out a holler from behind my gag. Jason was smiling just as big as anything, and Steve had stopped for a moment in the doorway to make sure he was seeing what he was seeing. His cock must have gotten hard in about 2 seconds after he got a look at me. Diane stood quietly, scanning me up and down, and then turned to Jason as she said “are you sure this is ok?”
“Absolutely,” he assured Diane and Steve. “Exhibitionism is a fantasy of hers, and this is a great opportunity. She will get off on it, trust me.”
I glared at Jason hard. In response he went over to the rope which was holding my arms up behind me, and pulled on it, raising my arms higher. “Aaggghhh!!!!!” I cried out from behind the gag as the pressure from the binder bent me further down. My body was now bent forward completely, at a 90 degree angle and I could no longer see Jason, Diane or Steve. I began standing on tip toe to try and relieve some of the pressure, and while it didn’t help much, the cramping in my shoulders and back had begun to really burn and every little bit helped.
My breathing was also getting shallower, as the pressure and angle I was at restricted chest expansion. I panted slightly. Drool was coming down from the ball gag in long strands and pooling on the floor below me. I moaned quietly.
Jason was talking to Diane and Steve. They were discussing what to do with me. I could hear some of it, but it was difficult. They spoke in low tones, and I was kind of distracted with the position I was in.
Once again, I felt the rope at the end of my arms pulled up, a little more, and I grunted and moaned louder as I felt my arms raised and the muscles pulled. The pain was radiating from my shoulders across my chest by now, and my head was actually bent down slightly, so that blood pressure was building up in it.
Rough hands encircled my waist, and I recognized Steve’s hands as they unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. I stepped out of them, and his hands slid up my legs, my inner thighs, and finally to my wet panties. I was so damn embarrassed. And so damn wet. I could not believe my neighbor was enjoying my predicament, the restraints, and seeing my arousal, even participating in the arousal.
Diane joined in and gently removed my panties, her fingers brushing the shaved wet softness of my pussy. When they were off, she took each of my breasts in her hands and kissed me on the cheek. I had never felt so helpless than at that point, standing on my toes, bent over trying to relieve the pain, naked and exposed as my next door neighbor fondled my breasts and kissed my cheek. It made me so hot I could hardly stand it.
Jason moved behind me again, and placed hands on my exposed ass. Gently turning me around, he shifted my position so that Steve and Diane had a good side view of my naked profile. On the other hand, my view was still of the floor under my head, with a new pool of my drool beginning to form.
Behind me, I heard Jason removing his clothes. I knew Steve and Diane had seated themselves on the couch a few feet away, with a good view of my contorted body. Then I felt Jason, as his cock head slowly and gently traversed my ass cheeks, in my ass crack, and finally arrived at my exposed pussy. I was so aroused that he needed no lube. Juices shimmered on my pussy and were beginning to trickle down my inner thigh, so I knew I was ready for him. In fact, I wanted him so badly at that moment, I needed him to take me, penetrate and impale me on his cock, in front of the neighbors, helpless and taken by him.
With a sudden thrust, my desire was fulfilled. His cock sunk deeply inside me, the sudden motion knocking me a little off balance and causing a shock of cramping to ripple across my sides and chest. My arms were in a permanent state of burning cramps, as were my shoulders, but his cock inside almost made me come right then.
He began thrusting, and I began moaning. The pain in my upper body combined beautifully with the pleasure in my lower body. Together, they created a sensation of being alive that was what made bondage the ultimate excitement for me. I savored the pain. I wanted it to merge with the pleasure. Jason’s hands dug in to my hips hard, holding me tight, preventing me from moving as he thrust harder. I stood, helpless to interact, a tool for his pleasure and that of our neighbors who were watching this spectacle.
I came… with a low gutteral groan I orgasmed, shivered and flushed across my chest and face with the warm glow of climax. Jason kept going, thrusting, and as I came down from my climax the pain in my arms began to occupy my mind more. Some of my arousal had subsided with the climax and my painful and embarrassing situation was clear in my mind. The thing is, the pain and embarrassment was arousing to me, and I soon found myself approaching another climax.
As my hips began to feel the developing glow of a second orgasm, Jason suddenly pulled out of me. I almost screamed in frustration. He came around in front of me, his hard member throbbing in my face as he stroked it. I could see his wet cock, lubed from my pussy, his hand sliding up and down quickly as it pulsed with contractions. The contractions reached a peak and a white stream spurted in to my face, across my forehead and eyes, continuing to spurt over and over, across my nose, lips and chin. His grunts of pleasure indicated he was having a fantastic orgasm at my expense, and there was absolutely nothing I could do but let his come cover my face.
At last, he stopped ejaculating and pushed his cock on my face, smearing the semen around.
A moment later, Diane was there, licking his still hard cock, cleaning up the come which covered it. She then turned to me, and licked my face, lapping up Jason’s come and swallowing every bit of it, until my face was clean. I felt humiliated by her participation and my helplessness. I wanted her, and always had from the time she moved in. But I had never imagined our first encounter would be as I was strung up in strappado while she cleaned someone’s semen from my face with her tongue.
A moment later, I felt relief from the horrible pulling and tension of my arms as Jason slowly lowered the rope. The cramping subsided a little, and I stood straight for the first time in an hour. My arms were still tightly strapped behind my back, and I stood naked with the ball gag in my mouth and drool draining over my chin on to my neck and breasts.
I looked at Jason. My meaning was clear. He had stopped before I had come the second time, and I felt cheated. He knew it too. He glanced over at Steve, and said “Hey, Steve, I think she still needs a good fucking. Are you up to it?”
I looked at Steve, and my arousal and desire must have been clear, for he grinned and said “I do believe she would like that. If you don’t mind?”
“Be my guest,” Jason replied.
I was led, still bound and gagged, to where Steve was sitting. His cock was already out of his pants, and he was idly stroking it. It was impressive. Thick enough, but very long, it reached his belly button when erect. I let my naked body straddle him, and slowly sank down on his cock, which slid in without difficulty.
As I rode Steve, Diane came and sat next to us, kissing and fondling Steve’s balls, and then kissing my breasts and face (I was still gagged quite tightly). Steve’s cock seemed to drive deeper and deeper in to me with each stroke, as I pressed down hard. The head of his cock was pushing on my cervix, and as he spasmed up in to me I felt like I was truly being impaled.
My body was shiny from sweat brought on by exertion and pain. My arms were killing me, shoulders were cramping, my breasts jutted out making it easy for Diane to play with them as I fucked her husband uncontrollably. Finally, I came with a crying scream that filled the room with the sound of my passion, and moments later, Steve cried out in an almost surprised way, as if the intensity of his orgasm was a shock. His cock was buried so deep inside me it felt like he was pressing against and spurting into my stomach.
As I sat on Steve’s lap, exhausted, Jason removed my head harness and gag. I closed my jaw, feeling the relief of not having it held wide open, and Diane moved over and kissed me deeply. After Diane, Steve kissed me, and finally Jason.
“Can I get this binder off? If I don’t get it off soon, I might lose bowel control right here, on top of Steve,” I said, only half joking.
I stood up, getting off of Steve’s lap, letting his still hard cock slip out of me. Jason began the slow process of undoing the laces, and then pulling them wide to remove the binder. Finally he unbucked the shoulder straps and my arms fell to my sides. The muscles in my shoulders seemed numb, and it was difficult to move them for a bit, but Jason and Steve massaged them, and they were soon back to a useful state.
I had never been exposed like this, in bondage, in front of someone like my neighbors. It was unexpected, humiliating, pissed me off, and had made me so hot I wanted to do it again as soon as I could.
Diane was sitting on the couch, looking at the guys as they helped me back from my restrained state. She finally spoke. “You know. I am the only one here that hasn’t had a damn good orgasm. We are going to need to fix that, somehow.”
I responded by going over to her, kissing her deeply, and grinned, “I think we might be able to arrange something.”


  1. I am enjoying reading your "confession" every time.  Thanks!

  2. Love those armbinders!