Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wedding Party

As we entered the house, Jason had me stand and follow him to the reception area. The reception was set up in the game room of our home (we have a rather large house). Tables were set up along the side with food, music was playing and a general party atmosphere was helped by the decorations.

Apparently, I was to be one of the decorations.

Followed by the rest of the guests (we only had about 10 including the minister), we went to the center of the room where the reception line was to be formed, with the guests greeting the new bride and groom.

Hanging from a pulley in the ceiling was a rope. At the end of the rope was a noose, ready and waiting. I looked at it in disbelief, not willing to accept what might be happening. But when Jason positioned me under the noose and slipped it over my head, I knew. I looked at him with big eyes as he pulled the rope up, and it tightened around my neck. I could feel it pressing, pulling me upward, cutting off circulation and air as it did. I instinctively rose up on my toes as the pressure became worse. My head tilted to the side, pressure from the rope pushing it over.

My breathing was labored and raspy, I danced at the end of the noose, my toes pushing up from the floor, and my face turning red. My tongue started to protrude, and I felt a pounding in my ears. If my hands had been free I would have clawed at the rope, but they were still buckled firmly behind my back.

I as I hung in this fashion, the wedding guests filed by, chatted with Jason and admired the pain his bride was experiencing. I could do nothing but gurgle a little as they walked by.

It took about 20 minutes for everyone to greet the bride and groom, after which the noose was lowered and I collapsed to the floor. My chest felt like it was burning, my neck was literally stretched, but I was recovering.

Jason rolled me over, and I saw he had worked on the rope. It no longer had a noose. Instead, it had a leg spreader at the end. Whatever he was going to do, it was going to be better than hanging there.

"Shoes off, legs apart, dearest Siobhan," he kissed me gently, and I kicked my shoes off and spread my legs. I felt excitement as I lay with the guests gathering around me to watch, a little like an exhibitionist. My shoes came off (I was glad of that, as the heels were getting to be painful). Jason placed my right ankle into the spreader, and buckled it securely. My left leg spread wide, and my full wedding gown skirt was pushed up to expose my ankle, and in it went to the other side of the spreader.

My wrists were still fastened behind my back, and I lay on them uncomfortably. Someone began pulling on the other end of the rope, and my legs slid up in to the air, slowly shifting my weight to my ass, then my back, and finally as my hips rose in to the air, to my shoulders.

As my hips went higher, the skirt from my wedding gown fell down over me. My legs were spread and lifted high in to the air, and when my head dragged across the floor and followed the rest of my body in to the air, the long heavy skirt fell all the way to the floor, covering my upper body and head completely.

Of course, as it did that, it also exposed everything from my waist down. I slowly rotated in place, swinging back and forth gently in my new inverted position as party decoration. Blood rushed to my head, and I worked on controlling my breathing as well as forgetting just how naked and exposed I was from the waist down. Or I should say the waist up, as I was currently upside down.

Hanging upside down is uncomfortable. If you have never done it, you should try it at least once. It doesn't start out too terrible, but as time goes on it gets harder to breath, the extra blood in your head pounds, and if you are restrained, cramps can set in. In my case, I was also naked with my legs spread wide, and very aware of this, as well as having the heavy wedding gown extended over my face which made the air rather stuffy. I wasn't in agony, but it sure was uncomfortable.

They party was well on its way, I could tell there was eating, drinking and dancing all around me, though I could not see it. Hands would sometimes brush against me, at times even coming to rest on my pussy. It was on display for all to enjoy and touch.

The exhibitionist in me was really getting off on this. At my own wedding party, I was hanging upside down and exposed for the pleasure of my husband and all our guests. I was so wet, all I wanted was someone to get a dildo inside me, or for Jason to let me down and fuck me. But I hung there, frustrated and in increasing discomfort, for about an hour.

Then my thoughts came true. My dress was removed. I hung naked, looking at the bottom half of all the guests, many of whom were pretty drunk. After a bit I was lowered, until I lay on the floor, catching my breath and letting the blood flow more naturally.

"Time to christen the new wife!" Someone in the party called out. Jason appeared, and gently lifted me up. He checked me to make sure I was OK after my inverted suspension, which warmed my heart. In spite of his abuse, he really did love me.

My hands were unbuckled and I was released from my restraints. Jason went to the side of the room and got a chair, which he moved to the center of the room. He unzipped his pants, and sat in the chair.

Instinctively, I knew what to do.

I knelt, taking his cock in my hands, and bowed before him. There, before the entire wedding party, I took him in my mouth, and slid his cock all the way down my throat, slowly, carefully, feeling every inch of him until the head tickled my tonsils and made me gag. Even then I kept my throat open, and used the gagging reflect to massage his cock, which rapidly became hard and filled my mouth and throat completely.

I slid back, letting his cock slide out until my lips encircled the head, and my tongue stroke the very tip. He jerked a little and I slid the cock back down, and kept the slow, consistent sliding motion going as I felt him pushing his cum from deep down, making its way closer and closer to ejaculation.

The entire wedding party surrounded us, watching my performance as I gave him the best blow job any of them had ever seen in their lives. My hands held and played with his balls, lifting and manipulating them in the way I knew he loved. He spread his legs wide, moved his hips forward and moaned.

As he approached orgasm, I increased my movements, the intensity of my tonguing, gagging on him at the deepest, sliding my tongue along the base and glans of his huge penis. I could feel the contractions begin, deep below his scrotum, and as the last moment, just before he spurted, I pulled his cock out and stroked him with my hand.

He shot his load over my face, there, in our game room, with 10 people watching. His ejaculation lasted forever, more than I had ever seen before. I felt his creamy cum covering my face, my cheeks, and up my nose. When he was done I was covered, slimed completely, and he was sitting exhausted in his chair as I slowly stroked his cock to bring him down.

The minister raised his glass of wine, and said in a loud voice "You may kiss the bride! To Siobhan, a most beautiful and talented bride, on this her christening as slave!"

Eventually, the drinking and revelry came to an end. The time to depart on our honeymoon had arrived. Our SUV was in the drive out front.

"Jason, dear, should I go get dressed and pack the car with our suitcases? It is almost time to go," I suggested sweetly to my new husband/master. He smiled, and kissed me.

"Our luggage is already packed. And no, you don't need to get dressed," he smirked and then moved to the side of the room. When he returned, he was carrying a cage, large enough for a big dog. On the outide, there was a hand written sign, that said "Just Married".

I knew what was intended. I was not going to be treated as a wife on my honeymoon so much as a favored pet, or true slave.

I sighed with happiness, knelt down and climbed in to the cage.

The honeymoon had begun.


  1. Great! I am looking forward to reading the sequel of this story.

  2. This cant be true. No one would allow someone to be treated like this. This is bullshit.

  3. BAWHAHAHAHA... so little do people know about the lifestyle