Sunday, February 22, 2009


I was wearing a tight pair of jeans, and nice T top, with a bikini underneath. It was three days after the wedding, and the first time I had been clothed. He allowed me to dress so we could go out to lunch together, and walk the beach.

He fondled my ass as we entered the restaurant and I brushed his hand away, embarrassed that others would see. We were seated by large bay windows overlooking the sand. A beautiful view made the lunch a delight.

Afterward, we walked down to the beach and I took my shoes off and waded in to the water. My pants were getting wet, so I took them off as well, and then splashed Jason as he followed me into the water's edge. I laughed and ran as he shook the water off and ran after me.

"Let's go back, it is getting cold out here," Jason looked a little unhappy, but I had been stuck in the room for three days, unable to leave without clothes.

"Awww... I want to play for a while... " I splashed him again, and ran further down the shoreline.

He chased, and when we stopped together, breathless, he said rather sternly, "Siobhan, its time to go back. I have some work to do and its cold."

"Honey, this is our honeymoon, I want to relax out on the beach for a while."

"Siobhan, it is time to go back."

"Well, let's walk back slowly, then," I took his hand and we walked together.

He was horny, I could tell the way his hand kept roaming to my ass, and he nuzzled my neck. His fingers slid under the edge of my bikini bottom for a moment, and I brushed his hand away again, embarrassed of what others might think.

When we arrived at the room, Jason took me by the arm and guided me to the window. "Remove your clothes," he ordered. I was in full view of the open window, and hesitated a moment. "You need a lesson," he stated in a matter of fact way. His hand reached out and leaned me against the window. The other hand grabbed my bikini bottom, and pulled it off.

I was naked from the waist down, though while I was facing out the window, it would be difficult for passing people to see my bottom half. My hands leaned against the window sill.

With a sudden, unexpected *WHACK* his bare hand slapped my ass, hard. It stung badly, and the abrupt pain brought tears to my eyes.

I was ready for the second spank, which was harder than the first. The impact pushed me forward toward the window, my forehead pressed against the glass and I gasped from the pain.

"Oh, god, Jason... please..."

"Please what, dear? You didn't say please when we were at the restaurant, or on the beach. I think you need to learn manners."

*SLAP* his hand struck my ass again...

"Oh my god..." I gasped, I had not realized how painful a spanking could be.

My hands braced against the window sill, and I looked out at the lawn and walkway a few yards away. It felt so eerie, leaning against the window, looking out, taking a stinging slap of a spanking as people walked by on the walkway. The spanking continued, and I gritted my teeth to keep from crying out and calling attention to my plight. Striking in the same place, over and over again, the stinging pain increased until I was moaning and begged once again for mercy.

In answer, Jason spread my legs and exposed my pussy. He fondled it for a bit, playing with the folds of my labia and working me up until I was quite wet. When he felt I was ready, his fingers probed deeply.

Couples strolled outside the window, and I was humiliated, watching them as I leaned over and Jason probed me with his fingers. And yet... I was so aroused. If they looked over, they would see me looking out the window, but as long as I retained my composure they might not know what was being done to me. I was soaking wet, and felt the excitement of possible discovery, and it made me want to come, to orgasm for myself and Jason.

Moments later Jason pulled out his cock and slid it into my body, deep and quick. I felt it slide in all the way, his hips pressing against my burning ass, thrusting until I felt his cock pressing up against my insides. At the same time I saw a young couple walking outside, and they glanced over. Knowing they were watching me get fucked in the window almost made me cum right then.

Jason thrust, sliding out almost all the way and then shoving in hard, impaling me. He was large enough that it hurt when he thrust that hard, and he was thrusting as hard as he could. I found myself pushing against the glass, a glazed look covering my face, grunting involuntarily from the impalement of his cock.

His hands reached up, and pulled off my T, leaving me wearing just my bikini top. He slid his hands back down, and wrapped around my stomach to hold me tightly in place as he drove in to me. His cock was rock hard inside me, contracting with each thrust, and my hips were moving with him. The fucking hurt, but I wanted to cum so badly.

Before I could cum, he moaned and cried out "Oh... ffffuuuckkk," and shoved in all the way. His cock convulsed and he ejaculated deep inside my cunt.

I watched a middle aged couple walk by as he pulled me back so he could thrust once again into me from behind until he had unloaded a huge amount of semen. When he was done I continued standing obediently at the window, leaning over with my hands on the window sill. My legs were still spread.

Obediently, I stayed in that position while he rested a moment. But when he was ready...

He was naked, and had taken his belt out of his pants. At the sight of it I cried, and begged, "Please, Jason, there is no need, I don't deserve..."

"Shut up, bitch. You need this. You are mine, and deserve nothing but what I give you." The belt swung back and cut across my ass. I yelped with pain as the leather stroke cut my already reddened flesh, and I could not help but try to wriggle away.

"Stay still bitch. Don't make me tie you up." I stayed as still as I could, but the belt lashed across my ass again and made me cry out. The next stroke slid under my spread legs and licked my pussy. I almost screamed, and begged him to stop. He ignored me, and the whip stroked my pussy several more times, each time making me grunt with agony. The pain seemed like fire, and seemed to be penetrating inside me with each stroke. My cries came in sobs, gasping sobs as I felt like the entire lower half of my body was burning. When I begged him to stop, it seemed to just make him strike me harder.

Finally, the belt was tossed on the floor. He stood to my side, where I was next to the window. I could see he was completely naked as he leaned down to kiss my lips slightly. The kiss flooded me with a good feeling that contrasted horribly with the pain that was still burning throughout my lower body.

He moved back behind me, and I could feel his renewed erection pressing against my ass. His hands moved up to my breasts, and fondled them through the material of my bikini top, the one last item of clothing I had left.

Staring out the window I saw two couples walking past. They looked over and saw me leaning against the window. Their faces were curious, for I must have been a mess, with the tears streaking my face and my hair mussed from Jason's rough treatment. And Jason took that opportunity to begin removing my top.

"PLEASE! No! Jason, you can't! People will see me! It is the one piece of dignity left me, please don't strip me completely. Not here, not like this!"

In response, Jason thrust his cock deep inside my ass, spreading my sensitive anus painfully wide. At the same moment he yanked my top off and my breasts hung down for all to see. I could no longer look up at the couples that were staring from outside, and hung my head, allowing my long hair to cover my face as I sobbed in humiliation.

I braced myself, and took Jason's huge cock in my ass. It felt... so strange, painful and yet erotic, humiliating and yet arousing. His cock inside my ass was the worst pain yet. Not as bad as the belt, but there was a quality of invasion... he was entering and invading my body in any way he chose.

His hands moved across my thighs and stroked up their inside until they reached my wet pussy. He played with my clit, and slid one finger inside my pussy. I could feel the finger pressing through the flesh inside me against his cock in my rectum, and his fingers were stimulating my clit and arousing me. The feeling was obscene, the pain of his cock stretching and plunging in my ass, together with his hands stimulating my clit. The pain would keep me from coming, but it was a close call... I was near to it, in spite of my sobbing and crying.

I had stopped begging for mercy, for it seemed to simply drive him on. His hands slid up from my pussy, and I could feel the wetness on them spread across my stomach. My wetness, my arousal, from his fingers across my flesh. His hands reached my breasts and pinched my tits, hard. It should have hurt, but somehow, it didn't. Or perhaps it did, but the pain was just part of the experience that I was enjoying in a massively perverted way.

I gasped and raised my head. The two couples were just walking away, whispering and talking excitedly and looking back at the window where they could see my humiliation, pain and arousal. I lowered my head again, just as Jason's cock pulsed and I felt a warm feeling; a huge ejaculation left more cum inside my ass.

When he pulled out, I collapsed on the floor, crying just a little. He was breathing hard, having come twice, hard. At his order, I rolled over on to my back, pulled my knees up and spread my legs wide. He inspected me.

" As I thought. You are leaking all over. This is so unacceptable."

He slapped my face, and the suddenness of the sting brought fresh tears to my face.

"Please, Jason... I don't deserve this..."

"Shut up. I decide what you deserve. From now on, when I come inside you, you are to keep it inside unless you request and receive permission. Do you understand?"

"Yes. But... "

"I see... you need help and maybe a reminder. Fine."

Jason left, and moved to the other room for a moment. When he returned, he had one of the candles we had brought for romantic evening dinners in the room. It was lit. He held the candle above me for a little while, letting it burn and melt the wax. And then, slowly... ever so slowly... he tipped it over.

The hot wax streamed down and hit my pussy. I yelped, almost screamed, at the burning sensation on my abused genitals. The wax started to cover and burn my outer and inner labia, gathering more and more.

"Knees up, further, and spread them wider!" His demand was simple and stated in a tone that accepted no disobedience. I raised my knees to my breasts, and spread my legs a little further. The hot wax slowly dripped, each chunk landing in a new spot, burning new flesh, sealing my openings.

After a bit my pussy was completely covered with wax and the heat was dissipating, though the flesh under it was still raw and tender. The drops of wax moved to my ass, and began sealing my asshole. I was miserable, the burning on my ass was almost too much to take, but I managed to hold my knees high and patiently wait for his sealant to take hold. I would not be leaking any more of his cum tonight.

When he was done, the fire that burned between my legs began to feel some better. I was sore enough that it would take several days to recover, but the worst was over, I was convinced. I had stopped crying and put my legs down when he said it was permitted.

"Dearest Siobhan... I guess you have learned your lesson."

I nodded silently, my eyes big and round as I looked at him.

"Tell me. What are you?"

"I am your bitch," I knew the answer and said it with my eyes cast down.

"Good. Now, I think I shall rest." He sat in the armchair and motioned for me to come to him. I kneeled at his feet. He looked at me for a moment, and then pulled my head in. His cock was hard again and slipped in to my mouth. It slowly went deeper, and deeper. When it reached the back of my tongue and began entering my throat, I gagged. He enjoyed the pressure the gagging exerted on his cock, but I also had withdrawn to try to breathe.

He pulled his cock out and slapped my face, hard. I felt a little dizzy and my cheek burned from the impact. He positioned my head again, and slipped his cock in.

Two more times I gagged, he pulled out and slapped my face hard. My jaw hurt and the skin on my cheek was on fire when I opened wide and he inserted once again.

This time I took his entire length and managed to get it all the way down my throat. It remained there. I remained kneeling, with his cock embedded in my face all the way to where his balls pressed against my chin. I wanted to gag so badly, and did just a little, but managed to keep it in. Breathing was very hard, and I just managed a little.

He pulled out after a minute or so, and I gasped for air. Another stinging slap and his cock went down my throat again. I was getting better at this, keeping his cock down without gagging, and not needing to breathe so much. This continued for almost half an hour, and my face was beginning to feel like the skin would peel off from his slapping it. I felt like I had no more tears, and was just concentrating on keeping the cock in my throat as deep as I could for as long as I could.

Abruptly he grabbed the back of my head, shoved me against him as hard as he could. His cock actually went a little deeper down my throat as it became very hard and I felt it jerk, swelling and pressing against the sides. I swallowed instinctively, and moments later felt the spray of semen fill my throat. I kept swallowing as he dumped another huge load inside of me.

When he was done, he lay exhausted on the chair. Totally satiated, I lay my head on his lap, and he stroked my hair gently.

That night, we slept together in the same bed, legs intertwined and arms around each other, our naked bodies pressed together. I slept better than I had in years.

I was his bitch, and it felt good.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


The ride in the back of the SUV was uncomfortable.

I was naked, cramped in to a cage which was barely large enough for me. I got a cramp in one leg, but could not stretch it out. Wriggling around inside the cage helped a little. There was a blanket over the cage which shielded my naked body from the view of those outside the car. This blanket made it hot and stuffy. I was sweating profusely, my skin glistening from the moisture, which gathered and dripped off in rivulets. It streamed down my sides slowly, gathering across my breasts and finally dripping off my nipples.

It was about a two hour drive to our beachfront hotel. I remained in the cage when he parked and checked in, and then drove to the underground garage. When the back of the SUV was popped open and the blanket removed I breathed in the fresh air in a gasp, and then gasped from humiliation. Just outside stood a bellboy to help with the "luggage." I hung my head in embarrassment inside the cage, but was cramped enough there was really no point in trying to cover myself.

The bellman smirked as Jason tipped him heavily to keep quiet. They both grabbed the cage and unloaded me on to a cart with the other luggage. I was rolled to a freight elevator, and in moments was rolled in to our beach front room. During the ride, I am sure my ass and pussy had been observed closely by the bellman, who stood behind my cage. I blushed the entire way, but also felt myself getting wet with arousal. I think I had discovered some exhibitionist tendencies on my wedding day.

After another generous tip, the bellman left, and Jason opened the cage. I crawled out and nearly fell; my arms and legs were so stiff from two hours in the cramped cage.

The room was beautiful, with the large windows opening to the beach. I was naked, standing in the middle of the room viewing the waves, and enjoying my freedom.

For the rest of the honeymoon I was naked. I was not allowed clothes at any time; the only place where I was allowed to go outside was our small private patio. It was not completely hidden. On occasion, people would see over the wall or hedge as I lay nude sunbathing. Other than a couple of guys who made some admiring remarks, there was no problem.

Our first day, Jason placed me in special arm restraints. My elbows were strapped behind me, though not tightly. My hands were placed in special bondage mittens which went up over my shoulders and buckled together behind my neck. My arms were folded against my sides, and held there firmly. It was uncomfortable, and I was completely without the use of my hands or arms, almost as if they had been amputated.

My first act as a bound and subservient slave was to unpack my husband's luggage (I had almost no luggage, as I was not allowed clothes on the trip). This proved difficult, as I had no hands or arms. With some effort, I was able to get his suitcase open by using my mouth, and then moved his clothes to a drawer.

After unpacking, Jason lay me down on the bed, spread my legs, and began exploring me. He knew my body well, but this was the first time he had examined it slowly, when I was bound and unable to resist. I felt so exposed and vulnerable, as he probed his fingers inside my pussy, and then deep inside my ass. With two fingers inside each hole, he felt and touched and massaged, as I strained to keep my legs spread as far apart as possible and moaned with increasing arousal. My hips began to move to help him stroke me, my nipples were hard and my eyes glazed over as I stared up, totally absorbed by his constant, deep exploration.

My breathing had become labored as I strained, trying to get him to stroke my clit so I could come. But as I thought I felt an orgasm approach, he pulled out, and left me lying unsatisfied on the bed.

"Jason. Please? I was so close; would you please make me cum?" I pleaded in a respectful but urgent voice. He smiled kindly.

"My dear, you must learn that you are here for my pleasure, not the other way around."

He removed his clothes, slowly and deliberately. I admired him as he stripped in front of me. I have always loved his body, he is very fit. As he pulled his pants off, I could see his cock was erect.

Jason has a large cock. Not huge, but substantial. Erect, it can look a little intimidating, though I love to feel filled by him when he is inside me, pushing deep.

He took me, and rolled me over on the bed, face down. Grabbing my ankles he pulled, dragging me back until my hips reached the edge of the bed, and spreading my legs wide at the same time. His fingers probed my ass once again, and I realized what he was about to do.

It came suddenly, firmly, as his cock pressed against my ass and shoved. I gasped and tried my best to relax, pushing against him as I had learned to do. It hurt, and I squirmed in my arm bindings, but was unable to do anything but take him in as he pushed deeper and deeper. Once he had pushed all the way in, and cries had quieted to low moans, he began shoving in and out. I felt my ass being pulled out as it clung to his withdrawing cock, until he shoved in again.

Each stroke hurt a little less as my muscles and flesh relaxed and adapted, but I was still grunting in pain when he increased the speed of his thrusts. The pain, my inability to move, the feeling of him inside me driving to his climax so quickly… they all built inside me until I was ready to orgasm myself.

And so, when his final thrusts plunged deep into my ass, is cock hardened and convulsing as he moaned and grunted, spurting inside my colon, I was crying out in my own expression of a painful, pleasurable orgasm.

The experience was amazing. The feeling of exposure, of helplessness, followed by violation, and then the mixture of pain and pleasure together…

This honeymoon was going to be a very different experience than I had imagined.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wedding Party

As we entered the house, Jason had me stand and follow him to the reception area. The reception was set up in the game room of our home (we have a rather large house). Tables were set up along the side with food, music was playing and a general party atmosphere was helped by the decorations.

Apparently, I was to be one of the decorations.

Followed by the rest of the guests (we only had about 10 including the minister), we went to the center of the room where the reception line was to be formed, with the guests greeting the new bride and groom.

Hanging from a pulley in the ceiling was a rope. At the end of the rope was a noose, ready and waiting. I looked at it in disbelief, not willing to accept what might be happening. But when Jason positioned me under the noose and slipped it over my head, I knew. I looked at him with big eyes as he pulled the rope up, and it tightened around my neck. I could feel it pressing, pulling me upward, cutting off circulation and air as it did. I instinctively rose up on my toes as the pressure became worse. My head tilted to the side, pressure from the rope pushing it over.

My breathing was labored and raspy, I danced at the end of the noose, my toes pushing up from the floor, and my face turning red. My tongue started to protrude, and I felt a pounding in my ears. If my hands had been free I would have clawed at the rope, but they were still buckled firmly behind my back.

I as I hung in this fashion, the wedding guests filed by, chatted with Jason and admired the pain his bride was experiencing. I could do nothing but gurgle a little as they walked by.

It took about 20 minutes for everyone to greet the bride and groom, after which the noose was lowered and I collapsed to the floor. My chest felt like it was burning, my neck was literally stretched, but I was recovering.

Jason rolled me over, and I saw he had worked on the rope. It no longer had a noose. Instead, it had a leg spreader at the end. Whatever he was going to do, it was going to be better than hanging there.

"Shoes off, legs apart, dearest Siobhan," he kissed me gently, and I kicked my shoes off and spread my legs. I felt excitement as I lay with the guests gathering around me to watch, a little like an exhibitionist. My shoes came off (I was glad of that, as the heels were getting to be painful). Jason placed my right ankle into the spreader, and buckled it securely. My left leg spread wide, and my full wedding gown skirt was pushed up to expose my ankle, and in it went to the other side of the spreader.

My wrists were still fastened behind my back, and I lay on them uncomfortably. Someone began pulling on the other end of the rope, and my legs slid up in to the air, slowly shifting my weight to my ass, then my back, and finally as my hips rose in to the air, to my shoulders.

As my hips went higher, the skirt from my wedding gown fell down over me. My legs were spread and lifted high in to the air, and when my head dragged across the floor and followed the rest of my body in to the air, the long heavy skirt fell all the way to the floor, covering my upper body and head completely.

Of course, as it did that, it also exposed everything from my waist down. I slowly rotated in place, swinging back and forth gently in my new inverted position as party decoration. Blood rushed to my head, and I worked on controlling my breathing as well as forgetting just how naked and exposed I was from the waist down. Or I should say the waist up, as I was currently upside down.

Hanging upside down is uncomfortable. If you have never done it, you should try it at least once. It doesn't start out too terrible, but as time goes on it gets harder to breath, the extra blood in your head pounds, and if you are restrained, cramps can set in. In my case, I was also naked with my legs spread wide, and very aware of this, as well as having the heavy wedding gown extended over my face which made the air rather stuffy. I wasn't in agony, but it sure was uncomfortable.

They party was well on its way, I could tell there was eating, drinking and dancing all around me, though I could not see it. Hands would sometimes brush against me, at times even coming to rest on my pussy. It was on display for all to enjoy and touch.

The exhibitionist in me was really getting off on this. At my own wedding party, I was hanging upside down and exposed for the pleasure of my husband and all our guests. I was so wet, all I wanted was someone to get a dildo inside me, or for Jason to let me down and fuck me. But I hung there, frustrated and in increasing discomfort, for about an hour.

Then my thoughts came true. My dress was removed. I hung naked, looking at the bottom half of all the guests, many of whom were pretty drunk. After a bit I was lowered, until I lay on the floor, catching my breath and letting the blood flow more naturally.

"Time to christen the new wife!" Someone in the party called out. Jason appeared, and gently lifted me up. He checked me to make sure I was OK after my inverted suspension, which warmed my heart. In spite of his abuse, he really did love me.

My hands were unbuckled and I was released from my restraints. Jason went to the side of the room and got a chair, which he moved to the center of the room. He unzipped his pants, and sat in the chair.

Instinctively, I knew what to do.

I knelt, taking his cock in my hands, and bowed before him. There, before the entire wedding party, I took him in my mouth, and slid his cock all the way down my throat, slowly, carefully, feeling every inch of him until the head tickled my tonsils and made me gag. Even then I kept my throat open, and used the gagging reflect to massage his cock, which rapidly became hard and filled my mouth and throat completely.

I slid back, letting his cock slide out until my lips encircled the head, and my tongue stroke the very tip. He jerked a little and I slid the cock back down, and kept the slow, consistent sliding motion going as I felt him pushing his cum from deep down, making its way closer and closer to ejaculation.

The entire wedding party surrounded us, watching my performance as I gave him the best blow job any of them had ever seen in their lives. My hands held and played with his balls, lifting and manipulating them in the way I knew he loved. He spread his legs wide, moved his hips forward and moaned.

As he approached orgasm, I increased my movements, the intensity of my tonguing, gagging on him at the deepest, sliding my tongue along the base and glans of his huge penis. I could feel the contractions begin, deep below his scrotum, and as the last moment, just before he spurted, I pulled his cock out and stroked him with my hand.

He shot his load over my face, there, in our game room, with 10 people watching. His ejaculation lasted forever, more than I had ever seen before. I felt his creamy cum covering my face, my cheeks, and up my nose. When he was done I was covered, slimed completely, and he was sitting exhausted in his chair as I slowly stroked his cock to bring him down.

The minister raised his glass of wine, and said in a loud voice "You may kiss the bride! To Siobhan, a most beautiful and talented bride, on this her christening as slave!"

Eventually, the drinking and revelry came to an end. The time to depart on our honeymoon had arrived. Our SUV was in the drive out front.

"Jason, dear, should I go get dressed and pack the car with our suitcases? It is almost time to go," I suggested sweetly to my new husband/master. He smiled, and kissed me.

"Our luggage is already packed. And no, you don't need to get dressed," he smirked and then moved to the side of the room. When he returned, he was carrying a cage, large enough for a big dog. On the outide, there was a hand written sign, that said "Just Married".

I knew what was intended. I was not going to be treated as a wife on my honeymoon so much as a favored pet, or true slave.

I sighed with happiness, knelt down and climbed in to the cage.

The honeymoon had begun.